How Much A Sex Doll?

Wanting the finer things in life is something that is fundamental to us humans. And although people sometimes try to get on their moral high horse and lecture you about how hedonism is not a good thing – you just can’t help but notice the obvious difference between something that is well made and something that is basic and mediocre.

Like everything else throughout the years, sex dolls have been through their own fair share of evolution, and luckily, we are spoiled to choose from a beautiful to a more beautiful doll these days instead of having to be satisfied with a plastic excuse for a pleasure doll.

However, we can all agree on one thing – modern sex dolls can be pretty darn pricey. Therefore, in this article, I would like to talk about why are modern sex dolls expensive, what determines the price of a sex doll, as well as compare sex dolls of different price ranges to help you make an informed decision before purchasing your dream doll.

What Determines The Price Of A Sex Doll?

Modern sex dolls are a work of art and a lot goes into determining the price of one. These creations require patience, talent, and a lot of time to be made to perfection.

Here are a few most important things that are taken into account before finalizing the price:


There are two most widely used materials on today’s sex doll market – silicone and TPE. These play the main role in determining the price of the sex doll because of the several differences between them.

Silicone sex dolls are typically resistant to heat and have a rubber-like feeling. They can be very firm or soft, depending on the mold and they are very good at retaining their original shape over a long period of time even under strong pressure.

Besides being resistant to heat, silicone is also highly inert and it doesn’t react with most chemicals, which means lower chances of getting damaged during cleaning, etc.

And lastly, silicone sex dolls are non-porous, which means they are less likely to harbor potentially harmful bacteria.

Because of all of this, silicone sex dolls rank higher in price and are considered more high-end and luxury compared to their cheaper counterpart – TPE.

Silicone Sex Dolls

TPE sex dolls, on the other hand, offer a more realistic, skin-like feeling and are usually much softer and more lightweight compared to silicone dolls.

These babes are also more flexible than silicone sex dolls and can be used in a vast variety of sex positions. However, they are more sensitive to strong pressure and because they are prone to damage, you have to be a little more careful when using one.

Additionally, TPE sex dolls are also more sensitive to heat and you need to make sure you don’t expose them to high heat such as direct sunlight or nearby heating source for a prolonged period of time.

TPE dolls also require a more thorough cleaning because the material is porous and susceptible to harboring bacteria.

But these dolls are significantly cheaper than silicone sex dolls and due to the realistic soft feeling and conveniently lower weight – they are often the preferred option.

TPE Sex Dolls

Learn more: TPE vs Silicone Sex Dolls.

Size and weight

The size and weight of the doll are also two important parts that determine the price of the final product. Smaller sex dolls are usually cheaper than full-sized options regardless of the material used to make them.

The higher the sex doll – the heavier it is – the more expensive it is.

Besides considering your budget, you also need to take into account these two most important things before purchasing a sex doll:

  1. How much storage space do you have for your doll?
  2. Your physical strength and energy

You need to know that full-sized sex dolls can be quite heavy so if lifting is not your strong suit, perhaps a mini would be a better option.


The doll’s orifices also play a role in determining the price because think of it this way: the more options it has – the higher the price.

For example, a single cheap fleshlight doesn’t give you a variety of use and can only be used in one way.

A sex doll’s torso is a little pricier and can give you two openings but you can also enjoy touching and looking at a beautiful pair of breasts while enjoying your sexy time.

And lastly, most full-sized sex dolls also offer an oral opening that can give you a cool third variety to experiment with. These are usually the most expensive options.

Additionally, you also have the choice of purchasing a sex doll with fixed orifices or removable ones. While the difference isn’t that big, some people prefer removable orifices as it makes the cleaning process more convenient.


Modern sex dolls are becoming so realistic that some of them are created with the ability to perform sophisticated movements that closely mimic humans while others can even talk and remember stuff about their man.

Most modern sex dolls also come with built-in heaters to create the feeling of body warmth, which is a very cool feature on its own that also drives the price tag higher.


Sex dolls are beautiful creations and you can tell that some more expensive options have immense attention to detail and talent involved in their production.

Everything from making the eyes as realistic as possible, the drawn-on makeup, hair, nails, eyelashes, plays a role in determining the price of the final product.

This is certainly not an easy process and it can sometimes take hours and even days to carefully craft a beautiful face for your pleasure.

Further customization

Most sex doll websites now offer full customization to deliver a more personalized experience.

Therefore, since the production of the sex doll starts after you select your preferred details such as skin, hair, and eye color, nails, body type, etc., this usually drives the price higher up.

The reason behind it is that for one, the separate parts cost a certain amount of money, and second, websites usually prioritize your custom order before continuing with the standard manufacturing of their usual items.

How Much Is A Sex Doll?

Here’s how much sex dolls usually cost and what you can get for the price:

Up to $500

Five hundred dollars is quite an attractive price that will get you the bare necessities.

Consider this option if you don’t feel like spending a ton of money and you don’t have the adequate conditions for maintaining a full-sized sex doll such as storage space, cleaning products, and other small details.

At Kanadoll, we have a good selection of mini sex dolls with realistic features and details. These cuties range from 65cm up to 100cm and can also be customized for a more personalized experience.

Additionally, a little less than $500 will also get you a torso doll with all the important orifices for you to enjoy or just a lower part of the body, if you are into legs.

Up to $1200

With twelve hundred dollars, you are looking at mid-range sex dolls that are made out of good quality material but the attention to detail is basic.

In this range, you will find more doll-like facial features rather than realistic ones, even though most of the dolls are life-sized starting at 158cm.

Fantasy Alien Sex Doll Maid Kayla 158cm

If this is something you are into, you are very likely to enjoy this section. Besides that, you can always further customize your doll according to your personal taste.

Up to $2000

This price range features high-end, luxury sex dolls created with meticulous care and attention to the finest details.

And you can expect that everything from the hair down to the toenails will look incredibly realistic and lifelike.

High-end sex dolls are made out of high-quality silicone that’s also platinum cured. This type of material prevents oil from oozing out of the skin which is something that can, unfortunately, happen with some cheaper sex dolls over a prolonged period of time and perhaps some negligence.

In addition to the expert hand-craftsmanship and materials used for her creation, the skeleton of a high-end sex doll is also going to be sturdy, heavy, and of good quality.

These are expensive investments that are designed to resist strong pressure, different environmental conditions, and most importantly – last you for a long time.

What’s A Decent Price For A Sex Doll?

A decent price for a high-quality sex doll falls in the range of $1200 – $1700.

Although some dolls in this price range may have basic features, the materials used to create them as well as other smaller details are what is taken into account for the final price.

Manufacturers prioritize creating a high-quality doll before realistic features, and this price range is usually fair for a doll that will last and serve you for a long time.

Final Thoughts

What do you think about the prices of modern sex dolls? Do you agree that quality over detail matters when it comes to the longevity of these sophisticated dolls? Or you would prefer a more detailed and realistic look? Let us know in the comments below!

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