Best 8 Hot Sex Positions To Use With A Sex Doll

Sex is fun, sex dolls are fun, so sex with them must be a blast! Sex dolls are used typically as a masturbation aid. They come in different sizes and shapes- from a complete, anatomically-nice body with pretty faces, to only the torso. Depending on how you use them, sex dolls can make you feel like you’re having sex with a real woman, and they can help you achieve a deep orgasm faster.

While sex dolls can boost your sexual experience, you must understand several sex positions in order to explore and enjoy sex with a sex doll. So if you already own a sex doll or you just purchased your first ever sex doll and feeling excited to have sex with her, we’ll make your experience sweet and breathtaking.

Below are the best 8 sex positions that we recommend trying out with your sex doll. These positions will leave you breathless.

1. Bent over

This is a trendy sex position that couples have been using for many years. In the bent-over position, you allow your sex doll to stand in a sexy way, and you slide in from behind. Hold her from the back as she stands close to a table or a bed.

While standing, bend the doll over the bed or table surface. Her face should touch the bed surface, and she should bend close to her waist. This bent-over position is very sexy and allows vaginal or anal penetration or even both. You can also wear sexy high heels for her for more hotness. Position her in standing way- while her butt pushes out.


  • Perfect position for outside and inside the bedroom
  • Boosts fun.


  • May not be as comfortable as using the mattress
  • May hurt your doll’s knees after use for some time. So be careful.

2. Standing doggy

If you’re like most men who love to have their partners stand against the wall and slide in from the back, you can try this position with your sex doll.

Let your doll stand in the corner of your room, facing outside, which means her butt should be near you while you hold her from the back. The corners of the room work best because the walls will support her and make her stand upright. Spread her arms against the wall to balance up her body. Gently lift the right leg, and you can enter her freely.


  • Best sex position in kinky areas like the balconies, shower, etc.
  • Best for deep penetration.


It may be a difficult position if there’s a huge height difference between you and your sex doll. If you have a taller doll, just spread her legs wider for penetration.

3. Spooning

Spooning is arguably the most intimate position in the history of sex. If you want to sex your doll while she lies on the bed, or maybe you want a more intimate position, spooning works great.

Position your doll to lie on her side and bend her arms in front (remember, she’s your little spoon). Have her legs bent at a forty-five degrees angle to keep her body supported. Lift her leg and enter from either the vaginal or the anal. Spooning allows for smooth and hot penetration.


  • Best for heavy sex dolls since you don’t have to carry her
  • Works for body heat. Since you are close to her, she gets heated up. The sex feels real.


You can’t kiss her or look into her pretty eyes when making love.

4. Doggy

Of course, you cannot leave out the doggy position if you’re looking for a sexy stimulation. Let your doll kneel on the bed surface. Bang her with her face facing downwards.

Spread her legs a bit, from the back, to help her maintain balance and keep her from falling. Slide in from the back, and pump slow or hard, it’s up to you. If you’re a fan of rough sex, the doggy style lets you spank your doll, as you would with a real partner.

Always protect your sex doll’s knees against friction, and when you’re done, adjusts her into a default position.


Best for deep thrusting


Not too intimate

5. Magic Mountain Position

In the Magic Mountain position, you place your sex doll directly against the bed, counter, couch, or cat tree and enter from the back. This position is similar to the doggy position. The only difference is that your doll will have to kneel on the surface of the bed while you enter from behind.

Let your doll kneel on the bed surface. Bang her with her face facing downwards. Slightly raise the sex doll’s arms over her head to help her body maintain a balance. While you’re both kneeling, spread her legs a bit, from the back, to help her maintain balance and keep her from falling. Slide in from the back, and pump slow or hard, the choice is yours.


  • A very sexy position for a quick orgasm.
  • The best position for people who love rough sex.


Lacks the intimacy of other positions.

6. CowLady

If you love to have sex while lying down, this could be your best position.

Lie on your back and let your doll stay on top. On the other hand, you can position her in the reverse cowLady style. You can also let your doll ride you for real, or you can slide inside her and pump away, the choice is yours.


It adds passion to the lovemaking position


May be physically challenging to set up compared to other positions

7. Missionary

The good old missionary style has continued to gain more popularity among couples, and it remains the “default sex position.” Make your sex doll lie on her back. Have her legs bent to forty-five degrees angle. Then spread them.

Alternatively, hold her legs over your shoulders. Start to sex your doll. The missionary style allows you to blow your load on your doll’s body or face, or whatever rocks your boat.


  • Allows you to slide in her easily
  • Keeps you more connected to your sex doll
  • Usually makes you orgasm faster


May be boring, sometimes

8. Countertop me

You’ll need to take your doll into the kitchen for this position. Sit your sex doll on a table or the kitchen island while her leg dangles over the edge. Face the sex doll, stand between her legs, grab her hip and slide inside of her. It feels great!


  • Best sex position in kinky areas like the kitchen
  • Best for deep penetration


It may be a difficult position if there’s a huge height difference between you and your sex doll.

Bonus Tips:
You can download and watch hot porn videos when having sex with your doll and try the same position as with the couples on the porn videos. For example, as the couples are having doggy style sex, roll her over, bend her, and slide in from behind. This makes the whole thing sexier and we promise you’ll ejaculate within minutes!

Furthermore, do proper researches before you buy your first sex doll. Sex dolls are available in different materials and types. Select the one that’s most suited for you. Also, most sex dolls require certain preparations before sex. Always follow the process and get ready so you don’t get hurt.

Regardless of the sex doll or sex position you use, we hope you’ll enjoy a strong orgasm!


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