10 Ways A Sex Doll Can Spice Up Your Marriage

You may be surprised to find out that sex dolls are not only being purchased by men as a means to cope with anxiety, depression, loneliness, failed relationships, and sexual frustration.

More couples are becoming excited at the idea of introducing a sex doll in the bedroom because this is a good starting point if both partners want to experience a threesome, but are not quite ready to do the leap of inviting a real person to spend the night with.

Additionally, using sex toys is not something new and unheard of and a sex doll is really just a step further than sex toys, so in today’s article, we will present you with 10 ways a sex doll can spice up your marriage.

#1, Sex Dolls Are One Step Further Than Sex Toys

If you are already experimenting with different sex toys, consider a sex doll to be just a step further from that that is also worth trying.
However, because there is still some social stigma spinning around this luxurious love doll, you need to make sure that you are going to have an honest and thorough conversation with your partner before purchasing a sex doll.

There are many ways getting a sex doll in a relationship can go wrong but there is only one right way to do it and that is through communication.

#2, A Sex Doll Will Help You Communicate Better

If you have already decided to bring this up to your partner, it means that you are ready to communicate and point out all the reasons why you would like to introduce a sex doll to your bedroom sessions and why do you think a sex doll will help you spice things up.

Therefore, your partner will surely be willing to listen and communicate with you and find out more about how you feel. So, this very thing can improve your communication skills and help you express yourself better in a relationship.

And good communication opens many doors, so it’s always worthwhile to speak your mind and allow your partner to do so, too.

#3, A Sex Doll Can Improve Your Foreplay

Foreplay is one of the most exciting part of being intimate with your partner and for many people it also really depends on the foreplay whether they will be able to achieve an orgasm.

According to a study, for 63% of couples, the most exciting way to make things more fun in the bedroom is by extending foreplay, so foreplay is really something that deserves more attention in the bedroom.

A sex doll can really help you improve your foreplay in the sense of giving you that feeling that someone is watching you from the side, which for many people is a major turn-on.

Additionally, you never know how turned on you might get when you see your partner messing around with a sex doll, whether it’s a male or a female doll as this is also something many people don’t anticipate to enjoy, but end up really liking it.

At the end of the day, if both parties are consenting, there are many things you can do to extend and improve the quality of your foreplay with a sex doll.

#4, You Can Become Better At Giving Directions To Your Partner

Sex toys are something that really helps people relax and be more open to experimenting with different things regardless if they are using them solo or with a partner.

One important thing you need to remember when using sex toys with your partner is that you need to give your partner directions on how to please you and also avoid bringing you discomfort if they are not using the toy correctly.

A sex doll being a step further than sex toys, can also help you become better at giving directions to your partner. No matter whether you are experimenting with a male or a female sex doll, there will be something you may enjoy and want to see more of.

Therefore, you may ask your partner to turn the doll around and have her/him in doggy style, or missionary position, or even you can direct them to position and hold the doll on top or below you.

There are many variations to go about, so a sex doll really has the potential to get you to become more comfortable and guide your partner in the right direction or at least do more of something you enjoy seeing.

#5, You Can Experiment With New Positions

Most couples just stick to trying new positions if they want to spice things up. However, this practice is going to be even spicier if you throw a sex doll in the mix.

Imagine all the ways you could make love to both your partner and the sex doll. You can have the sex doll in any position you want and you can comfortably share her/him with your partner in new and exciting positions.

#6, A Sex Doll Can Keep Sex Interesting

Trying different things with your sex doll and your partner can keep sex interesting for a long time.

Now, we all hate this and some of us don’t even want to admit it, but sex with the same person gets awfully boring after some time.

Depending on your individual needs and sexual experience, it is just a question of how soon this will happen to you. For some couples, it can happen after many years of being in a relationship, while for others, it can happen after only several months of the relationship.

So, many people, instead of communicating with their partners, turn to cheating, lying, and hiding things, and someone always ends up hurt due to this.

However, introducing various sex toys and sex dolls can keep the sex interesting for a prolonged amount of time and will surely help you learn how to become honest with each other and effectively communicate any changes in the relationship or marriage.

#7, A Sex Doll Will Help You Move Boundaries

A good place to start when you want to grow out of your old, insecure ways, is to slowly start stepping out of your comfort zone.

Using various sex toys and even sex dolls in marriage aren’t something unheard of or something that you should be ashamed of or afraid of doing.

If anything, it will only help you become closer to your partner, have a more open relationship, enjoy sex together, and move the boundaries that are preventing you from having a more fulfilling sex life.

#8, A Sex Doll Can Help You Counter Jealousy

According to various researches done on marriage and relationship, jealousy accounts for an exceeding percentage of why couples aren’t open with each other about things that happen in the bedroom.

Jealousy is a lousy little green monster that often finds its way into a person’s mind, especially when they feel like they are inadequate and not good enough for their partner.

Now, some might argue that this is due to the extremely high expectations everyone has about men and women and their bedroom skills these days, but this is simply a pure example of bad communication between partners.

So, the most effective way to counter jealousy is by creating the experience of introducing a “third person” into the bedroom, even though it is only a sex doll.

Sex dolls are not a replacement for neither of the partners, but it is rather a supplementation that can benefit everyone involved.

By introducing a sex doll in your bed, you could try using the doll and experience how does it feel, or have your partner use the doll and see whether you enjoy watching and eventually joining in on the fun.

This will surely spark interest in involvement and will give both partners the ability to relax and have a fun experience.

#9, A Sex Doll Can Pave The Path Towards Experimenting With Other People

So, if both you and your partner end up enjoying experimenting with a doll, this will surely give you some ideas for taking it a notch further and start experimenting with other people in the future.

In any case, a sex doll can help you relax your mind and perhaps entertain the idea on bringing a real person into the bedroom for some added fun every once in a while.

Threesomes are an activity loved by many couples and if you are interested in trying this out but it sounds like a huge leap, then perhaps a sex doll is what you need to start with.

#10, A Sex Doll Can Ultimately Improve Your Sex Lives

Using a sex doll provides couples with the opportunity to express themselves in new sexual ways that will increase sexual pleasure and allow them to overcome many issues, including stale sex life, and unhealthy jealousy.

Couples can use a sex doll to boost their sexual satisfaction, improve their sexual skills and methods, improve their sexual stamina, introduce a healthy variety into the relationship, and essentially improve their sex lives.

We also provide you some tips for couples using sex dolls. You will love this new sex toy!

Final Words

As it turns out, there is more than one reason to introduce a sex doll in your marriage, so are you keen on the idea of communicating this option with your partner?

Don’t forget to let us know in the comments!

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