8 Things You Should Consider Before Having Sex With Your Sex Doll

We’ve previously talked about how a sex doll can improve your life, however, there are a few things you should consider before having sex with your sex doll.
If you have already scrolled through one or two websites that sell sex dolls, chances are that you are familiar with the fact that these beauties come with a high price tag.
This tells you that owning a sex doll is a luxury, not a necessity, so you have to treat her as such.
This means it is not only important that you make sure to maintain your doll in prime condition once you buy it, but it is also a good idea to do a few things that will just increase your pleasure and make the entire experience even better. 
At the end of the day, you owe this pleasure to yourself. So, in this article, we will share eight things you should consider before having sex with your sex doll.

1.Consider The Size And Weight Of Your Sex Doll

This is technically something you should do before purchasing your sex doll, however, it can be implemented here as well, considering that you will have to move your sex doll around to have sex with her.
Life-sized sex dolls can be quite heavy to carry and move around, therefore, it is of utmost importance that you consider your physical strength and mobility before opting for a tall and heavy sex doll. 
If you are not able to move her around with ease, this will most certainly kill your pleasure and sex doll manufacturers rarely accept refunds for this reason due to health and safety concerns. 
If you are a first-time buyer, the best thing to do is opt for a mini sex doll. These usually don’t go over 150cm (4’9) in height and they are much lighter and easier to handle. 
Additionally, you may want to look into torsos as these usually have the most important parts but are lighter and easier to be moved around.

2.Make Sure Your Sex Doll Doesn’t Stay Creased

Modern sex dolls are created to endure quite a bit of pressure and heavyweight. However, the easier you go on her – the longer she will last much like everything else that requires maintenance and care. 
Therefore, one thing that you can do to ensure your sex doll’s skin doesn’t get damaged is to avoid putting too much pressure while she’s in a position that enables creasing in areas such as behind the knees and inner elbows. 
Too much friction and strong pressure, while your sex doll is in such a position, can potentially cause permanent creasing and perhaps even tearing in these areas. 
The best thing to do is to be gentle while her knees and arms are bent.

3.Test Out Your Sex Doll’s Flexibility

It’s a good idea to know how far you can expect to go before having sex with your sex doll. This will help prevent unnecessary damage caused by negligence. 
Therefore, prior to preparing her for your first time together, make sure to gently stretch out her arms and legs as well as turn her head on both sides to make sure everything is functioning properly. 
This will also give you an idea of how far you can push her legs and arms or how far you can turn her head during sex.

4.Make Sure Your Sex Doll Is Properly Cleansed

Once your sex doll is molded and ready for shipping, manufacturers just place the head and body inside a shipping container and send her out to your address. 
This means that your sex doll hasn’t been properly cleaned before being placed in her box and shipped away.
Therefore, there is a huge possibility there will be some powder and perhaps some dust gathered on her, which is why it’s super important to make sure your sex doll is properly cleansed before having sex with her.
The best and most hassle-free way to clean your sex doll prior to having sex with her for the first time is to use a soft sponge with mild soap and a little bit of warm water to rinse her off.
However, it is even more important to properly clean up your doll after every use because this will prevent a buildup of bacteria if there are residues of bodily fluids left inside her orifices. 
The process of cleaning is pretty much the same, you may just need an extra bottle-cleaning brush to access the more difficult spots inside her.
Once you’ve done that, you can just pat her dry with a lint-free cloth or white linen sheets and lay her in a shady spot to air-dry. 
It would be best to lay her on a slope so as to enable the draining of any water inside and prevent mold from forming inside a damp space.

5.Powder Your Sex Doll For Better Experience

Most modern sex dolls are made from high-quality materials such as TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) or medical-grade silicone. 
However, both these materials have a tendency to become sticky on the surface due to multiple reasons.
It can be due to a small amount of oil residue leaking from the material as oil is used in the manufacturing process, but it can also be due to neglect and inadequate storage (leaving her in a hot room, exposed to sunlight for too long, etc.). 
In any way, to counteract the stickiness of your doll prior to having sex with her and enhance your experience, you may wanna consider using either talcum powder or corn starch to properly powder her up. 
This should always be done after your sex doll has been washed and has fully air-dried.
Use a large powder brush available from a cosmetic department to pick up a small amount of powder and brush over the skin of your sex doll in gentle circular motions until every area is covered.
The process does not take as long as you might imagine and it’s definitely going to be worth it as it leaves the doll with beautifully soft skin.
Be sure to brush off any excess powder before you enjoy your tack-free doll.

6.Consider Warming Up Your Sex Doll

As winter approaches, you may not find your sex doll’s inability to circulate blood and keep herself warm all too desirable and it may even put you off of enjoying your fun times together.
However, you can always consider warming up your sex doll prior to having sex with her, instead of having to refrain from your pleasure. 
There are devices such as full-body warmers or even just warming rods that you can insert inside her and warm up her orifices. You can either purchase these extras from your sex doll manufacturer or get separately from Amazon. 
Additionally, you may look into homemade alternatives such as warming pads, electric blankets, and even wrapping her up in warm linen sheets may all be good ideas. 
Warming up your sex doll is not only going to be an extremely pleasant experience, it may also allow you to enjoy her company all year round without any obstacles.

7.Make Sure To Use Lubrication

Whatever you do, don’t ever try to have sex with your doll before properly lubing up yourself and her.
Not using lube and trying to push yourself inside her orifices are not only going to be a painful experience for you, but it may also cause tearing and damages in her skin, too. 
This tearing will then go on to easily retain moisture and other bodily fluids all while harboring bacteria and yeast growth. This is not only disgusting but it’s also potentially dangerous for your health.
Therefore, always opt for a water-based lube that’s going to make things slippery and pleasurable. Water-based lube is also very compatible with both TPE and silicone materials, meaning it’s not going to damage or degrade them over time.
Additionally, water-based lube is the easiest one to wash away and it won’t stain your sheets and furniture, making it a breeze to cope with.

8.Consider Creating A Pleasant Atmosphere

Just because your sex doll isn’t alive and she doesn’t have feelings, it doesn’t mean that YOU don’t deserve to enjoy not only physical pleasure but also a nice and pleasant atmosphere that will just enhance your experience. 
I think that a lot of people just go straight to the main part all while forgetting to enjoy the small details and just make other things such as their surroundings more enjoyable.
You can still do for yourself what you would do for a real woman and invest in some scented candles and incense sticks to make the room smell nice and inviting as well as a good wine to set the mood.
Additionally, you can dim the lights in the room or switch a lamp on so that it’s not too bright but not too dark either and compile a nice playlist of songs that get you in the mood so that you can fully enjoy your evenings with your sex doll while stimulating all your senses.

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