How Can You Dispose Of Old Sex Dolls Discreetly

Regardless of whether you got bored out of your sex doll or she served her purpose or any other less conventional reason there may be, you have probably at some point asked yourself how can you dispose of your sex dolls discreetly, right?

Well, you surely have, otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this article.

Besides doing the most logical thing and throwing a life-sized sex doll in the thrash while also risking first-degree embarrassment from your neighbors, it turns out there are other ways to get rid of your sex doll.

                                                                                      Sex Doll

And some of these don’t necessarily mean destruction.

So, in this article, we are going to share four incredibly easy and creative ways that you can dispose of your old sex dolls discreetly as well as two things you absolutely SHOULDN’T do when disposing of your beloved companion.

Sell Your Old Sex Doll

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right? Just because you got fed up with her, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have any purpose left in this world. And someone else may very well cherish her for the beautiful sex goddess that she is.

This is honestly the best thing that you can do for your sex doll as everybody will benefit from this exchange.

You get to retrieve some of your money back while the other person (ideally someone who isn’t squeamish) gets to purchase a pleasure doll for a lower amount of money than you would usually find on websites.

However, before you do this, there are a few things you should consider:

Clean Your Doll Thoroughly

Selling someone a dirty sex doll is not only a mean thing to do but it can also potentially put their health in danger. There is always the risk of spreading sexually transmitted infections and diseases and this can be a huge problem.

You should tell the person you are selling the sex doll to that you’ve properly cleansed her but you should also advise them to cleanse her themselves one more time before using her.

Make The Buyer Aware Of Any Flaws, Stains, and Impairments

This may or may not affect the price you are asking for your sex doll, however, you can always agree on a fair bargain with the buyer through communication.

The important thing to do is to be upfront if the sex doll you are selling has any physical flaws such as stained makeup, stains on her skin, damaged nipples, etc., and if everything is functioning as it should be.

Chances are the buyer will appreciate your honesty.

Donate Your Old Sex Doll

If your sex doll is damaged or you are simply feeling generous, you can always opt for donating your old sex doll instead of selling it for money.

Chances are you are going to make someone very very happy. But this doesn’t mean that a sex doll has to be used for sex and nothing else.

Here is a list of several places you can donate your old sex doll to:

Strip Club

Donating your old sex doll to a strip club will enable her to be surrounded by more pussy and horny men which is a total win for everyone.

Sometimes strip clubs use sex dolls to decorate the space and make it even more sexual and attractive, and who knows, you may even get a free lap dance or a few rounds for your generous donation.

Clothing Store

Your old sex doll will be a perfect fit for a clothing store. Most people won’t even notice that she is now a retired fuck-doll once a staff member puts a fancy piece of clothing on her and places her on display.

If you want to get even more specific, it is best to look into donating her to a lingerie shop and make sure her gorgeous curves are embellished by a variety of sexy lingerie.


Yes, people still go to theatres, and in fact, many of them enjoy the entire experience. Therefore, a theatre may have tremendous use for a free prop such as a busty sex doll.

However, while a classical opera place may not accept her for what she is, a modern theatre may happily incorporate her in a contemporary play.

Magician’s Show

You know those magicians that got their fame for putting young and pretty ladies inside boxes and cutting them in half with a seemingly magical sword?

Well, think of what a great use one of those guys may have for an incredibly realistic-looking sex doll?

Escape Rooms

This is probably the easiest way to donate that old silicone doll you have no intention of seeing ever again. Just find a non-family-friendly or horror escape room and they will be sure to wanna take on her gladly.


Artists are creative enough souls so even if you don’t know what to do with your old sex doll you don’t wanna fuck anymore, an artist will surely come up with something creative.

Maybe they will use her body as a canvas or maybe they will just enjoy practicing some other creative skills on her, but that’s not really your problem anymore, isn’t it?


A local designer or a seamstress may be in need of a realistic doll to help them measure their designs so helping out smaller businesses definitely counts for a good deed of the day.


This one may be the most brutal destiny you can set for your old sex doll, but at least someone may have more fun practicing shooting at nipples instead of paper targets.

I guess it’s fine as long as she’s not actually alive and able to feel things.

Recycle Your Old Sex Doll

If finding suitable people to donate your old sex doll is too much of a hassle for you, you may want to do what’s best for the environment and inquire into recycling options.

You can either do this by contacting sex doll suppliers in which case they might dispose of it for free (even give you some money if you’re lucky) or find a way to legally throw her away/recycle with a waste disposal company.

In this case mention the material the doll is made of (Metal, Silicone, TPE or both) and to avoid getting into an awkward situation, call it a mannequin instead of an immobile sex queen.

Throw Your Old Sex Doll In The Trash

Or if looking into recycling options is also too much of a hassle for you, you may opt for the first logical thing that probably crossed your mind already and that is to throw your old sex doll in the trash.

However, let me tell you something important right off the bat: throwing a life-sized sex doll in the trash can may land you a fine, if you are not being careful.

Sex dolls aren’t very good for the environment. And if you are dumb enough to dump her in YOUR trash can, someone might just bring her back to you with a complaint or fine.

Now you’re stuck with a stinky love doll you don’t want and probably some air time on the local news channel, which is hella embarrassing.

So, instead of having to go through all that, the best thing to do is cut her up in very small chunks with a chainsaw and then place the pieces in multiple plastic bags.

Don’t leave an entire forearm or lower leg as a whole because you may scare someone to death if the bag tears open. Instead, make sure you cut everything down to the fingers into small pieces.

What Not To Do When Disposing Of Your Old Sex Doll?

These are two things I actually read as a legit advice on two different forums when someone asked how to safely dispose of their old sex doll.

These two things infuriated me to the point where I just needed to mention them and make sure you don’t run into the wrong advice that will make you wanna this at home:

Don’t Try To Melt Your Old Sex Doll In Acid

Seriosuly, just don’t do this. There are so many flaws with this advice and I can’t believe someone just mentioned it nonchalantly.

First of all, you don’t know what type of acid you should use to safely melt TPE or silicone material down to nothing.

Second, acid is incredibly dangerous on its own and you can get seriously hurt by trying to use it at home without adequate equipment or surveillance from someone who knows what they are doing.

And third, when acid is mixed with certain chemicals such as silicone, together they release a toxic scent that when inhaled can make you sick and can even contribute to nosebleeds and prolonged nausea that can last for days.

Don’t Bury Her

Just don’t do it, it’s not worth it. I’m not sure if whoever gave this advice was joking or was dead serious, it’s certainly not a good idea, but the scary part is that someone may think it is.

There are so many things that can go wrong with burying a sex doll and it just won’t be worth the embarrassment if you are caught trying to do this.

Besides that, it’s a pretty nightmarish and heart-attack-inducing situation if someone accidentally discovers it.


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