Top 10 Male Sex Dolls in 2021

Demand for male sex dolls has steadily increased as companies move to accommodate consumers of various sexualities.

One company that launched its first sex doll brothel in Barcelona in 2017 and Japan in 2019 says that many of their new customers are interested in trying out a male sex doll for the first time, but a lot of recurring customers keep coming back for some sweet loving with the lovely Ken dolls.

Not surprisingly, the majority of their customers are gay men, however, they also have an increasing number of women coming in and paying to spend time with their male sex dolls.

This is not weird or out of the ordinary considering the sexually liberated time we live in, however, it is a bit more complicated for women because of the tendency to develop an emotional attachment towards the person they are sleeping with.

It’s rarer for a woman to opt for using a male sex doll, especially because of the connection women usually crave with their partner or even their favorite vibrator.

The majority of women using sex toys have reported using the same toy until it starts becoming worn out or stops working completely. Only then they will buy a new one and usually it is something similar to what they previously owned.

Men, on the other hand, don’t have the same emotional complications, therefore, it’s easier for a man to have sex with several women, other men, or plenty of dolls without thinking twice.

Men are also statistically more experimental when it comes to bedroom activities and are the ones more likely to want to try sex with a sex doll.

When you take all this into consideration, it isn’t a surprise that male sex dolls are more targeted towards the male demographic, and men also happen to comprise the highest customer percentage.

But regardless of your sex, gender, or sexuality, in this article, you will find our curated picks of the top ten male sex dolls in 2021. Let’s begin:

Brady, 180 cm (5’9)

Brady is a good looking stud with a chiseled jawline and lean, muscular body to admire. He has a fully posable body that you can bend at your will and use the way you want.

Inside him lies a durable, stainless steel skeleton with mobile joints that allows you to put Brady in a variety of wild positions, be it for pleasure, or perhaps for taking pictures of the art that’s his body.

Brady’s skin is incredibly soft that gives an ultra-realistic feeling when touching him. He is made out of medical-grade TPE, which is a body-safe material that’s easy to clean and maintain.

Brady is a tall guy, measuring at 5’9 inches (180cm) of height. He will gladly offer you his bendable, 6’2 inches (16cm) penis that you can ride, suck, or enjoy a frot session with.

But besides that, he also prides himself on having a super tight, ribbed anus that will give you an unforgettable, better-than-real sensation.

Nathan,180 cm (5’9)

Nathan is flawlessly beautiful, fantastically built, and has a breathtaking charisma. His baby face, although looking innocent enough, is a good facade to hide his dirty thoughts about spending the days and nights with you.

Nathan is a high-quality luxury sex doll made out of durable and sturdy TPE that feels deceptively real upon touching it.

The soft skin is incredibly delicate and has an entirely natural surface. His high-quality skeleton and supple metal joints are responsible for making Nathan flexible to explore your erotic fantasies and favorite positions.

Nathan is 5’9 feet (180cm) tall and weighs around 52 kg. He is decently gifted, packing 7 inches (18cm) of pure indulgence but besides that, he also wants to offer his anal and oral openings for your pleasure.

Benjamin, 175 cm (5’7)

At first sight, Benjamin is nothing special. He looks like a shy, average-looking student, that just wants to hang out with one or two friends and get good grades.

But there’s more to him when he sheds his clothes and lets you in. You will soon realize that Benjamin is a handsome dude with a hot, ripped body, and an 8-inch package that’s nice and hard while waiting for you to decide how you want to use it.

To make matters even better, his large instrument is fully detachable which not only allows for easier cleaning but can also be used solo if that’s what you feel like.

Besides that, Benjamin has anal and oral openings which give you switching options and even allows for group sessions, if that’s what you’re into.

Benjamin is delicately crafted out of TPE material that offers an unbelievable realistic feel. Under the skin lies a top-quality stainless steel skeleton which allows the arms to rotate, and the legs and joints to attain realistic human moves and hot positions in the bedroom.

Kaden, 175 cm (5’7)

Kaden is our silver-haired model who is trying to become a part of a Korean boy band and shoot to worldwide fame.

Kaden is made out of TPE and he feels incredibly realistic. Under the soft skin, there is a metal skeleton that allows Kaden to be flexible and fully posable so that he can please you in a variety of different positions.

The silver-haired stunner has an in-built package that measures at modest 6 inches and a tight anal opening that measures at around 4 inches of depth, more or less.

Kaden is the perfect guy for you, if you are looking for a cute face, nice body, hard cock, and a good romp.

Caden, 175 cm (5’7)

Caden with a C is a cute, soft, and a rather submissive boy with rich, chocolate brown hair, a straight and cute-looking nose, sweet eyes, and a jawline chiseled to the gods.

He is made out of high-quality TPE material that allows is to look and feel realistic and smooth and he also has a steel skeleton under the surface of his skin which allows for his joints to be posable and rather flexible.

He is standing at 5’7 feet tall and weighs approximately 53 kg. You could say he’s a moderately gifted young fella packing 6’2 inches of glory but he also has a firm behind under which cheeks there is another pot of gold that goes 4 inches deep and can be used for your own pleasure.

Andrew, 170 cm (5’5)

Andrew is our bisexual icon that can please men and women alike. He is our adored pick-up artist that has the skills to take any man and woman he lays his eyes on to bed with him.

Andrew is somewhat of a hybrid whose head is made out of medical-grade silicone while the body is made out of ultra-realistic TPE to give you that lifelike sensation.

He has a fully detachable, huge package that comes on him but it can also be replaced with a dildo of your choice at any time.

Besides that, he has a tight booty and a super-tight and ribbed anal canal that you can use to your heart’s desire.

Andrew stands at 5’5 feet (170cm)  tall and weighs around 50kg.

Aiden, 167 cm (5’5)

Aiden is our manly beast with a hot muscular body, masculine chiseled jaw, real beard, and mesmerizing eyes that can make you lose yourself in them at a mere glance.

Aiden has a handsome rugged bad-boy appearance, a person you would find living in a cabin in a remote area at the edge of a forest but really he is just a kind soul who’s waiting for the right kind of person to spend his life with.

He is made out of TPE which makes him feel soft and realistic and he also has a solid metal skeleton which allows him to be flexible when switching positions.

Adventurous and always ready for action and a good romp, Aiden will be more than eager to pleasure you with his 7-inch hard-on at any time of the day.

Besides that, he also features an anal opening that measures at 6 inches deep and an oral opening that measures at 4 inches deep.

Daniel, 167 cm (5’5)

Daniel is a vigorous black man who grew up on the streets of Philly but has made his fame and fortune through rap music.

However, as it turns out, rapping is not the only thing he’s good at and he soon realized that having a big hard dick will also take him places in life.

He adores the company of men and women alike and he is not opposed to having bedroom adventures that involve more than one person male or female.

Daniel packs a 7-inch detachable package as well as 6 inches of an anal opening that he happily accepts being fulfilled.

Alexander, 165 cm (5’4)

Alexander is the proud Spartan warrior in our little family of male sex dolls. His sculpted, masculine body, manly beard, messy hair, and piercing green eyes make him totally irresistible to both men and women alike.

Alexander is a virile man with whom you can unleash your wildest fantasies.

He is made out of high-quality TPE that gives him incredible softness and realistic feeling and the metal alloy skeleton from underneath aids with flexibility and posture.

Alexander is 5’4 feet (162cm) high and has a detachable cock that measures at 6 inches. Besides that, Alexander is also accommodating for wanting men and he has an oral and anal canal of 6 inches in depth.

Anthony, 162 cm (5’4)

Anthony is our gym fanatic, a model, and a bisexual icon. Besides spending his free time in the gym to work on his ripped body, he is also a sex maniac with a permanent hard-on that’s ready to please in various ways at any given moment.

Anthony is made out of soft, TPE material that offers that unbelievable realistic feeling. Beneath the skin, there is a metal skeleton that allows Anthony’s body to be more flexible and posable.

Anthony will be happy to provide you with a blow job, classic sex, anal sex, foot fetish, deepthroat, cuddling, kissing, tender love, threesome, and group sex.

He’s got quite a satisfactory package as well as an anal canal that measures at 7 inches of depth and an oral opening that goes nearly 5 inches deep.


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