Which Sex Doll Accessories Should You Buy

Buying your first sex doll also means you should consider getting some fun and interesting accessories that you can experiment with and experience something new.

Why settle with just a doll when you can take it a step further and get yourself some cool pleasure gadgets that will most probably grow on you from the moment you decide to try them!

This is why we made a list of which sex doll accessories you should buy to enhance the fun in your bedroom and enjoy your time with your sex doll even more!

Most of these items can be found in our online store, so make sure you check us out as you may find something you like.

And without any further ado, let’s jump right into the article:

Removable Dildo

A removable dildo can serve you as an interesting accessory, especially if you want to explore butt play, and why shouldn’t you do it?

A lot of men and their partners do not know they can achieve mind-blowing orgasm by hitting the P-spot (prostate).

The prostate is a walnut-sized gland located below the seminal vesicle and just above the start of the urethra.

The prostate secretes a fluid that is a vital part of semen. In fact, the fluid makes up 1/3 of it. This fluid helps to keep the sperm alive. It also aids in protecting the genetic code the sperms carry.

Being aroused makes the prostate swell, so the more turned on you are before you poke around, the easier it’ll be to find where it is, but you will definitely feel it when you hit the spot.

While prostate orgasms may take some practice and patience, men that have experienced them say a normal orgasm doesn’t even begin to compare to the prostate orgasm, so it may be worth it for you to experiment with yourself and see what your doll can do for you.

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Removable Vagina

There are a few small differences between a built-in and removable vagina that you should consider before purchasing a sex doll.

First of all, if your doll’s vagina is built in this would make her a little more challenging to clean and you will probably need some time and practice to master this technique.

The next thing is that the feeling will definitely be slightly different. If you don’t properly position the removable vagina, this could potentially result in this annoying feeling that it might fall out as you move, therefore, you need to also learn how to insert it properly.

But besides that, here are a few pros of having a sex doll with a removable vagina:

  • Extends the durability of your sex doll. The insert vaginas are easily replaceable once they get damaged or just wear out with time. This means that you won’t be spending a small fortune on an entirely new sex doll when you can just replace the vagina.
  • If you don’t want the standard smooth sleeve, you could look for sleeves with curves, crevices, and nubs to enhance your experience.
  • Easier to clean and dry. Because you can detach it and take it out, you can only clean the sleeve instead of having to bathe the entire doll. Cleaning the sleeve will only take you five minutes and it will dry much faster too.
  • If you have a sex doll with an insert vagina, you can switch it up and experiment with removable dildos, too, if you want to try something new.

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Tongues made out of TPE are accessories that serve to enhance the aesthetics, which is why they can be purchased separately.

Some people just like to look at soft and pink tongues, so it’s nice knowing that they have the opportunity of buying one for aesthetic purposes.

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Wigs are one of the most affordable ways to completely transform your sex doll and give her a brand new look as often as you feel like.

Instead of buying a new doll once you get bored with the looks of your old one, all you have to do is switch things up a little bit and she will look like a completely different doll which can help make things interesting again.

Buying a variety of wigs and trying them on her will also help you realize what you want by exploring something new.

For example, if you’ve always thought you liked girls with long hair better, you may be surprised to find out that short-haired chicks are super hot, too, especially when she already has a gorgeous face and body.

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If you’ve never owned a sex doll in before, you probably didn’t know that the eyes of a sex doll aren’t permanently fixed in her head and can be removed and changed at any point.

This is quite convenient since you can also buy any eye color separately and just insert them to give your doll a fresh new look.

This way, you won’t have to stay with a brown-eyed girl forever and you can experiment with any other color you like.

Just make sure to secure them properly when putting them back in the eye sockets because things might get a little awkward if an eye pops up during the action!

Also, make sure to check out the variety of eye colors we offer at our store!


A makeup is also something that can completely transform ones appearance, therefore, buying a couple of different palets and experimenting with them on your girl can be an interesting experience for you.

Here are a couple of useful tips to keep in mind when buying makeup for your sex doll:

  • Always make sure to buy powder makeup rather than liquid or cream. Liquids and creams are oil-based and these oils can latch onto and remain on your doll’s skin and can even stain her permanently. Besides that, you are more likely to make mistakes while doing your doll’s makeup with cream which will require you to wipe it more often and also risk staining her skin. Powder, on the other hand, is easy to use and apply and even easier to be removed.
  • Carefully choose the method of removing your doll’s makeup. Using wet wipes may not be the best idea as these contain heavy alcohols that can interact with the doll’s skin and stain her. Using oils is also not an option because they are hard to remove and residue remains on the skin even after washing it with water. Dry wipes seem to be the best choice for this. You can add a little bit of water to properly wipe off everything but don’t add anything extra besides plain water.

Spare Head

Or, if you want to completely change your doll and have the experience of seeing someone else, you may just go ahead and buy an extra head for variety.

Doll’s heads are easy to remove and install back, so this shouldn’t be too much of a hassle for you. However, make sure to choose the same skin tone like the rest of the body so you don’t end up with a “floating head”.

We have a variety of over 190 different heads in our store, so make sure to check out our creations.

Hanging Hook

A hanging hook is a very convenient tool that’s intended to be used for storage or to hold your doll’s head and body during washing and drying.

Washing and drying a sex doll can be a very tricky process and you want to be very careful to not drop her, scratch her, or damage her in any way.

However, this can be complicated and difficult because of the sheer size and weight of the doll. Most lifesize dolls weigh over 30 kilos, which can be a strain for anyone to try and hold for a longer period of time.

Which is why you can just use a simple metal hook in your shower that basically does the most difficult job for you.

Besides that, leaving your doll to air dry is the most recommended method of drying, which again, is an issue that’s solved with a single hook.

Warming Rod

A warming rod is basically a stick that warms up when switched on and it can be inserted in your sex doll’s orifices to basically warm them up and provide you with a more pleasant sensory experience.

This is not by any means something needed, however, it is definitely something that will help enhance your experience, so why not treat yourself to one of our dolls and get a warming rod for free?

That’s right! Kanadoll gifts you with a warming rod along with a bunch of other free goodies with every sex doll you buy from us.

Water-Based Lube

Since sex dolls can’t naturally lubricate, you will definitely need to buy a lube and make things smoother and more slippery.

Don’t make the mistake of having sex with a sex doll without using lube!

Some people may say they’ve tried it and liked it but this can not only be a painful and uncomfortable experience but it can also potentially lead to some physical harm such as skin cracking and even bleeding.

This is something you surely don’t want to go through, so it’s important to be ready for when your doll arrives at your door.

Make sure to only ever buy water-based lubes as these are easy to clean and unlikely to stain your doll’s skin.

Hygiene Essentials

A few of these accessories are actually essentials because you always want to remain safe while experiencing nothing but pleasure with your sex doll.

Therefore, having an antibacterial cleanser, a cleansing brush (such as the ones for cleaning bottles) and a vaginal irrigator is a must-have before you even think of having sex with your doll.

And don’t forget that you can actually get a vaginal irrigator for free when purchasing any doll from our collection!


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