Guide to Care for Sex Doll Wigs

The sex doll market is booming by the day and its popularity has reached every corner of the world. Owning a sex doll is no longer seen as a sign of desperation or loneliness and men from all phases of life are embracing their love for lifelike sex dolls. The bond between an owner and a sex doll goes beyond the moments of intimacy and it entails love, companionship, and taking care of her. The wig of a sex doll is probably the most appealing and attractive part of her body that ignites your love for her every time you see her. At the same time, it is a delicate part that requires utmost care and maintenance from the owner.

This guide includes all the information you need to know about sex doll wig care, explaining why owners customize wigs, how to aptly remove the wig, and necessary guidance on how to wash, clean, brush and attach it.

Let’s deep dive.

1. Why Sex Doll Owners Customize Wigs

A beautiful wig is the most important part of your sex doll which makes her look like a seductive Lady waiting for you every day. While a lifelike sex doll knows how to satiate your sexual fantasies but one can get bored over time, seeing the same hair, same hairstyle, same wig every single day. That’s how most, if not all, men think and there’s nothing wrong with that. Variety is the spice of life and because of this, the latest sex dolls come with removable wigs.

The ultimate goal of buying a sex doll is to achieve sexual pleasure in ways that a real woman cannot provide and a customizable wig is a way forward. Sex doll is a one-time and investment and you don’t have to change her altogether if you ever get bored of her. Simply, change her wig and hairstyle and have a new-looking doll – the one you dream of every night.

2. Removing the Wig

While most people love to have just one wig for their sex dolls, a few love to have exclusive wigs depending on their sexual preferences and changeability. As a doll owner, you have to remove the doll’s wig quite often – before washing it as well as when you want to replace the wig. Having crafted it real hair, a wig is a gentle part, and removing it abruptly or recklessly can easily damage or deform it.

SO, the first step of a doll’s wig care is gently removing the wig, keeping her hair intact. Avoid applying excessive force or pressure to pull the wig off. Instead, continue applying light pressure until it’s removed. If the wig is stuck, then try to delicately unstuck it and continue on with the procedure. Never rush to taking it off no matter if you’re doing it for the first time or the 100th.

3. Wearing a Realistic Sex Doll Wig

Putting on a doll’s wig is a critical part of sex doll wig care. Changing the wig of a sex doll is not as easy and straightforward as in the case of real men. Here are the three most common methods of wig placement that you can use:

  • Direct placement
  • Cap placement
  • Cap placement with Velcro

Direct Placement

The most obvious one. You just have to properly place the wig on her head just like you wear a cap naturally. The elastic sides of the wig are going to hold it in place securely along the edge of the head.

Standard wigs come in the size of the doll’s head and are easy to remove and fit. Most lifelike doll lovers prefer the direct placement method for their cute, little partners. It’s the recommended method for first-time users. However, this method doesn’t fit custom-made wigs and is suitable only for the wig you buy with the doll in the first place.

Cap Placement

This method entails putting on a wig cap and using some bobby pins to secure it around the edges. Experienced doll owners love to purchase wig caps of different sizes and bobby pins. All you need is your favorite wig cap and 4 booby pins at the front, back, and sideways to attach the wig to the wig cap.

This method is relatively inexpensive and doll owners can remove and put on the wig as many times as they want without spending too much.

Cap placement with Velcro

For this method, you use a Velcro strap to hold the wig and wig cap together instead of using bobby pins. Just wear her the wig cap as explained in the second option and then use Velcro Strap that is adhesive on both sides; attach one side to the wig and the other to the wig cap.

The Velcro square will align and stick as you put the wig on your sex doll. This method is a perfect choice for seasoned sex doll lovers who would frequently change the wig of their sex dolls. It offers added advantage of speed, making it easier to remove the wig without much trouble.

4. Washing the Wig

When it comes to the beauty and natural looks of the wig, nothing is as important as washing it regularly – just as washing your own hair regularly. The difference is, however, you can remove the wig of a sex doll before washing it – it’s recommended to take it out to ease the washing process.

Note that sex doll manufacturers and experts advise washing the wig at least once a month – or twice, preferably. The frequency of washing also depends on the material of the wig, whether it has synthetic or real hair. Synthetic hair needs less washing compared to real hair as the former doesn’t accumulate much dust.

 Items Needed

  • Warm water
  • Shampoo or soap
  • Towel
  • Fiber Oil

 How to Wash the Wig

The first step is filling a tub or basin with warm water. There should be an ample amount of water to have it to a level it can have the wig fully submerged. Don’t use hot water as it can destroy or damage the skin. Now, add the doll-friendly shampoo to the water and swoosh it up and then, gently lower the wig into the water. Let it soak up for a few minutes and wash it gently to avoid tangling. Be careful not to move the wig abruptly in water.

Remember, you cannot use a regular conditioner or shampoo to wash the wig. These products are too strong for her hair and can leave residue on the fibers of the wig, which reduces the lifespan of her hair. Make sure the care products must be free of parabens and sulfates. Another point you should keep in mind while washing her is that maintaining humanlike hair wigs is way different from synthetic wigs. One can fully immerse synthetic wigs in water, but it is not recommended for humanlike hair wigs to be dispersed completely as it can entangle the hair and create an unnecessary fuss.

Next, take out the wig and rinse it in clean, running water without any soap or shampoo. Avoid squeezing or pressing the wig while washing as it can tangle up the hair. When all the shampoo is rinsed out, squeeze it lightly to wring out the excess water. Now, place a clean, dry towel on your workstation, place and wrap the wig in it, and gently rub it to dry up as much water as possible.

The next step is to brush the wig while it’s a little dry to ensure no knots and a sleek fresh finish.

 Brushing the Wigs

Brushing a wig is necessary to add a little touch of freshness. For many lovers, smelling and running fingers through her hair is such a turn on, brushing – if done right – helps a lot to stimulate your sexual energy. Remember that a sex doll has tender skin and brushing the wig while it’s still on her head can damage the skin by mistake. Because of this, always remove the wig before brushing it.

Once removed, spray warm, spritz water on the wig gradually, and be careful not to over-wet it. Now, start detangling the hair with your fingers until they are straightened. Next, use a comb and work from the tips to the roots to brush the hair. Avoid excessive pulling as it can lead to shedding of her hair. Use fingers when needed to detangle the hair again. Brushing her hair takes hardly a few minutes and after that, let her hair dry naturally under a shade – away from direct sunlight.

 Apply Fiber Oil

When the wig is completely dried, use fiber oil to massage her hair. Fiber oil makes combing her hair much easier and gives a better look. It also makes them look shiny and more manageable – that is you can arrange them in any style you want. Depending on your individual preferences, you can give her a unique look with a bun hairstyle or a ponytail, or a loose curl style. She is your love partner; the choice is yours to make.

Finally, put the wig back on the sex doll’s head carefully and store her until you have to use it again.

5. Best Practices to Bear in Mind

To increase the life of the sex doll wig, make sure you follow the below tips:

Don’t use adhesives and glue: Whether you do it deliberately or inadvertently, but glues and adhesives are the poison for her hair. Aside from damaging the scalp, if they come in contact with it, they are extremely difficult to remove from her hair and can create a messy solution.

Don’t use tight elastics or straps: As mentioned earlier, wigs are delicate and cannot withstand excessive pressure or force. Anything too tight, if left for longer, can leave permanent marks or indentations on your doll’s skin. Yes, you can wear her straps but they should be snuggly fitting not overly tight.

Don’t Use Dark Color Wig Caps: Dark-colored caps can leave stains on your doll’s skin if used for a longer period of time. Try to use a light-colored wig especially if your doll has fair skin. However, you can use dark-colored wigs if your doll has brown or dark skin but still experts recommend doll owners using a light-colored wig cap.

Just choose an appropriate, well-fitting wig size for your doll, brush it gently and carefully, and wash it regularly to keep it clean. That is the key to a well-kept sex doll wig.

Final Remarks

To sum it all, this article has walked you through a detailed guideline on how to take care of your sex doll wigs. Even though each and every part of the sex doll requires extensive care and maintenance from the owner, yet her wig demands a bit of extra care. A well-maintained and cleaned wig can give a completely new look to your sexual partner and make her look even more appealing and seductive – just like the day you brought her to your bedroom for the first time.

Hopefully, you find this piece of writing helpful for ensuring care and maintenance of the wig of your Silicone or TPE sex doll. If you have any questions, feel free to reach us any time. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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