How to deal with unwanted and old sex dolls? 10 Effective ways to get rid of your old love doll

You are here probably because you are looking for effective ways to get rid of your old love doll. Your doll might not be worth looking after anymore probably because you cut her badly or it no longer has that zeal of pleasure anymore. Everything gets old as time pass. We all have an expiry date and so does love dolls. But there could be a number of reasons you don’t want to keep your doll anymore. This could be a real problem for some people because they want to have an easy way to dispose or disown the doll.

Some of the very first and traditional ways of disposal that strike our mind are very inappropriate and we would also recommend you to avoid them, such as;

  1. Don’t Dump

An easy way is to simply pick your sex doll up and dump it out there in the waste container. This could raise some serious issues in some cases as it could look like a dead body. We wouldn’t recommend you to try this because it also affects your privacy. So it is simply not a gentle move.

  1. Don’t Burn it

It is also very easy to simply put it on fire in your yard and let it burn like big plastic. First of all, it is not an eco-friendly way of disposing it. So it is our moral responsibility to avoid burning it. Next, it can pose a serious health risk by either hurting yourself with serious burns or inhaling unhealthy smoke. But even if your somehow avoid it, you are going to pay fine when local police discovers it.

  1. Don’t Throw it in Water

You might also have thought about throwing your sex doll in a river but this is an even worst option. This could seriously ruin someone’s day because it would look exactly like a dead body or a woman drowning with the flow.

So why not to find out some of the most effective ways that can make it easier for your to get rid of your old sex doll and have peace of mind as well. We are going to discuss some genius ways you can use and solve your problem.

Most effective ways to get rid of your old worn out sex doll:Don’t Throw it in Water

  1. Recycle it

One of the best way is to find out the possibilities for recycling it. Check out local companies that are good at recycling and make new things out of old silicone items. If you can find a company, this would enable you to earn some bucks and get rid of your poor doll. This is also an environmentally friendly move as you are not creating any garbage. Your doll will recycle into a more value shape in the form of new items.

  1. Disassemble

Disassembling your doll can make it a lot easier for you to carry your love doll and deal with it. This also enables you to retain your privacy. Once disassembled, you can hand it over to trash collector or simply leave it in a recycle bin. It will definitely find its way. Please make sure not to throw it in trash bin rather identify it to the trash collector who will make sure it finds its way straight to recycling department.

  1. Landfill workers

We guess you got your new idea already? Yes, landfill workers pick items that take long to decompose and dump them in landfill sites where they are disposed underground. This could potentially reduce their interaction with life. You can search for landfill workers online or simply ask your local authorities. This is an easy way to dispose your doll. Don’t forget to disassemble your doll even if you are handing it over to landfill workers. It will make it easier for you to work your way out and retain your privacy. No one gets confused for handing over a dead body.

  1. Archery / Shooting Rage

Archery or shooting range competitions are held in many cities. If you know about any of them or search online that are operating close to you and gift it to them. They will even offer you money in most cases because they are often looking for low cost alternatives. They normally use statues for aiming and shooting but you can offer them your doll and they will happily accept it. In this case, you are going to get rid of your doll as well as have some extra bucks. This could be a smart one.

  1. Artist

Local artists are always looking for new ideas and making new things out of the old ones. You can find out artists in your locality and offer them your doll. They will definitely like it. Keep in mind, this often works for many people because your doll is not just a sex piece but a lot more. They might use its head or hair or any other part of your doll in their creations. So make sure you try this method and you will definitely have a good chance to make it.

  1. Dance Clubs 

Dance clubs are always looking for new ways to innovate the surroundings for their visitors in different ways. You could have seen mannequin realistic dolls in dance clubs that heat up the air with their sizzling looks. Your doll could be one of the hot chick teasing the dancers with its hot looks and that’s why it could end up staying at one of the best place ever. Talk to a dance club owner and see if they are looking for dolls. If not, you can give them a suggestion and we are sure they will have a chance to look at it. You never know who gets excited about it.

  1. Fashion Designer – Mannequin

We all have seen mannequin dolls in fashion stores. Your doll is far more realistic than a mannequin doll. Sex dolls are styled in the most realistic way to look prettier and have a human like body. Find out local fashion designers and offer your love doll, they will certainly think about it and you might find interested buyers with an offer you never expected. So, it could be one of the most plausible way for you.

  1. Photographers

Photographers are often looking for new ideas to make their setups more creative and take their product photography to a whole new level. Yes, a doll is an essential item when it comes to fashion wear photography and you will find more than a few photographers interested. Just reach out to some photographers that are doing their part in product photography and make an offer they can’t refuse. You can simply search photographers online and see out it goes for you. But this is a proven method that works for most of our viewers.

  1. Put an ad online

Yes, put an online and you will find people from unexpected corners interested in your offer. If you think you don’t want to put an ad with your own profile. Simply, make an anonymous profile and try it. This works for many people because there are always people looking for items you no longer need. Think of an empty tetra pack. There are multiple organizations that are recycling it in amazing ways. That’s why, you will definitely find someone asking you about your sex doll and what could be the best deal for you both. Just give it a try.

  1. Donate it

If you have used your doll and it is still in good shape and can satisfy someone’s sexual needs. It is still in a good overall condition, you can offer it to someone that might need it. There are always people who need things that we no longer need. Talk to your friend and check if they want it. Give it to someone that can’t afford buying a new one. But please make sure you properly sterilize it. This will counter the transmission of any germs. Proper sterilization is a must.


We hope you now have enough ideas to deal with your lovely but old sex doll. Try one after another and you will surely find one of them very convenient for you. It will also give you a sense of responsibility and commitment and you will end up doing the right thing. In doing so, you might come across different easy ways of disposing it but make sure we all have a moral role to play here. If you could have easily burned it easily or dumped it in the trash bin. But we all have to play our part in the protection of this environment, as well as keeping ourselves safe. If you think this article has helped you come up with new ideas and want to keep yourself up to date with new insights, please subscribe to our newsletters.

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