2022 Chinese New Year Factory Holiday Notice

As the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday is approaching, the most important holiday in China, most sex doll factories will be closed for about two weeks (January 24-February 6). Factories suspend production during the holidays to give workers more time to spend with their loved ones. You can still place your order online and when we resume work on February 7th we will process and ship the order in the sequence we received it.

Sincere suggestion:

Orders at factories will skyrocket during the Lunar New Year holiday and are in a backlog. After we resume work, a large number of orders will be queued for production, so the waiting time will be long. If you want to buy sex dolls, please place an order as soon as possible, and let your dolls be at the forefront of the line. Your dolls will be produced first after work resumes. Order now so your order can be shipped early!

Kanadoll will offer full discounts:

$50 OFF On Orders Over $1000

$80 OFF On Orders Over $1200

$120 OFF On Orders Over $1500 


Happy the Year of Tiger


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