Are Sex Dolls Bad for Your Health?

Are Sex Dolls Bad for Your Health?

Sex doll sales have increased significantly since COVID. Sex dolls are fun and allow you an opportunity to enjoy intimacy and sexual pleasure at home, with no restrictions or shame. However, are they good for you, or is a TPE sex doll terrible for your health? Before looking at the content below, you can click here to understand some features of TPE dolls.

The Health Benefits of Sex Dolls

Sex dolls are not bad for your health except in specific circumstances. For the most part, sex dolls are actually beneficial to your health in a variety of ways.

1. They Provide Companionship

Sex dolls aren’t only about getting sexual pleasure from something that looks like your ideal fantasy. While sexual gratification is the primary reason for owning a sex doll for 70% percent of sex doll owners, 80% of those respondents also had other reasons, with companionship and friendship being the top reasons.

Finding companionship can be difficult for us all, but especially for busy professionals with long work days. Once you get out of college, your social circle naturally gets smaller, and it can become harder to meet new people. Making new friends can be particularly challenging if you find yourself working in a new city, or even if you stay in your hometown but your friends move. You may not have time to go out to bars or clubs, or you may have social anxiety preventing you from doing so.

Having a sex doll can decrease your feelings of loneliness and help you be happier and healthier overall. While a sex doll isn’t a person, they can bring comfort to us and help us feel less alone.

2. They Reduce Stress

Masturbation releases hormones that help reduce stress and keep you relaxed. Many people find that sex reduces stress more than masturbation and having a sex doll can mimic that. Using a sex doll regularly can keep you calm and improve your sleep quality.

In the long run, sex dolls can reduce the adverse health effects stress can cause, including high blood pressure, diabetes, and more. They can also reduce overall anxiety and depression, two conditions that often go hand in hand.

Increased stress and anxiety levels can interfere with your sleep schedule, causing restlessness and insomnia. Releasing your tension by using a sex doll can help you get better sleep, making you feel refreshed every day and reducing weight gain.

Getting good sleep can also make it easier to work out during the day. If you’re tired and anxious, you’ll be more likely to sit on the couch and do nothing. Getting exercise every day and keeping your heart rate up can lead to you living a longer life. It can boost your immune system and stave off diseases and illnesses.

For other people, stress can lead to binge eating. Consuming chips, ice cream, chocolate, and other sweets and snacks can harm your health in many ways.

Using a sex doll can also replace unhealthy habits, like drinking beer or smoking marijuana, which are things many people do to deal with stress. Zlovedoll is a discount site and some customers buy for this purpose

3. They Can Decrease Your Risk of Prostate Cancer

It sounds crazy, but using a sex doll regularly can decrease your risk of prostate cancer. According to a six-year study, frequent ejaculation – 21 times a month or more – was linked to a reduced risk of prostate cancer compared to ejaculating just 3-7 times a month.

Even if you have a partner, you may not ejaculate that many times a month. There will be times when your partner is tired, stressed, or not in the mood.  Finding a partner who is willing to be intimate that often is incredibly unlikely. We’re all only human, after all. Alternatively, there may be times when you yourself are tired and don’t have the energy to perform for another person, or worry about their experience.

A sex doll, on the other hand, doesn’t require as much energy. There is less pressure on you, so you can use it to ejaculate and enjoy yourself every day, even if you had a long day at work. With no expectations and no worries about their experience, you may be able to keep your prostate healthier.

4. They Can Help With Erectile Dysfunction and Other Disorders

One of the benefits of using a sex doll is that there is no pressure. It’s just you and your sex doll – there’s nobody else in the room. That allows you to practice lasting longer or having sex at your own pace.

Using a sex doll can also help you feel more confident and boost your self-esteem. You can try new techniques without any pressure or performance anxiety. You can then use your newfound confidence and techniques with living partners, if you so choose!

The Health Risks of Using a Sex Doll

Using a TPE doll has some potential downsides, but you can mitigate those risks by using it properly. Here are the top three dangers of using a sex doll.

1. Not Cleaning It Properly Between Uses

If you don’t clean your sex doll properly in between uses, it’s possible to get a skin or yeast infection or even a urinary tract infection. That’s especially true if you use lube or oil or ejaculate inside the sex doll and don’t clean it well afterward.

Of course, there is no risk if you clean it properly after every use.

2. Sharing It With Other People

It’s important not to share your silicone sex doll with others, especially if you both ejaculate inside. If you share your sex doll with someone, clean it thoroughly between uses. Sharing sex dolls without cleaning them could potentially lead to STDs. However, you can’t get an STD from using a sex doll by yourself.

The Bottom Line

Using a sex dolls has many benefits, including health benefits. So, don’t be worried, and enjoy the fun! A TPE sex doll feels natural, and you’ll have the time of your life every time you have sex with it or take it on a “date.” Just make sure you keep it clean, don’t share it, and don’t let it impact your social life. Using a sex doll the right way can be a gateway to new confidence and health in many people.

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