SY Doll Introduces A New Line Of Silicone Dolls With Movable Jaws

Recently, SY Doll has launched their latest feature – movable jaw, which is now available in five new dolls. This is great news for those who want a doll with a movable jaw but have a limited budget, as these dolls are reasonably priced!

Typically, silicone heads are made of hard silicone material without any oral cavity, which makes it impossible for the dolls to perform oral sex. This drawback has deterred many potential customers from buying silicone dolls. However, with the advancement of technology, some brands have introduced customizable options for soft silicone heads with an opening at the mouth, which not only allows oral sex but also provides a more realistic experience due to the soft and elastic material.

With this option now available, more people feel that silicone dolls are an exquisite representation of art and that a more realistic oral cavity would enhance their experience. This demand has once again pushed the development of technology. The first brand to introduce this feature was ZELEX, a well-known brand with timely updates of their technology. Later, other brands like gamelady also released dolls with movable jaws, but their higher prices, typically above $1800, have made them inaccessible to many.

Excitingly, SY Doll has finally developed this technology and introduced it as an free function for their latest five doll models, M1-M4 with a silicone head and TPE body, and M5 with a full silicone body. These dolls range from mature European women to young women, meeting the needs and imaginations of a wider audience. The pricing also makes it accessible to more people. If you want your doll to have more human-like expressions, rather than just a fixed smile, you should not miss out on these new models.

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