Can The Dolls In The Photos Smile? Come And See The Amazing Features Of These Apps

When browsing social media, have you ever seen some sex dolls with smiling or even laughing expressions? But your own sex doll always maintains the same expression, lacking something when you want to take beautiful photos. Do you also want to make your doll smile? Here are a few software options that can make the characters in your photos smile, hoping to assist you.

Snapseed: This is a powerful photo editing application that provides various tools and filters, including a smile tool that can help you add a smile expression to your photos.

FaceApp: FaceApp is a popular mobile application that allows various edits to faces, including adding smiles and changing expressions.

Fotor: Fotor is a versatile photo editor that offers a range of beautification tools and filters, including a smile feature that can give the characters in your photos a brighter smile.

Pixlr: Pixlr is a fully-featured online photo editing tool that provides various adjustment options and filter effects. You can use its features to make the facial expressions of the characters in your photos more joyful.

The usage of these software options is similar. Below, I will explain the usage of Snapseed and FaceApp, which are commonly used by many people.


Download and install the Snapseed application, then open it.

On the main screen, tap the “+” button at the bottom left corner and select the photo you want to edit.

In the bottom toolbar, swipe and select the “Tools” option.

On the screen, select the facial area of the person. You can use pinch-to-zoom and swipe gestures to accurately position it.

Within the “Tools” options, find the “Smile” option and swipe right to increase the intensity of the smile. Adjust the smile intensity as needed.

Once you are satisfied with the smile effect, tap the checkmark or the “Done” button at the top right corner to apply the changes.

If you want to make other edits to the photo, such as brightness or contrast adjustments, you can select other tools from the bottom toolbar to complete them.

Finally, tap the export button at the top right corner, choose to save or share your edited photo.


Open the FaceApp application and select the option to edit a photo.

Choose a photo that includes a person and make sure it fully loads.

Swipe on the bottom toolbar and select the “Smile” tool.

Select the facial area of the person in the photo. FaceApp will automatically detect the face, but you can use your finger to adjust the selection.

In the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, you will see different smile styles. Swipe through and select the smile expression you like.

Use your finger to adjust the size and position of the smile to match the facial features of the person.

Once you are satisfied with the smile effect, tap the “Apply” or “Done” button.

Finally, you can save the edited photo or directly share it.

Please note that the software interfaces and options may vary depending on the device and application version. These steps are provided as general guidelines, and the specific interfaces and operations may differ. It is recommended to refer to the application’s guide or help documentation for more detailed instructions and visuals.

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