How To Restore The Nipple Color Of A Tpe Girl

After your TPE girl has been home for a while, the pigment on her body will gradually fade. This is a characteristic of TPE material, which cannot retain colors as long as silicone does. This causes areas like the nipples and genitalia to become skin-colored, making the doll appear less vivid and charming. In such cases, we should take some measures to help restore her beauty.

First and foremost, it is essential to ensure that the materials used are non-toxic, as you wouldn’t want anything to hinder your interactions with your girl. Recommended options include blush powder, lip and cheek duo powder, waterproof makeup powder, or waterproof lipstick. Choose any one of these, as waterproof makeup tends to last longer. Additionally, you’ll need to apply petroleum jelly on the surface to help prevent the colors from fading easily.


1. Gently massage the nipples with baby oil to facilitate further fading of the color.

2. Apply your preferred color; if using powder, it is advisable to use a small makeup brush with a sponge tip for better application.

3. Blend the edges, keeping in mind that the most natural approach is to have the nipple color slightly darker than the areola. However, you can adjust the makeup according to your preferences.

4. Let it air dry. If you use moist pigments like lipstick, wait for them to completely dry; usually, it takes about 24 hours for lipstick to set.

5. Apply petroleum jelly carefully and sparingly. Let it soak for about an hour; the petroleum jelly will penetrate the TPE material. As long as you handle the doll with care and avoid wiping it off, the color can last for several weeks.

Before putting on a bra, make sure the color has fully absorbed; otherwise, it might rub off. Keep in mind that excessive attention might cause the makeup to wear off quicker. Nevertheless, this method is considered safe.

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