A disrupt new brand in the sex doll industry? Unparalleled detail and innovation. Who?!

There is a type of vagina that only 3% of women worldwide have, but it provides men with the most pleasurable sensation! Now, 🕵️‍♂️❓ has searched for hundreds of women from around the world to perfectly replicate this most incredible type of vagina. They’ve integrated this with their sex dolls, surpassing all other competitors in terms of refinement! Who are they?!

The current feature that sex dolls have, providing men with the most intense orgasms, is vaginal suction, which simply uses air pressure to tighten and loosen the vagina around the penis. However, a real woman’s vagina not only tightens but also moves, and during orgasm, it contracts and spasms at high frequency. This irregular multi-frequency sensation is the ultimate pleasure! Currently, sex toys like fleshlights are better in this area. 🕵️‍♂️❓ has, for the first time globally, integrated a fleshlight into the doll’s body and ensured a perfect fit! Coupled with the perfect anatomy that only 3% of women possess, this type of vagina will absolutely blow your mind!

【On June 3, we will bring you video decryption! Stay tuned!】

These two features already surpass all other sex doll brands, but combining them with a third feature makes them perfect!


The self-lubrication feature can simulate the fluid secretion of a woman during arousal and orgasm, giving you the most pleasurable and complete sexual experience!

Who has achieved this epic update in sex doll vaginas? Can you believe it’s a new brand?! On June 3th, we will reveal the answer to you!

Of course, the improvements aren’t just limited to the vagina! There’s also:

The world’s first capillary replication!

You can see the capillaries on the doll, just like on a real human body!

Besides the features that can be directly felt, there are also huge improvements in the materials:

  • Ultra-softness & Tear-resistant!
  • Low oil output! 【June 3, waiting for decryption!】
  • No makeup shedding! 【Testing makeup removal with alcohol wipes.】

Who is it exactly?!

🕵️‍♂️❓ is a new factory, a new brand, established less than six months ago, but it stunned everyone at the 2024 Shanghai Adult Expo! Its founder is no stranger to veteran players, having left Samsung in 2022 and entered the sex doll industry in 2023, bringing scientific management methods, testing methods, and countless innovative ideas to the industry. They provided design references to create the world’s first 5S-level sex doll factory – RenZhichu Factory (OEM for well-known brands like xydoll, aotume, shedoll, Bei Zhi Liang, mozudoll). They also built Bei Zhi Liang’s new 6S factory. Currently, they have partnered with global giants in the sex toy industry to establish a new brand, creating the world’s first 3D15S sex doll factory. In just six months, they have brought massive innovation and are embarking on a new journey!

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