The Evolution of Doll Factories: What’s Inside Top-Tier Sex Doll Factories?

EVAS DOLL: Pioneering Innovation in the Art of 3D 15S Sex Doll Manufacturing


Evasdoll is a leading brand in the sex doll industry, revolutionizing the manufacturing process with its state-of-the-art 3D 15S factory. This blog post will delve into the development of the sex doll industry, the transformation brought by key industry figures, and the exceptional standards set by Evasdoll’s factory.
【Industry Development】
The sex doll industry has seen remarkable growth since the inception of the first physical sex doll just over a decade ago. Despite this rapid development, the industry still appears relatively primitive in many aspects. Many factory owners, originally ordinary workers, have bravely embarked on entrepreneurship, leveraging the explosive growth of the sex doll industry to establish their factories, turn a profit, and gradually become the backbone of the industry. However, these factories often lack in terms of advancement and hygiene standards, leading to suboptimal industry norms and unsatisfactory sanitary conditions.
【The Emergence of Standards】
The year 2019 marked a turning point when Mr. Lin, the founder of Xydoll, invited Mr. Chen from Samsung Group to elevate industry standards by creating a 4S-level factory. This factory, built to 4S standards, became the most advanced, clean, and high-grade factory in the sex doll industry at the time, later serving as a contract manufacturer for well-known brands such as Xydoll, Aotume, BEZLYA (later renamed MISSDOLL), SHE Doll, Fudoll, and Mozu Doll, positioning itself as the most advanced contract manufacturer in China’s sex doll industry.
【Key Players and Innovations】
The second factory, ‘Yulian Intelligent,’ saw Handsome Chan take the lead as the factory director, guiding the design and product development. The second factory, ‘Yulian Intelligent’, which encapsulates Mr. Chen’s dedication and valuable experience, is evidently superior to the initial 4S Xydoll factory. Mr. Cheng’s expertise has been pivotal in establishing three advanced factories, each surpassing the last in terms of cleanliness, organization, and innovation.
【The 3D 15S Factory】
Invested in by China’s largest manufacturer of adult products, and with substantial capital, passion, and experience backing it, the third factory established by Handsome Chan, Evasdoll, is the world’s first 3D 15S factory, showcasing unprecedented precision and cleanliness. Evasdoll is undoubtedly Handsome Chan’s finest masterpiece to date.
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【EVAS DOLL Factory Visual Tour】

【EVAS DOLL Product Actual Shot Effects】

【Evas Doll Product Functionality Effects】


The self-lubrication feature can simulate the fluid secretion of a woman during arousal and orgasm, giving you the most pleasurable and complete sexual experience!

The world’s first capillary replication!

You can see the capillaries on the doll, just like on a real human body!

Ultra-softness & Tear-resistant!

Low oil output! 

No makeup shedding! 【Testing makeup removal with alcohol wipes.】

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