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Sex Doll Buyer’s Guide

What is a Sex Doll?

A Sex doll, also known as a love doll is a life size sex toy. They are designed to resemble real human beings and have real human body parts, such as a vagina, chest, butt, among other features. These realistic sex dolls are designed to help people masturbate and release sexual tension.

Due to advancements in the sex doll industry, sex dolls are no longer just used for sex. Some people also buy sex dolls for photography or art appreciation. Many sex dolls are real life sex dolls but some come as sex dolls torsos, which feature only hips, breasts, and other body parts. Realistic sex dolls are now among the most popular sex toys in the market today.

Realistic sex dolls are made from silicone or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) materials. These materials are used because they can simulate the human face and skin to make the solid sex dolls look exactly like real people. These life-like sex dolls also feature an alloy skeleton inside the body to simulate the body and figure of real women.

The TPE material is more flexible, soft, and squeezable and has become the preferred material for making sex dolls in previous years. However, TPE realistic sex dolls have their disadvantages as well. The main one is the fact that they cannot withstand long exposure to high temperatures.
TPE sex dolls are a preferred choice for many novices because they are cheap and affordable. The silicone sex dolls have more resemblance to a real human being, are easy to clean, and have more heat resistance. However, they are more expensive than TPE sex dolls.

To better simulate real human beings, life-sized sex dolls also feature human functions such as voice, internal body heating, and body movement. Some sellers also provide their customers with the option of choosing different hairstyles, skin color, and ethnicity before placing an order.
Advancements in technology have also prompted the manufacture of AI sex dolls, which are capable of deep learning and interacting with the owner. Whatever the reason for buying a sex doll, these clever inventions can help you fulfill your sexual desires.

How to Use a Sex Doll?

As human beings, we all need and deserve some love and companionship in our lives. One great way to get this is by using sex dolls. Since their inception, sex dolls have been helping people get some wholesome companionship and sexual gratification from beautiful and realistic artificial dolls. Manufacturers cleverly design sex dolls to provide a user with pleasure and excitement at their convenience, without the pressures or the emotional disadvantages that accompany relationships.

Welcome to buy hyper realistic sex doll at kanadoll. Below are some of the basics of using a sex doll:

Once you have purchased your sex doll, the first and most important step is to inspect it for any damages. Sex dolls may be expensive, high-end products but they can be damaged during delivery. You need to find out if they are faulty because many sex doll stores do not accept them once they leave the store.

Getting Ready
Just as you would with a live human being, you need to ensure that your first time with your sex doll is special. You can create a sensual atmosphere in your bedroom by dressing the doll in sexy lingerie, light some candles, and play some cool music.
To maximize the experience, you can dress your doll up in a variety of sexy costumes and outfits. It helps add to the fun and fantasy of having sex with a sex doll. You can purchase different accessories, wigs and perfumes just like you would for a special companion.

Warming Up
Once you have prepared your sex doll for a special night, you can start by warming up the doll. Since you are looking for a realistic experience, you do not want to have sex with a cold sex doll. Many sex dolls are equipped with a heating system that warms it up to realistic body temperatures.
All you need to do is just plug the doll in and let it warm up to 37 degrees Celsius. However, you should never leave your sex doll plugged in for many hours on end as it can damage your sex doll. You should also never have sex with the doll while the electrical cable is still plugged in.

Sex Act
Once you are all warmed up, you can engage in a variety of sexual acts. They include vaginal, oral, and anal sex. You can hold the doll, caress it, and try all the sexual positions that you can dream of. Vaginal sex is the most common way that people utilize sex dolls. You simply have to penetrate the sex doll and continue humping just like you would with a live human being.
The combined pressure and friction from the penetration feels amazing to a user. Do not feel shy to play out your wildest fantasies with the doll. You can also have anal sex and even threesomes with other human sexual partners as well. However, you should know that some extreme sexual behaviors could cause damage to your sex doll.

All in all, enjoy the immeasurable pleasure with your doll.

How to Clean a Sex Doll?

If you enjoy the pleasure and companionship of a sex doll, it is pertinent that you practice proper cleaning and maintenance practices after using. By keeping your sex doll clean and practicing proper hygiene and maintenance practices, you can preserve the sex doll’s longevity. Here is how to go about it.

Disassemble the Doll and Dispose of Fluids
Before you start cleaning the sex doll, you first have to dispose of any excess body fluid or lubricant from the doll with a soft towel. You then proceed to remove any removable devices like the vagina, clothes, and wigs and clean them separately. You can clean the removable parts of the doll, especially the orifices by dipping them in antibacterial soapy water in a sink then air-dry them thoroughly.

Clean the Main Body
To clean out the rest of the doll’s body, you can lay your doll on some towels and use a sulfate-free spray bottle mix of soapy water to wipe it. Then gently massage the sex doll’s skin with your hands or use a clean and wet sponge to wipe from the head to the feet of the doll.
It is better to lay the doll on a towel but if you can handle the weight, you can take it to the bathroom and have a shower with it. However, you have to ensure that the neck and head do not get wet.
If you expose the sex doll’s skin for too long in the water, it could end up forming mold and the metal areas of the skeleton could rust. Cover the metal areas with a plastic bag before taking it to the shower.

Clean the Orifices
To clean the orifices on a sex doll, experts recommend that you use a water irrigator to spray water into the anus, mouth, and vagina and then allow the water to seep. Another alternative would be to use a showerhead attachment so long as you adjust the water pressure to a low setting. You could also use a wet and soft cloth and tepid sorry water to clean manually. Ensure that you can reach all the areas of the opening.
With all the methods of cleaning the orifices, always ensure that the legs are slightly parted to expose the vagina and anus to the air so that they can dry naturally. However, never leave the legs spread open or too long as this can damage the sex dolls frame. Once the doll is dry, you can apply some small amount of petroleum jelly on the orifices.

Overall, always keep it clean to continue enjoying it.

How to Hide & Store a Sex Doll?

We live in a society that has a propensity to consider things they do not understand a taboo. Unfortunately, sex paraphernalia like sex dolls are among those things. Thus, it is important that sex doll owners device clever ways to keep the sex dolls away from judgmental eyes. Outlined below are key places that you can hide your sex doll while still keeping it safely away from extreme temperatures and exposure to light.

A Locked Box
A Tupperware box is a great tool for hiding a sex doll especially for someone working with a limited budget. It is equipped with a lock that can keep your sex doll from prying eyes. A quicker alternative to the Tupperware box is purchasing a suitcase that can easily fit your doll then secure a padlock on the zips. While a locked box may help stop people from viewing your sex doll, it’s important to note that zips can always be undone, even with a lock especially if someone is determined to see what is inside.

Closet Storage
You can purchase some sex dolls equipped with a threaded steel hook, which you can use to hang onto a closet rod. These sex dolls require one to remove the head to reveal a steel hook that you can use to suspend the doll’s body in a closet.
However, you have to ensure that the hook can comfortably support the weight of the sex dolls. If you want to avoid the hassle of removing the head to hook the sex doll to hang it in your closet, you can place it in a closet standing upright and placing a lock on the door.

A Locked Travel Case
Travel cases are also good options for storing sex dolls. You can purchase travel cases fully equipped with handles, wheels and a lock.
They can help keep your sex doll out of sight and can come in handy when you need to transport the doll.

A locked Foot Rest or Ottoman
Sometimes the best way to store a sex doll away from prying eyes is hiding it in plain sight. You can purchase a decorated footrest or ottoman that can blend in with your living area furniture. Due to the lock placed on them, one can just assume it is a decorative piece and never really know what is inside them.

The sex dolls should be well hidden but yet still easily accessible when the need to use them arises. When you buy a sex doll, you do not necessarily have to hide it from everyone, including your sexual partners. Instead, put them away incase people below the age of 18 or family members and friends accidentally come across them.

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