Best Sex Doll Buyer’s Guide 2020

Purchasing a sex doll online can be confusing. This stems from the fact that there are too many websites that offer different interesting things and too many beautiful sex dolls that make it hard for you to decide which one to pick.

Therefore, I am going to make things a little bit easier for you and provide you with the best sex doll buyer’s guide that you must read before buying a sex doll.

I hope you enjoy this article and let’s jump right into it:

Figure Out What You’re Looking For

There are so many beautiful sex dolls on today’s market and although having variety is much appreciated, this can become confusing and overwhelming when trying to pick the perfect one for you.

It also often leads to spending hours of browsing through different websites because you don’t really know what you’re looking for.

This is why having a clear vision of how exactly do you want your sex doll to look will make things much easier for you and will also save you time.

Most websites offer advanced filters that allow you to easily organize your searches by the doll’s ethnicity, skin or hair color, body type, size, price, etc. This is an example from Kanadoll:

Determine Your Budget

The principal factor of buying a sex doll is invariably one of the budget.

It goes without saying that you get what you pay for in terms of quality, therefore it’s super important to determine your budget instead of blindly purchasing something cheap and rubbish.

A mid-range sex doll usually goes for $800 – $1200 and these are usually made out of high-quality TPE or silicone materials. A more sophisticated, luxury sex doll usually starts at $1500 and can go up to $10000, depending on the comprehensive features she has. Here’s an article that how much sex dolls usually cost: How Much A Sex Doll?

Additionally, there are other, more convenient options available if you only have a limited amount of money to spend. In this case, you could consider a butt/vagina or simple torso product. A cheaper alternative, these standalone male masturbators are reasonable quality silicone body components.

It goes without saying that saving for the best sex doll is worth it in the long run in this way, you can afford to minimize wasting your money on buying several substandard toys.

Consider The Sex Doll Material

Modern high-end sex dolls are commonly made using silicone or TPE materials. (Silicone VS TPE sex doll)

Silicone is the more favored option from the two and silicone sex dolls are usually heavier, sturdy, durable, resistant to heat, bacteria, and strong pressure.

One major downside of silicone sex dolls is that they feel like rubber and although the material is super high-end, some people don’t enjoy this feeling.

Additionally, silicone sex dolls are also more expensive than their counterpart – TPE.

TPE is a newer material to the sex doll industry in comparison to silicone and the name stands for thermoplastic elastomer. This is a gentle mixture of rubber and plastic that makes TPE vaginas silky soft in texture and often preferred by users.

TPE is more natural but less durable to heat and pressure than silicone. It is also a porous material, which means, you need to be diligent about cleaning the doll and maintaining high hygiene at all times to prevent a buildup of potentially harmful bacteria.

TPE offers a realistic ‘jiggle’ when it comes to breasts and ass. It is also cheaper than silicone but requires more care when it comes to hygiene, storage, and use.

Consider The Size & Weight

One consideration when it comes to buying a sex doll is her size. You have to figure out whether you can handle owning a life-sized doll or you would do much better with a mini-doll. A full-sized doll is usually more expensive and comes with a bigger responsibility while a mini version is much easier to maintain.

Another consideration is the weight of your sex doll.

Solid dolls can be pretty heavy and weigh as much as 120 lbs. If you have mobility issues or cannot lift such weights then you might want to re-think the size and weight.

Plan Storage Options

Storage is another important thing you have to think of when determining the size of your sex doll. Think about your privacy and the space you will need to safely store your doll without anyone else in the house seeing her.

Storing your doll fully naked and in its original shipping box or similar container is the ideal way to store. However, most doll owners enjoy seeing their dolls regularly.

If this is the case for you as well, keep your doll in lighter color clothing, preferably white as TPE material can easily absorb the color from dark clothing as well as some other materials such as leather, latex, jeans, etc.

Also, make sure to change the dolls sitting or standing position ever so often. Leaving the arms or legs creased for too long of a time will cause permanent “folds” to appear in the skin. Keeping the arms and legs in a straight down position is the ideal way to store either outside or inside of the box.

And lastly, avoid exposing your doll to extreme heat such as strong sunlight or leaving her next to a heating source as this may cause permanent damage to the material.

Prepare Maintenance Supplies

There are a few things you need to consider having on standby when buying a sex doll. Here are the most important ones:

Spray bottle to that you can use to spray some water on your doll and save time on cleaning up when you don’t feel like doing a proper wash.

You can get away with doing this a few times but bear in mind that you also need to properly wash your doll often. Maybe not after every use, but if you use it every day, for example, it is recommendable to wash it at least once a week.

Dry wipes that you can use after you spray some water to clean up the most important parts like the orifices or quickly go over the entire doll.

Baby powder and a makeup brush to powder your sex doll once it’s dry after washing and prevent it from becoming sticky.

This is a good practice that helps protect the material and should be done frequently. But always make sure to powder your doll once it’s dry as otherwise, the powder will clamp up.

Anal douche to help you clean those hard-to-reach spots. It is especially useful to have an anal douche if your doll’s orifices are not removable.

Sex Doll Accessories


Buy Cleaning Products

By cleaning products I only mean a mild, antibacterial cleanser or soap that is ideally unscented. This will help you prevent the overgrowth of bacteria on the surface of the skin and inside the doll’s openings.

Try to opt for an unscented version because fragrance is a questionable ingredient that’s linked to many atopic skin disorders including eczema and psoriasis which are very difficult to maintain and are causes for a lot of discomforts.

If your immune system has a predisposition for a disease like this, you will certainly get it and unfortunately, once it’s there – you cannot get rid of it, you can only maintain it through being super careful and picky with what you apply on the skin.

Additionally, if you already have some of these atopic skin disorders, make sure to cleanse your doll thoroughly and never leave any product residue that can potentially get in contact with your skin the next time you use it.

Visit Different Sites And Compare Prices

It’s always a good idea to get as much information as possible and one way to do this is by simply checking out different sex doll websites, compare products, make a list of what you plan on buying, and also compare prices.

If your doll looks very similar to the one you saw on another website but is significantly cheaper, this will certainly help you make the best decision for yourself and probably even save you some money.

Competition is a good thing because it forces suppliers to lower the prices down and you have every right to take the most advantage out of it as a consumer. As one of the best sex doll sellers in China, we always provide you with affordable sex dolls. Click here to view all love dolls.

Do Your Research On The Seller

Doing thorough research on the seller is probably the best thing to do to not get scammed when buying a sex doll.

As you are probably aware by now – buying a sex doll isn’t something you should rush into and you need to do more work than you probably imagined.

There are so many scammy websites out there that are trying to take advantage of the consumer by offering their goods for incredibly low prices only to take your money, send you something totally different than what you thought you were getting, and never reply to your emails ever again.

Trying to save money is a reasonable thing to do and many people make the mistake of opting for cheaper and lower quality products when trying to save money. Here are 10 tips to avoid sex doll scams: How To Avoid Sex Doll Scams?

Buying a sex doll isn’t about saving – it’s a luxury, it’s a splurge for your own pleasure. You shouldn’t be buying a sex doll if you are broke because chances are desperate to save and this makes you more susceptible to scams.

Always do your research on the seller and make sure their goods are legit.

Communicate With The Seller

Never be hesitant to ask any question or request you may have regarding a product as it is always a good idea to communicate with the seller and get the information you want. Kanadoll provides you with the best service, you can contact us through online chat or contact form.

Sellers love to communicate with consumers because it gives them a chance to get to know what people are asking for, looking for, what they would like to see more or less of, etc.

Therefore, any good seller who is committed to making their business thrive and succeed will more than happily assist you and treat you with respect as a client by answering all your questions.

On the other hand, it’s certainly your right to be asking all these things because, at the end of the day, you are paying for a pricey pleasure, so making sure everything is as it should be is definitely a good idea.

Look Into The Refund Policy

Nobody wants to be hassled around when it is time to receive a fair refund, especially if the seller underdelivered and the arrived product wasn’t as described, arrived faulty, or arrived months after you’ve ordered it.

It’s just not a nice thing to deal with, so making sure you explore the refund policy before making the purchase is always a good idea.

This is also something that you should communicate with the seller even if their refund policy is loud and clear on the website. You still want to have this reassurance that you can safely ask for a refund in reasonable circumstances and you won’t have to experience any difficulties in receiving your money back.

About Kanadoll’s Shipping & Returns: Shipping & Returns.

Read Product Reviews

It’s very easy to make a product look better than it is on photos and, unfortunately, many sellers are taking advantage of this and using it to their own benefit.

So even if your doll looks perfect on photos, scroll down to the review section for a little more reassurance that you will get what you paid for.

Customer reviews from Kanadoll:

Iris was delivered in less than two weeks! The packaging was private and discreet as promised. I was very impressed with the care that was taken to pack the doll to protect her against any damage. She is perfect! (They even used a hard plastic ‘face shield’ to protect the head from any problems with the facial features.)
The TPE material is so life-like, it’s amazing to feel, touch and squeeze! Many extra items were included as advertised. I found that with the purchase of different styles and colors of wigs, I can have ‘encounters’ not only with Iris, but many others, since changing the original wig supplied gives her a totally different ‘personality’.
Kanadoll products are first rate. Will definitely be back! Thanks so much.

Beautiful Korean Celebrity Sex Doll Iris 165cm

Work Out Extra Cost For Additional Features

Customization is available on most sex doll websites, so make sure to take advantage of this feature for a more personalized experience. However, most often than not, some of these things like skin colors, hair color, eye color, areola size and color, specific vagina type, etc., cost a little more money to be produced.

As I already said earlier, buying a sex doll shouldn’t be something you would want to save money on – it’s a luxury splurge, so make sure to work out the extra cost for additional features and bring your doll the closest you can to perfection by your individual standards.

Stock Up On Lube

Make sure to stock up on lube before your doll arrives because you don’t want to put yourself in a situation where you would have to experiment with whatever cooking oil you have laying about at home just because your local convenience store didn’t have a decent variety of lubes.

Make sure to always use a water-based lubes that doesn’t contain silicones and oils and is fragrance-free. Silicones and oils can degrade both silicone and TPE sex doll and the last thing you want to have to deal with is a stained or damaged material for a doll you spent a small fortune on.

Additionally, as I already mentioned above – try to opt for fragrance-free lubes to minimize your chance of triggering atopic skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis.

More tips: What Type Of Lube You Should Use With Your Sex Doll?

What To Avoid Doing?

Here are several things you should definitely avoid using on your sex doll as they will certainly damage her in some ways:

Rubbing alcohol may be great to kill bacteria from tools, hands, etc., but it doesn’t work the same way for silicone or TPE material.

Rubbing alcohol will most certainly damage the materials and cause smudges and stains all over it. Instead of using rubbing alcohol to clean your doll – it’s better that you invest in a mild antibacterial cleanser.

Perfume is also not a good idea but if you really want your doll to smell nice, you can spray perfume on her clothes from far away. Don’t get them soaked in perfume or conditioner as this can soften the color and make it transfer onto the doll’s skin – leaving it stained.

Cream, oil, or liquid makeup are some of the things that can cause permanent stains on your doll’s skin. Avoid using eyeliners, cream foundations, waxy lipsticks, and cream blush as these can smudge around and they are very difficult to remove.

If you want to experiment with doing your doll’s makeup, opt for cheap, powdery makeup because these are usually not that strongly pigmented and are easier to wash off.

Do A Final Inspection Of Your Sex Doll Before Purchasing

Check all the boxes out on your list, make sure the payment is correct and there aren’t any extra charges, make sure you are aware of the approximate shipping date and time so that you avoid uncomfortable situations and invasion of privacy by other people.

And also make sure that everything about your doll is in the right order and how you want it to, including extra ad-ons, and other small details.

Happy shopping!

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