How to Clean a Sex Doll?

“How does someone clean a sex doll?” this is one of the most frequently asked questions in adult-themed online platforms. This question deserves a thorough answer because Sex dolls are among the most expensive sex toys in the market. Retailing for $1000 to $4000, sex dolls are an investment and as such, you need to know how to properly clean and maintain them to ensure proper hygiene and increase their longevity.

If poorly cleaned, sex dolls tend to stain, break, and their skin can easily degrade over time. Eventually, they can lose their functionality and their general appeal. Cleaning the sex doll helps keep it fresh and more attractive as well as helps reduce the spread of diseases.

There are varieties of sex dolls available in the market today. Many of them are made from either silicone or TPE materials.

The type of materials used will help you determine the maintenance practices to employ. Silicone-based dolls are the more expensive of the two. They also dry faster and are significantly easier to maintain, thus are less susceptible to damage. On the other hand, TPE sex dolls are usually cheaper, so they are more likely to break if not properly maintained. They can also easily accumulate bacteria, especially if moisture seeps into the doll’s skin.

There are various ways that you can go about to clean a sex doll. Some of them are easy enough and can take you roughly 5 minutes to finish, while some are cumbersome and involve soaking the doll in a bathtub full of water to get the job done. However, with the right kind of tools, it will only take you minimal effort to keep your doll neat and clean. We have compiled a list of suggestions and useful hacks to help you clean your ultra-realistic sex doll.

Cleaning the Orifices of realistic sex dolls

Many sex dolls are equipped with up to three orifices.

They are either removable or non-removable orifices, depending on the model of the sex doll. The removable orifices include the vagina, the anus, and the mouth, which are usually easier to clean. While cleaning the entire body of the doll is important, cleaning the orifices is a more daunting experience. Nevertheless, you should never skimp out washing these opening areas.

a) Removable orifices


When washing sex dolls with removable orifices, the first step is always detaching them from the doll after use and rinsing them out with clean water. Experts recommend that you always use an anti-bacterial soap to clean the doll then drying it out with a dry towel. When you are satisfied with the cleaning, you simply air-dry it. Another alternative you can use to dry it is a fan. However, never use a hair drier as it can damage the doll.

b) Irremovable orifices


When cleaning a sex doll that features irremovable orifices, the best way to go about it is by bathing the doll. You can do it in the bathtub or the shower. This is the best method to clean the doll, as it is less messy and more thorough. After cleaning the doll, you can then proceed to rinse it using cleaning tools then air-dry it. Never let soap and moisture linger on the sex doll for longer than necessary as it can easily damage your precious sex doll.

Best Tools to Clean a Sex Dolls Orifice

The following tools are the best in cleaning your sex doll, keeping it fresh, and sanitizing both removable and non-removable orifices.

Shower Head

If you are the kind of person that would prefer showering with a sex doll, consider getting a removable showerhead. They are great at cleaning both removable and non-removable orifices. All you need to do is set the showerhead to a single stream, and ensure the water pressure is high enough. For best results, starts cleaning the doll with cold water then gradually warm the water as you soap the doll.

Vaginal Irrigator

This tool is also known as a douche bulb or an enema. It is one of the best tools in the market for cleaning your sex dolls orifices. You only need to fill it with soap and water, insert it into any of the orifices, then simply squeeze to flush out and clean the doll. For best results, you can use this tool immediately after having intercourse with the sex doll. Vaginal irrigators are cheap and easy to use. Just make sure you position your sex doll where water can easily drain out without creating a mess.

Loofah on a Stick

You should consider purchasing a loofah on a stick if you want that extra cleaning power. You can use this tool in both TPE and Silicone sex dolls for both removable and non-removable orifices. The Loofah on a stick allows you to scrub the inside of the orifices, removing any residue leftovers from having intercourse. Experts recommend that you remove all residues from the doll’s orifices because, over time, it can get a bad smell or compromise the integrity of the material used for the doll.

Squirt Bottle

This is the best tool for cleaning a sex doll if you happen to be working on a tight budget. Usually, you can get a squirt bottle included with the sex doll upon purchase but you can as well purchase one at a very affordable price. You can also customize any bottle with a squirting mouth to clean out your doll. When cleaning with this tool, always remember to place a towel underneath the doll to avoid making a mess from the water squirting out of it. Repeat the process as many times as you would like to flush out the entire residue.

Keeping a sex doll clean is very important but maintaining your body’s hygiene is equally as important. Always make sure that you shower before engaging in intercourse with your sex doll. Our bodies are constantly producing natural oils and sweat which over time can damage the doll’s surface. Otherwise, with a clean doll and body, your health is guaranteed.

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