Custom Sex Doll From Kanadoll

Want to customize a sex doll? Kanadoll provides you with a complete sex doll customization program. Each sex doll also has pre-configured customization options, please click (Basic customization) to learn the explanation of each option.

How to customize a sex doll? 

Kanadoll has its own factory, which allow us to provide completely customization services.

Completely customization: You just need to clearly tell us your requirements, and we are responsible for creating your ideal sex doll. For example, if you want a doll that is the same as an anime character, simply provide us with her pictures or videos and we will do the rest for you. It only takes less than a month and we can make a perfect sex doll for you.

Here are the details:

Step 1: Please tell us your dream doll clearly by email, it will be very helpful to provide pictures and videos.

Step 2: We’ll reply to you as soon as possible to let you know whether your request is workable and how much you will pay for your custom sex doll. (We will let you know if we need any further information about your customization.)

Step 3: After receiving your payment and all the requirements of your custom order, our sex doll designer will start to work and show you the pictures of mud sculpture. (The model of your own sex doll’s head and body)

Step 4: After you have confirmed the sex doll design, your dream sex doll would be put into production in Kanadoll factory. Remember, we only use medical-grade TPE/Silicone material and high-quality durable metal skeletons.

Step 5: We’ll send you the image and video of the final product when your personalized sex doll is fully completed.


Step 6: Once you have fully confirmed your real doll and we will get her ready for shipping. (Your doll will be packaged according to your needs)

Step 7: We will give you the tracking number and it’s time to wait at home. Your wish sex doll will arrive discreetly and safely on your doorstep in several business days.

Note: For custom sex dolls, the sex doll belongs only to you and we will not sell it to others.

Basic customization

Basic customization: You can customize every part of the doll body on every product page, including the hairstyle, eye color, skin color, cup size, areola color, nails, removable vagina, standing feature, etc. Besides, if you have a unique custom request, you can also confirm with us via online chat or email before purchasing.

First, you can select your favorite sex doll according to the head and body in kanadoll on-line store.

After you choose your favorite doll, you can customize the selected doll on the product detail page. The items you can customize includes:

#1. Free options


#2. Extra charge options

You can also select an extra head to your sex doll.

Whether free or paid options, if there is no selection, we will keep the default configuration (refer to the model image on the product page for default configuration) and prepare for shipment.

Finally, if you want to customize more items, such as body shape, dildo or even nose ring, tattoos, etc., please contact us by email and we will do our best to assist you. Email: