Customize Your Sex Doll

>How to Customize Sex Dolls on Kanadoll?

Black, Asian, White, star, ex-Ladyfriend you name it! Kanadoll offers full body customization to meet the look you want!

Tell us your requirements and we will create your ideal sex doll. For example, if you want a sex doll that resembles an anime character, simply provide us with a picture or video and we will do the rest for you. When you tell us your needs, we will locate the factory best positioned to meet those needs.

It takes less than a month for us to make you your perfect sex doll for you.

Customization Steps:

Step 1: Clearly describe your dream doll via email. You can provide pictures and video, etc.  

Step 2: We will reply to your request and confirm whether or not your order can be produced as well as cost and time to produce.

Step 3: After receiving your payment and all customized requirements, our sex doll designer will go to work and show you pictures of mud sculptures. The model of your own sex doll’s head and body.

Step 4: After receiving customer confirmation, your customized sex doll goes into full production. Remember, we only use medical-grade TPE/Silicone material and high-quality durable metal skeletons.

Step 5: Once fully complete, we will send you an image and video of the final product.

Step 6: Once we again receive customer approval and confirmation, we will start preparing you love doll for shipment (We can package according to special requirements)

Step 7: You will be sent a shipping tracking number. Usually, your item will be delivered to your doorstop discreetly and safely, and within a few days

Note: Customized sex dolls are personalized to you and will not be sold to others.

>Basic customization

Basic customization: You can customize every part of the doll body on every product page, including the hairstyle, eye color, skin color, cup size, areola color, nails, removable vagina, standing feature, etc. Besides, if you have a unique custom request, you can also confirm with us via online chat or email ([email protected]) before purchasing. First, you can select your favorite sex doll according to the head and body in Kanadoll on-line store. After you choose your favorite doll, you can customize the selected doll on the product detail page. The items you can customize includes free options and paied options.

>Free options

1. Wig:

Choose beautiful wig for your sex doll to achieve a stunning look for day or night. Premium wigs with over 40 styles available at Kanadoll! You can choose a wig in the free options. (Different wigs provided by different brands.)

Note: Different from TPE sex dolls, silicone sex dolls can transplant hair, which makes silicone dolls look more real. This is a silicone sex doll with human hair transplant: Silicone Head Sex Doll Fernanda 161cm.

2. Skin Color

Sex dolls skin color ranges in variety from the darkest brown to the lightest hues. You can choose from the following skin colors, we recommend that you choose the default skin color.

3. Areola Color

The areola of humans has different colors. It is rosy red during puberty, and the pigmentation is deepened during mature, which is dark brown. Sex doll’s areola color is marked by hand and can provide you with a variety of choices. Whether mature or young, this is available.

Note: You can also customize the areola size, please add a Note before payment, it is free.

4. Eye color

Human have a variety of different eye colors, and so are sex dolls. The eyes of a sex doll are not fixed permanently and can be removed/changed at any point. You can choose from these 4 colors: blue, green, brown and gray. Blue as a calm ocean, green as an emerald, brown as earth, gray as a Elf, the colors of sex doll’s eyes is as intriguing as diverse.

5. Nail Color

For nail colors, you can choose colors for fingernails and toenails.

6. Vagina Type

A difficult choices to make when you are buying a sex doll, is to decide whether you want a fixed vagina or an insert. Fixed vagina, also known as “built in vagina”, looks more aesthetically pleasing when the doll’s legs are spread. So it will feel basically the same, but the fixed vagina can not be taken out and rinsed in the sink. Insert vagina, means that you can put the fake vagina into the doll’s vaginal hole. This option is for quick cleaning. But with her legs spread and the insert inside of her, it will not look very realistic, you can clearly see the insert.

So what you should think about when you decide on fixed or insert – is whether you want it to look and seem as realistic as possible, even with the legs spread, or if you want quick cleaning. Either choice is fine. There is no right or wrong, there is only personal preference.

>Extra charge options

1. Pubic hair type

Do you like your doll to have “hairy” vaginas, or does a completely shaved and smooth vagina turn you on the most? Well whatever your preferences are when it comes to your doll’s pubic hair region is something that we make available to you liking. Many customers prefer no pubic hair because it makes the clean-up process shorter when you don’t have to clean lubrication or bodily fluids out of the pubic hair. Also, the majority of customers prefer the way their doll feels when there isn’t any pubic hair to rub against.

Public Hair Care Instructions: Apply a water-resistant bandage over your dolls pubic hair area during baths and showers; a little bit of water is okay, but too much water could damage the pubic hair causing you to have to replace it. —–The bush was long and thick, twisting and curling in masses half-way up to her navel, and it spread about up her buttocks, gradually getting shorter there.

2. Breast Options

For breast, Kanadoll allow you the option of choosing jelly, hollow or solid breasts. When considering what breast type you would like with the doll there are a few options for you to weigh up.

You must envisage what style of the breast would be the most ideal for you relative to your desired experiences with it. Of course, if you are looking for breasts which you can squish and relieve stress to by making them squeezable then jelly and hollow would be the more suitable.

Is there a noticeable difference between these two types? Well, it is subjective. Some people report that the jelly-filled breasts have a slightly more natural look and they are softer than the hollow ones. Also when the hollow ones are tapped there is a quiet echo sound up close, which indicates they’re empty. Whereas the jelly-filled ones sound like they’re full when tapped. However, the differences can be negligible to users who aren’t that concerned.

The bottom line with these two types is that they give the option to squeeze the breasts as hard as you want. If this is a priority feature you need to side with one of these two options. You can however as an alternative side with the solid breasts which are more rigid and more in line with the experience of feeling and moving fake, breasts. They move more like water balloons than natural breasts and are more resistant to squishing. Some men like this look and feel so this may be more compatible with you. But it will also add more weight to your doll.

3. Shoulder Type

If you want your doll’s shoulders to have a wider range of motion then we can offer you a skeletal upgrade that will give your doll shrugging shoulders.

This upgrade does not provide a better sexual experience, but it does make your doll more photogenic and realistic looking if you plan on taking, and sharing, pictures of your doll.

4. Body Temperature 

You can customize your doll with an internal heating system that will enable your doll to reach the same body temperatures as real life humans.

An electrical outlet will be implemented in the doll’s back neck where you can insert an electrical cord when heating your doll is desired. Please make sure to never leave your doll plugged in for longer than 40 minutes or you run the risk of potentially melting parts of your doll.

Finally, if your doll has an internal heating system, make sure to check her internal temperature before inserting any of your body parts into any of the dolls openings or you may risk being burned. Q1: What part of the sex doll gets warmer?

Answer: Mainly the torso, back, waist and legs are warmed slightly. On the contrary, the head, neck, arms and ankles do not get warm.

Q2: How to use the heating function?

Answer: The sex doll’s body has a built-in heating mechanism, so you can warm it by connecting the power cable to the doll and the outlet. The place to connect the power cord is on the back neck of the doll. With the heating function, you can feel a subtle body temperature as if it were human skin.

Q3: How long do I need to warm up?

Answer: It can’t be said unequivocally because it depends on the season, indoor environment, and height and body shape of the sex doll, but it is generally used for about 20 to 40 minutes. Relatively thin areas warm up quickly, but thick areas like the breast take longer. TPE and silicone materials are not strong against heat, so be careful not to overheat and keep an eye on the love doll. Please refrain from continuous use for more than 1 hour.

5. Standing Feature Another bonus feature for your customised sex doll is the standing foot option. This enables your doll to stand upright leaving you hands-free to utilise it in several ways.

How does it work?
Well, 3 minuscule metal bolt heads jut out slightly from the bottom of the sole on each foot. These bolts ensure your sex doll can balance and stand upright for long periods.
There is the drawback of how these bolts can affect the appearance of the doll in a small way. A bigger drawback if you have a foot fetish for the obvious unsightly look and also the lack of flexibility to the foot once the bolts are fitted.
However, it is a small price to pay for many because without them you don’t have the convenience of having your doll stand-alone. When the doll can stand on its own two feet it gives you more flexibility for other practices with it.
Such as involving her/him in photos and being able to pose and drape yourself around the doll while it’s standing. It’s also practical for dressing and cleaning your doll and storing the doll in the house somewhere. In a wardrobe or cabinet, but of course, making sure it is safely propped up and supported wherever you leave it standing (as it falling and knocking against things can cause damage).
Lastly and probably most importantly is that you get to enjoy sexual practices with the doll as you’re both upright. Which leaves a wide range of opportunities.
That also involves you being able to incorporate a shoe fetish if you have one, as the doll can be fitted with the favoured shoes.
However, you must be careful when fitting heels onto the doll that they will be supported as again the doll falling can cause damage. You can also buy extra accessories for your sex doll: Accessories.
Whether free or paid options, if there is no selection, we will keep the default configuration (refer to the model image on the product page for default configuration) and prepare for shipment.
Finally, if you want to customize more items, such as body shape, dildo or even nose ring, tattoos, etc., please contact us by email and we will do our best to assist you.

Email: [email protected]