How Long Does It Take to Get Your Customized Sex Doll Delivered?

The following only discusses the dolls shipped from the factory, not the dolls from overseas warehouses. Dolls from overseas warehouses usually arrive in about a week. For overseas warehouses, you can click here for details.

Delivery times are determined by production lead times, shipping times to distributors, and shipping times from distributors to final addresses.

*All dates in this article are in workdays.

The level of customization will determine the production lead time. This is because most factories only stock up on the hot selling dolls of the day. The material chosen to make the doll will also affect the turnover time. Silicone dolls take longer to make than TPE dolls. The following is a list of existing brands and their turnover time.

AIBEI 2~3 4
DIMU 3~5 4~5
SY 3 5
CST // 15~20
MESE 3 4
MOZU 2~3 7~10
INHERIT 4~5 //
FUNWEST 5~9 //
AF 3~5 5~6
ALBIZZIA 2~3 5~6
YOUQU 2~3 5~6
SEXYE 3 3~5
WONANII 2~3 4~5
HAPPY DOLL 50-60sponge //
AIZHIMI 2~3 //
CK 3 3~5
GAMELADY // 15~17
FJ 3 7~10
FUTURE Lady 3 3
MRL in stock //

Factors that may affect the production lead times: Public holidays such as Spring Festival, Labor Day, National Day, etc.; New models – new models are built from scratch, it takes time to build up a full inventory; Add-on customized functions – production times are extended by at least 1-2 working days for customization work. Examples of add-on customizable functions include heating, body makeup, voice box, weight loss material, etc.; Additional purchasing of specially styled clothing- specially styled clothing will need to be specially made at the factory, which takes time; The factory has too many backlogs of orders, which leads to a longer time to schedule production.

After a final product is produced, we conduct a full inspection then package and ship them to a forwarder. This phase takes on average 2-3 working days. After which, they are ready to be shipped to final addresses. Estimate delivery times are as follows (The transportation may be affected by the following factors: public holidays such as Spring Festival, Labor Day, National Day, and flight restrictions due to the Covid19.):

Address days of shipping
U.S. 7~12
Canada 7~12
Australia 8~15
Europe 7~15
Japan 6~10
South Korea 6~8

It should be noted that all dolls that exceed the maximum weight of air freight will be sent by rail or sea. Depending on the final address, average delivery times by rail are between 28-35 days ; by sea freight 35-50 days. The good news, not many Kandolls are judged to be overweight by air freight standards and, as always, once your doll is shipped we will send you a tracking number.

You can track your order by heading to the following sites:

For International Express – FedEx: https ://

International Express – UPS: https ://

International Express – DHL: https ://

Based on all our years of sales experience, most packages arrive within 15 working days, after the tracking number is generated. In the unlikely event your parcel gets stranded at a transitional hub, delivery time may extent 15 working days (excluding custom clearance times). We aim to provide the most effective solution, if you have any questions, please send an email [email protected].