Difference Between Fixed Vagina And Insert Vagina Sex Doll

When buying a sex doll, you’ll undoubtedly be faced with this little confusion: Should I choose a fixed vagina or an insert vagina for my next sex doll?

This is an article which talks about the difference between fixed and insert vagina. Plus also guide you through everything else about these sex doll vagina types.

Fixed vagina

The fixed vagina is recommended for those who are looking for a true life realistic female doll (both in practical and sensation).

The vaginal cavity of the doll is designed for maximum ease of use. It comes in a spiral shape with calm little ridges to deliver sensations that procure amazingly real pleasure.

Therefore this vaginal type is permanent, non-removable, and requires constant cleaning after use.

Benefits of the fixed vagina

The fixed vagina is best for clients who are looking for a true life realistic female doll (both in practical and sensation) experience.

Realistic sensations (fixed vaginas are usually tighter than the removable vaginas) and you can enjoy the sensation of having sex with a real woman.


You have to use the whole doll when full cleaning the vagina.

Insert vaginas

Insert vaginas deliver same pleasant sensations. They measure 6 inches in diameter and made out of soft materials like your regular silicone doll. You must clean these insert vaginas after each use (just like the fixed vaginas).

The insert vaginas are usually equipped with a tube or vaginal barrel, which you can remove for quick cleaning. They are generally made with the same material as with the doll itself.

Because you can detach the insert, you can carry out the cleaning technique independently without the real doll. Just wash it carefully in water.

Benefit of insert vagina

Makes your sex doll more durable

You can easily replace or buy a new insert vagina once the old one gets old or damaged. But if you own a damaged fixed vagina, you may need to purchase another new sex doll, which can be expensive.

Easy to clean and dry

Because you can detach the insert vagina, the cleaning method is done independently without the real doll by gently washing it in water and dry.

You can easily sell a used doll with an insert vagina since it’s possible for the buyer to buy a new vagina. The size of the vaginal barrel is about 6-7 inches and uniquely textured in excellent detail for your pleasure.

Insert vaginas are created in a way that once you place the barrel within the doll, it stays secure and does not damage or pull out upon use and stays strong after a lot of tear and wear. While it depends on the sex doll brand, most vagina inserts can achieve many decades of lifespan if properly maintained.


You need to implement certain techniques to insert the vagina into a doll.

The reduced real sensation during sex.

How to clean a vagina insert?

First off, easy to clean, you can take out the insert vagina and wash it in your sink.

Secondly, they can be dried easily. As you know, sex dolls are private. After use, wash the hole and every other part. Also, make sure you disinfect them regularly. Otherwise, it’s the perfect breeding ground for infections.

How to install an insert vagina?

Handling an insert vagina requires certain methods. If you do it the wrong way, it may damage your sex doll. Below, you’ll learn the right steps to help you handle the vagina properly.

  1. Always maintain clean and tidy hands because you’re in deeper contact with a doll. A dirty hand may contaminate the interior of the sex doll. A neat disposable glove will help.
  2. Position your sex dolls: A correctly positioned sex doll can make it smooth and easy to assemble and disable the vagina. You can keep the doll’s leg separated to expand the vaginal opening.
    Alternatively, flatten your sex doll on a blanket, gently lift her leg to an angle of 90 degrees, and open both legs.
  3. Completely install your vaginal insert: With proper preparation, you can easily open the vaginal cavity of your doll, completely insert the detachable vagina, and confirm that it maintains its initial position for a proper vagina installation.

This is the detailed video: How to install an insert vagina?

Insert vagina comes with more benefits than the fixed vagina. They can be easily cleaned and dried and can be cheaper to replace when damaged. That’s why many prefer to go for sex dolls with inserts. Of course, fixed vagina can give you the most realistic feeling, try it now!

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