How Good is a Sex Doll?

Sex dolls have been around for decades. They are sex toys meant to give pleasure to men by simulating the experience of having sex with an actual partner. Over the past 20 years, sex dolls have been made to be more realistic in their appearance and touch. Men can get any kind of sex doll that they want and fulfill their wildest fantasies with it. There are sex dolls of several different races, genders, cup sizes, and heights. Whatever your preferences may be, you can get a sex doll that matches them.

When you go searching for sex dolls to purchase on the internet, you’ll see they have expensive price tags. You can find realistic-looking sex dolls sell for anywhere from $800 to over $7,000. If you want your sex doll customized to fit your own physical specifications, then it may cost even more money. Want to get a sex doll now? is the best sex dolls shop.

With this much of an investment, you are probably wondering if a sex doll is good or not. In other words, does a sex doll feel real when you make love to it? Will the sex doll be a suitable replacement for a real partner? These are all valid questions that every man has before they invest thousands of dollars into buying a sex doll.

Let’s go over the 5 main attributes of a sex doll.

1) Realistic Skin

Sex doll manufacturers try to make their dolls as realistic as possible. It is not enough to just have a doll that looks like a real woman. The doll must also feel like a real woman as much as possible. Most of this feeling comes from the skin of the doll. The skin needs to feel soft and smooth in order to emulate the feeling of a real woman.

For the most part, sex dolls do a good job in this department. Their skin is made of silicone or some other synthetic material. As long as the skin feels soft to the touch, then it is a good sex doll. After all, your whole body will be pressed up against the doll as you have sex with it. You’ll want that experience to feel as comfortable but real as possible.

2) Lubricant Helps

A real woman has a wet vagina, which makes it easier for a man to have sex with her. When a woman feels sexually excited, it causes more blood to flow to her genitals. As her clitoris and vulva start to swell up, the vagina becomes lubricated. This is a natural process that reduces friction as the man penetrates her vagina with his penis.

The same cannot be said for a sex doll because it is an artificial woman that does not produce any natural lubricant in its vagina. It is up to you as the man to add lubricant to her vagina before you penetrate it. You can find bottles of lubricant sold in any adult toy store. The manufacturer of your sex doll probably sells bottles of lubricant as well.

If you don’t lubricate the vagina of the sex doll beforehand, you will find it more difficult to penetrate. Your penis needs the lubrication in order to slip in and out of the vagina. A lack of lubrication causes more friction during the penetration process. This could ultimately irritate your penis and lead to a possible injury.

Lubricant is another way of recreating the real experience of having sex with a woman. Since friction irritation is not part of the real sex experience, you must lubricate the sex doll thoroughly to avoid the irritation. You can also put the lubricant on your penis right before you insert it into the doll’s vagina.

3) Breasts

Do you like women with petite breasts or huge jumbo breasts? Sex dolls give you the option to choose whichever size breasts you want for them. Just provide your breast size specifications to the sex doll manufacturer, and they will customize your sex doll to have those same breasts. It is really quite amazing.

You can choose between hollow breasts and solid breasts for your sex doll. Hollow breasts may feel more natural because they contain a partial void inside of them. This is supposed to make them feel like real breasts because you can move them around more easily.

But if you choose the solid breast option, it’ll be like giving your sex doll a pair of breast implants. Solid breasts feel extra firm and are much more difficult to feel and manipulate with your hands. That is why the hollow breast option is highly recommended over the solid breast option.

4) Buttocks (Ass)

The buttocks of a sex doll are amazingly lifelike. They are filled with silicon material just like the breasts. You’ll find sex dolls with huge buttocks, small buttocks, oversized buttocks, or customized to any other size that you want. Most men prefer their dolls to have solid buttocks without any hollow areas inside of them. If you purchase a predesigned sex doll, then it’ll likely have the solid buttocks. The hollow buttocks would have to be custom made for your doll if you prefer those instead.

Like on a real woman, the ass is one of the most attractive features on a doll. The difference is that a doll’s ass will always stay the same size while an organic woman’s ass will gradually get bigger as she gets older. So if you like the idea of your partner’s ass looking the same every day for years and years, then a sex doll is a great alternative to a human partner.

5) Vagina

Here is the big question that all men want to know about sex dolls. Does the sex feel like the real thing when your erect penis is inserted into the vagina of the doll? Well, we already discussed the moisture aspect of the vagina above. If you add lubricant, then you will replicate the wetness of the vagina in order to reduce friction and penis irritation.

As for the internal shape of the vaginal, the sex doll does not disappoint. Each doll comes with an artificial vagina with a narrow silicon passageway for your penis. As your penis pushes through the narrow walls of the vagina, it’ll give you a rush of sexual stimulation that almost feels like the real thing.

Some sex dolls are made with customized vaginas that have different internal structures to them. For instance, you can request to have a vagina with ribbed walls instead of plain walls in order to give your penis even more sexual stimulation. If you would prefer a wider or narrower passageway in the vagina, you can request for that too.


Sex dolls are great for many people, but not everybody. It takes a certain degree of imagination and tolerance in order to accept a sex doll as your partner. Since sex dolls cannot move or talk, you might miss these qualities in a partner if you give up human women for doll women.

On the other hand, some men will love the fact that sex dolls cannot talk back to them. There is no nagging, complaining or any other drama that you need to worry about. You have total power and control over the doll because she will never ask or demand anything from you.

Of course, it might be a little awkward if you take your sex doll on trips in the car and treat her like a real partner in some public setting. That is why sex dolls are better to be kept behind closed doors in the comfort of your own home. You don’t need to worry about people staring at you. But more importantly, you don’t need t worry about anyone else doing something to your doll behind your back.

Overall, sex dolls can give you a great experience sexually and in artistic ways, such as photography and modeling.

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