How To Hide A Sex Doll?

Sex dolls are wonderful companions to have in your home, especially if you’re a lonely man who has no opportunities for having sex with a human partner. However, there is one slight inconvenience about owning a sex doll and keeping it in your home. Where do you hide the sex doll if you have guests come into your home?

Men tend to leave their sex dolls on a bed or sofa if they live alone. If someone else needs to come into the house, such as an electrician or plumber, it will be slightly awkward and embarrassing to have a sex doll lying around. But it’s also a risk because the guest might try to have sex with the doll when no one else is around. Would you want your doll contaminated by someone else having sex with it? Yuck, of course not.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to hide your sex doll before anyone is invited into your home. You should also hide your sex doll whenever you leave your house. Don’t take the chance of someone else coming into your house and finding it, whether it is a family member or burglar. Try to have a designated hiding space for the doll in your home.

Below are the top 5 places to hide a sex doll.

1) Closets

Your first instinct will probably be to hide your sex doll in a closet. This makes the most sense because closets are small dark rooms with doors that conceal its contents. If you invite a guest over to your house, they most likely won’t look in your closet unless they have a specific reason for doing so. But if you simply have a service person come to your house to fix something, then you won’t need to worry about them snooping around in your closet space.

Closets come in all shapes and sizes. The chances are that you have a closet that is big enough to hide a sex doll in it. You don’t need a walk-in closet either because you could hang the sex doll by a hook on the back of its neck. Many sex doll models have a small hook buried underneath its fake skin. You would simply lift up the flap of skin on the back of its neck to reveal the hook. Then you can hang the doll from that in the closet. Not all sex dolls have this hook, but it is worth a try.

2) Under the Bed

Another common location where people hide their sex dolls is under their beds. This may or may not work for you, depending on how much space is between your floor and the bottom of your bed. Don’t force your sex doll under the bed if there is not enough room or else you will end up damaging it. You should be able to slide or tuck the sex doll underneath your bed without much effort.

If you are able to fit the sex doll under your bed, you may want to take some extra precautions to make sure it is not seen. After all, what if your guest drops something onto the floor by accident? They may see your sex doll under the bed as they’re reaching down to pick up what they dropped.

You can block the doll from sight by placing bags or other personal belongings in front of it under the bed. This should give you extra peace of mind to know that it won’t be discovered. When you take the doll back out from under the bed, you might want to wipe it down with a dry cloth to ensure it is clean.

3) Shed

Do you have detached shed in your backyard? If so, then this could be the perfect place to hide your sex doll. Your guests have no reason to go into your shed, so no one will find your sex doll in there. Look for a clean and safe place for you to put the doll in the shed. Keep it away from windows and sunlight because you don’t want to risk UV rays causing damage to the material of the doll.

Do you still own the long wooden box that your sex doll was delivered in? You should keep that box and place it in your shed because it is the perfect storage container for your doll. Position the box in some free space within the shed and put the doll in the box. Close the lid of the box and drape a cloth over it. That should be enough to keep the sex doll hidden while you entertain your guests or travel for extended periods of time.

Lock the door to your shed to prevent unlawful entry. You don’t want to risk a neighbor or some stranger going into your shed and accidentally discovering the sex doll. A locked door is usually enough to deter them away.

4) Garage

The garage is another common place to hide a sex doll. If you do choose the garage, put the doll in its original storage container like described above. Garages tend to get very hot and humid, especially if you live in a southern U.S. state like Florida. It is better to shield your sex doll from the humid air in order to prevent contamination. Even though most of it is comprised of synthetic materials, you don’t want to risk mold spores forming somewhere on the doll.

Garages offer a lot more room than a shed. Find a spacious area in the garage and place the sex doll container in it. Keep the sex doll in the container whenever you go out. The container shouldn’t have any pictures on it, so no one will know what is inside of it.

The only thing that might stop you from doing this is if you’re worried about other people going into the garage and snooping around. If you live with someone else and you don’t want them to mess with your doll, then try to lock the container or keep it buried amongst other stored items in the garage.

A lot of people hide sex dolls in garages when they own several sex dolls. But it is not recommended to store your sex dolls in a garage for months or years. It should only be a temporary hiding space until you’re ready to take the doll somewhere safe and wonderful.

5) The Trunk of the Car

An unusual place to hide your sex doll is in the trunk of your car. If you need to travel discreetly with your sex doll, then the trunk is the only suitable hiding place for it. Just make sure no one sees you handle the doll in and out of your trunk because they might think it is a dead body.

Park your car in your garage before you put the sex doll body in the trunk. If you have a lot of neighbors around your house, then you can’t run the risk of them seeing you walk outside with the sex doll. The garage is the perfect environment to hide what you’re doing. Place some plastic or a blanket in the trunk before you put the doll in there. This will keep the doll as clean as possible.

After the doll is in there, close the trunk and make sure it is locked. If you need to take the doll out of the trunk when you get to your destination, wait until nighttime if you don’t have a discrete place to park.

It is not hard to hide a sex doll, especially if you live alone. Your biggest concern should be to prevent people from going into your home. For this reason, you might want to invest in smart surveillance cameras for the outside of your home. That way, if you are ever away from your home for extended periods of time, you can keep an eye on your doll from a great distance.

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