What Is The Most Realistic Sex Doll?

Sex doll manufacturers are making their sex dolls look more realistic each year. In the old days, sex dolls were nothing more than inflatable rubber or plastic women that didn’t look realistic whatsoever. They were basically large balloons that were poorly shaped like a woman’s body. The image of a woman was printed on the front of the dolls, but there was no shape or definition to their face, breasts, ass, and mouth.

Nowadays, the sex doll industry has changed for the better because there are realistic sex dolls on the market. These dolls actually look like beautiful women in every possible way. Every inch of the doll is shaped to look and feel like a real woman. You won’t even realize it is a doll until you get a closer look. That is how amazing they appear.

Some sex doll manufacturers will custom design the dolls based on the specifications of the customer. Kanadoll.com offers customers the chance to choose the face, bust size, ass size, skin color, pubic hair quantity and other features of the doll. Anyone who wants to create their perfect partner should take advantage of this unique service.

When you go shopping for a realistic sex doll, you need to pay attention to certain features on the doll. That is the best way to judge whether it is realistic or not. Let’s explore the top 5 elements of a realistic sex doll.

The Most Realistic Sex Doll

#1. Face

The face must look like a real woman’s face. Study the appearance of the eyes, nose, mouth, skin tone, and hair on the face and head. They must all blend wonderfully to create the perfect impression of a beautiful woman. If just one of these elements were to look weird or improper, then it would throw off the entire look of the face. Some sex doll companies sell dolls with weird looking faces, so stay away from those. Only choose the dolls with the best faces.

#2. Bodyweight

The bodyweight of a sex doll is an important consideration. You don’t want to choose a lightweight sex doll because it will not feel realistic. One of the biggest problems with the classic inflatable sex dolls is they’re extremely lightweight. Since they’re filled with mostly air, then you cannot get the heavier weight that would make it feel real.

Realistic sex dolls are not inflatable. They are made of TPE or silicone materials and weigh anywhere from 75 to 115 pounds. This is around the weight range of an attractive female in real life. If you examine a petite 5-foot tall model with a thin waistline, she will weigh between 75 and 115 pounds in most cases. That means a realistic sex doll within this weight range would be ideal.

#3. Breasts

One of the easiest ways to identify a realistic sex doll is by examining its breasts. Cheap sex dolls never have any developed solid breasts, so you can easily disqualify them right away. The higher quality sex dolls will have realistic-looking breasts that have a D Cup or C Cup.

Kanadoll give you the option to choose which cup size you want your sex doll to have on its chest. They will actually custom design the breasts for your sex doll. Any company that offers this option is a legitimate company, and they make realistic dolls. Now you can contact Kanadoll custom sex doll. If you want to have petite breasts on your doll in the A Cup and B Cup range, then you can choose for that too.

Big Fat Realistic Sex Doll Charlie 165cm

#4. Ass

You can’t have a realistic sex doll without a realistic ass. This needs to be an ass which is plump, firm or jiggly, depending on how whether you had a custom ass made. Basically, there needs to be some shape and beauty for the buttocks to appear realistic. If the ass could resemble the ass of a real woman, then you have a winner.

And like the breasts, you can find sex doll manufacturers who are willing to create custom asses for your doll. But if you make the ass too big, then it might not look real anymore. Try to keep the size in the realistic range, but shaped to your liking.

#5. Height

The height of a realistic sex doll would be around 150cm. You won’t see too many taller sex dolls than that unless you have them specially made. On the other hand, if you find sex dolls that are 100 or 65cm tall, then those are small and mini sex dolls.

It is important that you pay attention to the height because a lot of sex toy companies will advertise their sex doll products without mentioning the height. But at Kanadoll love doll online shop, all you’ll see are our beautiful pictures of realistic-looking sex dolls that will be full size. That is why you must look for height measurement information for any sex doll that you’re thinking about purchasing.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Currently, there are prototypes of robotic sex dolls being developed. These are sex dolls that not only look realistic, but they have motion capabilities too. Imagine a sex doll that gives facial expressions and hand gestures. Better yet, how about a doll that can talk to you and move its lips at the same time? These are the types of super-realistic sex dolls being created right now.

Kanadoll is devoted to the research of AI sex dolls. Based on our technology and achievements, Kanadoll will become the leader of smart sex dolls in the future. These are very exciting innovations in the sex doll marketplace because they come with a number of realistic features. Some of the features include responsive facial movement, interactive communication, touch sensors, and body temperature control. You can actually touch these dolls, and they will verbally respond to your touch. How cool is that?

One of the biggest setbacks of an ordinary sex doll is it doesn’t have body temperature. When you get on top of a sex doll, there is no warm body that is pressing against you as there would be with a real person. The A.I. sex dolls are different because they come with a body temperature control function. This means you can actually raise the body temperature of the doll in order to make it feel more like the warmth of a person. Kanadoll provides the heating function of the sex doll, you only need to select the heating function when ordering. It doesn’t get any more realistic than that.


The most realistic sex doll would have to be the newest dolls with artificial intelligence technology built into them. There are already a handful of companies on the internet that sell these dolls already. The quality of the intelligence is different from each company, depending on how much the doll costs.

One thing is for sure. The industry is getting closer and closer to creating a sex doll that can actually serve as a real companion to a person. They’ll do more than just offer sex. These dolls will laugh at your jokes, respond to your questions, and make you feel like a good partner should make you feel.

Once dolls get to this level of sophistication, will there be any point in having relationships with real women? For men who cannot get a relationship with a woman, this new technology will change their lives for the better.

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