Would buy again. Not one complaint, just appreciate the quality. This was the best purchase i have made in a while. This sex doll torso actually has suction and a real feel. Soft but not too soft, and is very easy to clean under running water. Very satisfying, hopefully it will hold up for a year or 2, if not i will definitely purchase the same one.

    Torso Leg Sex Love Doll HarlowTorso Leg Sex Love Doll Harlow

  2. Alfonso

    This material is so soft and pliable. I’ve never had a sex doll like this, and definitely never felt this kind of material before. So much better than expected. The weight, in my opinion, is perfect. I have to lift with effort to move it around which adds to the fantasy. The boobs are very nice to hold, squeeze, pinch.
    I will be getting very much use out of this product!

    Tall Sex Doll Stacia 172cmTall Sex Doll Stacia 172cm

  3. B. A. Sackett

    This sex doll has a great feel to it and is very realistic. It is better similar products on the market and will definitely not disappoint. Both openings are fully functional and have lifelike details. Cleanup is not difficult but takes a little bit of time. And the chest details are very lifelike and have a great feel to them. Buy it and you won’t regret it or be lonely again!

    Redhead Sex Doll Sweet Girl Jaelynn 165cmRedhead Sex Doll Sweet Girl Jaelynn 165cm

  4. J. S. Culver

    There are two holes, vaginal and anal, and both feel very good and are deep enough that you get some suction during penetration. They feel great. I was extremely surprised that when using the doll doggy-style it felt very very close to a real vagina. The weight and size make this sex doll a very different experience that pocket masturbators and vibration toys.

    BBW Sex Doll Huge Breast Doll Emerald 150cmBBW Sex Doll Huge Breast Doll Emerald 150cm


    Shipping for this product was discreet and very fast as it came within 120 hours. I was impressed by the weight of the doll (79 lbs) and thought it was perfect for a doll this size. The skin is super smooth. wearing a condom will definitely make cleaning easier, however cleaning without isn’t too hard anyway using the included tool. Overall this product was an immense pleasure to use and I can’t wait to keep breaking it out again and again. Must have for this price.

    Redhead Sex Doll Sweet Girl Jaelynn 165cmRedhead Sex Doll Sweet Girl Jaelynn 165cm

  6. Steven Johnson

    The packaging was discreet and came super fast with prime. The sex doll is pretty realistic. The holes are also plenty deep for all sizes. The sex doll is surprisingly heavy at 83 lbs which it’s still easy to maneuver but gives it a more real feel. The breast are soft and squishy and the nipples have nice detail to them. Customer support is also really helpful and replies quickly if you have any issues with your order. The only downside is it’s kinda hard to clean properly since the sex doll is pretty big but I think an easy way is to just bring the sex doll in the shower. Overall would definitely recommend trying out this product.

    Tall Sex Doll Stacia 172cmTall Sex Doll Stacia 172cm

  7. Michael Starr

    I’m super impressed with this sex doll, it’s great. So far this has got to be the best sex doll I’ve seen, by far. Usually I see sex dolls like this one upwards of $1500. I got it for something like $1349 and at that price it’s an absolute steal.

    Best part is the size. She’s pretty big. Significantly bigger than anything I’ve used before. She’s big enough to play dress-up with! I’d say the size is similar to an actual girl.

    Really lifelike belly.. feels great.Use baby powder to make her skin feel more realistic.

    Overall definitely a buy at $1349.

    Most Real Big Breast Black Sex Doll Destiny 167cmMost Real Big Breast Black Sex Doll Destiny 167cm

  8. James

    I was pleasently surprised by the lifelike texture and response of the material! By far, the best ‘sex doll’ of its kind that I have owned or read about in this price range. The next best thing to ‘real’! Cleaning takes a little time but if you can devise a drying tool to get inside the openings to make sure that no water/liquid is left behind it doesn’t take that much longer than any other toy of its type. (A thin, but strong, plastic rod about 10 inches in length, with a thin, absorbent, lint free cloth wrapped around it will speed up the internal drying process.) life-sized but large enough (and heavy enough) to approximate the sensation. Very pleased with this product!! Far exceeded my expectations!

    BBW Sex Doll Huge Breast Doll Emerald 150cmBBW Sex Doll Huge Breast Doll Emerald 150cm

  9. GREG

    “Her skin is like a real person. She is a bit heavy so she stays on my bed in a sitting position. At night I lay her down and sleep with her. This doll is an ideal companion for me.”

    Busty Real Sex Doll Parker 158cmBusty Real Sex Doll Parker 158cm


    The doll is very well made and gives an authentic feel to it. The structural design was very well made which gave it a more pleasurable effect. The packaging came in a slick and confidential box and the product itself was on par with the real deal. Highly recommended for anyone looking into a doll for a reasonable price!

    Black BBW Sex Doll Amirah 158cmBlack BBW Sex Doll Amirah 158cm

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