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6YE is a famous sex doll manufacturer. It has rich experience in producing sex dolls. After years of development, 6YE has its own sub-brand HRDOLL. 6YE dolls are very popular in Europe, especially in the UK. 6YE dolls have the following characteristics:

  • 6YE doll's body is very beautiful: big buttocks, slender waist, seductive boobs.
  • 6YE dolls are more seductive to real humans.
  • There are many exquisite head and body shapes in 6YE, and there are many choices.
  • 6YE dolls are of high quality and affordable.
  • The screws connecting the head and body of 6YE doll are specially made. If you need to equip other brand doll head or body, please contact us.
  • Certified supplier by TDF: 6YE, doll and picture are all exactly the same.
  • 6YE Doll has an advanced sex doll production factory, and the designers and workers have rich experience.

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