Irontechdoll is an emerging manufacturer of TPE sex dolls. Kanadoll collected hot Irontechdolls and sold them at an affordable price. Since the price is cheap, many doll lovers choose Irontechdoll for their first sex dolls. If you are the first sex doll owner, Irontechdoll is a better choice.


Irontechdoll is an emerging sex doll manufacturer. With advanced technology and management, Irontechdoll has been released on the largest sex doll forum: Irontechdoll. its products are very popular in Europe and the United States.

Kanadoll is the authorized distributor of Irontechdoll. All sex dolls sold are genuine products. After on-site inspections and summing up customer experiences, we have concluded that Irontechdoll has the following characteristics:

  • Certified supplier by TDF, you don't have to worry about fraud.
  • The design of Irontechdoll combines various aesthetic factors.
  • Irontechdoll has many European and American styles of dolls, with a few Asian styles.
  • There are many sex dolls with rich expressions.
  • Irontechdoll produces sex dolls made of TPE material.
  • The sex doll has passed CE and RoHS certification, is safe and non-toxic.
  • Irontechdoll's new skeleton supports multiple poses.
  • Irontechdoll's vagina and makeup is very realistic.
  • The side seam of Irontechdoll may be flawed.
  • The head uses M16 screws, you can change the doll's head freely.
  • Affordable price, suitable for beginners.

Kanadoll provides you with authentic high-quality Irontechdoll, where you can get a real looking sex doll. Buy it now!

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