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Introducing Weight-Reducing Sex Dolls

Are sex dolls too heavy? Do you want to be able to hold your doll more easily?

Even the most skilled violinist may struggle to handle the largest sex dolls. It can be awkward when learning how to lift and maneuver a doll properly. The self-weight of 40 kilograms feels heavier compared to a 40-kilogram person or dumbbell. So, what can we offer dear customers who still need to overcome this challenge?

Some of our largest, curviest, and most beautiful dolls may appear heavier than they actually are, which can be a rude shock for newcomers eagerly awaiting their arrival. Not everyone is suited to carrying them, and the weight becomes a deterrent for some potential buyers, not to mention that excessively heavy dolls pose challenges in terms of shipping logistics. In response to customer feedback, manufacturers have developed weight reduction features for the dolls. The principle behind this feature primarily involves applying a layer of foam to the doll’s skeleton. The foam chosen for this purpose has a much lower density compared to TPE and silicone, and it has been a technical challenge for brands to find the right material that doesn’t hinder the doll’s range of motion.

Fortunately, many brands are now researching this feature, and it is not limited to just BBW dolls. Some dolls weighing around 40 kilograms have also been successfully reduced in weight, allowing them to be easily lifted. Regarding weight reduction, each brand’s design may differ slightly, and you can refer to the images below to gain a better understanding of this technology. If you desire a lightweight sex doll, the weight reduction feature is a great option.

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