The best 65cm(2ft 1in)-100cm(3ft 3in) sex dolls for sale at cheap price. These lifelike love dolls like real human. All sex dolls are made with high-quality TPE and silicone materials. Free shipping worldwide. Free gifts.


Sex dolls come in many different shapes and sizes, and one of the most popular types is 65cm-100cm sex dolls. These highly realistic love dolls are nearly identical to our full-size sex dolls, but they come in a mini love doll size. Many buyers prefer this size doll for numerous reasons. Our 65cm-100cm tiny realistic sex dolls are perfect for buyers with a small amount of room for storage.

Kanadoll’s best 65cm-100cm sex dolls have all the features that you would enjoy in our full-size dolls but at a lower, more affordable price. But do not think that our 65-100cm sex dolls cheap price means that it is of a poor or less quality. Our 65-100cm TPE sex dolls are made with the same high quality, real feeling material as our larger and more expensive real life love dolls. We also have the silicone real sex dolls as well so that you have the option of choosing which material but suites your needs. 65-100cm love dolls come in a variety of sizes. If you prefer a smaller doll, the 65cm(2ft 1in) sex dolls will be ideal for your needs. Even in this small size, you can customize the doll to your pleasure by choosing hair color and length of hair as well as eye color. You can also decide what nail color your dolls will have as well as areola color, skin color, and vagina type. Our mini real sex dolls generally come with a fixed vagina or a vagina insert.

However, if you prefer only a slightly larger sex doll, you have the option of purchasing our 68cm(2ft 2in) sex doll, 80cm(2ft 6in) sex doll, 88cm(2ft 9in) sex dolls or our 100cm(3ft 3in) sex doll. With these height options, you will have able to easily select the ideal size doll to take home with you. When you buy our 65-100cm realistic sex dolls, you will also have the option of adding several of our upgrade options, such as the temperature feature. This deluxe addition will make your sex doll ever more humanlike and ultra-realistic. Imagine the excitement you will have when you feel your mini doll sex toy’s skin heat up when you touch it. Additionally, you can also purchase the 100cm flat chest sex doll if a love doll having big boobies does not turn you on or excite you. With all the many options in size and shape, Kanadoll most certainly has the best sex doll price that will perfectly meet all your needs.

At Kanadoll, we also pride ourselves on providing the absolute best customer service. Your privacy is important to us, and we make sure that all your information is kept safe and secure. We also make sure that your sex toy doll arrives to you safely in a very discreet package. After arrival, if you have any questions or need assistance, our friendly and ever professional staff is waiting to assist. We will do all we can to ensure that when you buy a 65-100cm sex doll from Kanadoll that you are delighted every step of the way!

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