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Kanadoll In Stock Sex Doll On Sale:
Difference between stock and custom sex doll:
In Stock: Select hot-selling dolls ➡ Factory batch manufacturing ➡ Batch shipping to Kanadoll US warehouse by sea ➡ Ording Online ➡ Shipping from U.S. warehouse ➡ Arrive in 3-7 days
Custom: Ording Online ➡ Factory production (usually 5-7 days) ➡ Shipping by UPS ➡ Arrive in 7-9 days
Since the dolls in the warehouse are produced and shipped to the United States by sea in bulk, production and transportation costs are reduced, so you can buy high-quality sex dolls at the cheapest price.
In addition, the stock dolls are carefully selected hot selling types, and the most beautiful lovers can be discovered.

Note: 1.These dolls do not allow customization because they are already built and ready to be shipped.

          2.Stock sex dolls are in perfect condition and brand new.

          3.These dolls are only sold in the US.

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For the same product, why are in-stock sex dolls so cheap? Is there going to be any quality problem? Kanadoll is willing to explain them for you in detail.

The reason begins with the purchasing and delivery process of regular dolls. Typical process: orders placed, distribute orders to factories, manufacture, ship the products to you from China. As you may notice, production of regular dolls usually begin after orders are placed. But why? Due to the variety of our dolls (each factory has dozens to hundreds of models), factories usually begin producing only after dolls are purchased instead of producing all the models first and let them become unmarketable. Plus, customization must be confirmed before production, so that most regular dolls can only be shipped after an instant production. Different from regular dolls, in-stock dolls are manufactured and shipped in advance to American and European warehouses. We have selected 50-100 the most popular dolls from thousands of models according to the big data, and have produced as well as shipped them by sea to the US and Europe for stocking. There is no waiting for manufacturing for you when purchasing in-stock dolls if your address is in the US or Europe.

When contents above are clear, Kanadoll is able to reveal the puzzle: the key to our low prices is shipping. Regular dolls typically need to be shipped from China to the US or Europe by air, but since the pandemic, the cost of air express has risen to $12/kg. The minimum shipping cost of a regular doll (40kg+, packing included) is already $480, as for the heavier sex dolls, the cost is even more. Unlike regular dolls, Kanadoll’s in-stock dolls are shipped by sea in bulk (each batch is around 1500) to the US and Europe, resulting in a less than $20 shipping cost per doll. This allows us to save you over $450 on shipping cost for even a normal weight doll.

Although, it is worth noting that since in-stock dolls are usually purchased in large quantities, we would distribute orders to multiple factories as the capacity of a single factory is not sufficient, which is the second reason for the low prices of in-stock dolls. But also because of this, in-stock dolls will not be labeled with brands. However, please be assured that our factories have all been certified by the FDA and GE to ensure the quality of every doll. If there is any quality problem, a guaranteed 100% return is our promise.