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WM DOLL is the first factory to produce sex dolls. It has now become a world-wide, well-known, leading manufacturer of high-end sex dolls. WM is also a famous manufacturer on the world's largest sex doll forum: WM DOLL. Even though the price is relatively expensive, the quality is very good, so it receives welcome and praise from doll lovers.

From our factory inspection and summary are the following characteristics of WM Doll below:

  1. WM doll is very realistic, almost exactly the same as a real person. It is the most realistic sex dolls brand in the Kanadoll store.
  2. Use the latest environmentally friendly TPE material, which is completely harmless to the human body.
  3. The skin is very smooth, delicate, soft and elastic.
  4. There are various types of sex dolls, the most popular dolls are those with tan skin and big breasts.
  5. WM is premium love doll, expensive, suitable for owner with rich maintenance and store experience.

Kanadoll provides you with authentic high-quality WM DOLL, where you can get the most realistic sex doll. Buy it now!

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