Sex Doll 101: A Beginner’s Guide

1. The Story of Dolls: How They Originated and Developed

     1.1 What is a sex doll?

     1.2 The origin and development of sex dolls

         1.2.1 Origin

         1.2.2 The emergence of inflatable dolls

         1.2.3 The transformation of inflatable dolls to silicone dolls

         1.2.4 Current situation

         1.2.5 Development of Chinese sex doll factories

2. The Reasons Why You Should Buy a Doll and Not Feel Guilty About It

     2.1 Sex dolls can help with social anxiety

     2.2 Sex dolls help with loneliness

     2.3 A sex doll can save you time and money

     2.4 A sex doll can save you from awkward dates

     2.5 You can practice your bedroom skills on a sex doll

     2.6 You can also practice pick-up lines on a sex doll

     2.7 You can roleplay with a sex doll

     2.8 A sex doll will save you the disappointment

     2.9 She will also save you from disappointing someone else

     2.10 Having a sex doll is a lot of fun

     2.11 Sex dolls can also spice up your relationship or marriage

     2.12 Your sex doll will serve you as a companion before all

3. Are sex dolls legal entertainment? Legislative status across the world

4. How to Pick Your Doll’s Material?

     4.1 What is a TPE sex doll?

         4.1.1 Advantages of TPE Sex Dolls

         4.1.2 Disadvantages of TPE Sex Dolls

     4.2 What is a silicone sex doll?

         4.2.1 Advantages of Silicone Sex Dolls

         4.2.2 Disadvantages of Silicone Sex Dolls

     4.3 Should I choose a silicone sex doll or a TPE sex doll?

5. A List of Doll Customization Options

     5.1 Basic Options

     5.2 Breasts Options

     5.3 Standing Options

     5.4 What are the shrugging shoulders, Double joints and EVO skeleton?

     5.5 Finger Skeleton(Upgraded finger bones)

     5.6 Fixed(Insert vagina) and Detachable Vagina

     5.7 Tongue Options

     5.8 Weight Reduction Function

     5.9 Detachable Legs

     5.10 Body Makeup

     5.11 Pubic Hair Implantation

     5.12 Electric Function Options(Heating, Voice, Electric Hip, Automatic Suction, Automatic Blowjob)

     5.13 Unique Options For Silicone Dolls

6. Meet the Brands: A Brief Introduction to the Outstanding Brands on Our Website

     6.1 AIBEI DOLL

     6.2 DIMU DOLL

     6.3 SY DOLL

     6.4 CSTDOLL

     6.5 MESE DOLL




     6.9 AF DOLL


     6.11 MOZU DOLL

     6.12 FJ DOLL

     6.13 JX DOLL

     6.14 DOLLS CASTLE

     6.15 FIREDOLL

     6.16 MRL SEX DOLL

     6.17 XISE DOLL

7. How to Use A Sex Doll

     7.1 Sex Doll Unboxing and Assembly

     7.2 How to have sex with a sex doll?

     7.3 Can lubricant and condoms be used with sex dolls?

8. Sex Doll Cleaning & Caring Guide

     8.1 How often to clean

     8.2 What to clean with

     8.3 How to clean the face of the doll

     8.4 How to clean the body of a doll

     8.5 How to clean the doll’s mouth, vagina, anus

     8.6 How to wipe dry

     8.7 How to clean a doll’s wig

     8.8 How to care for the skin of a doll

     8.9 How to care for the skeleton of a doll

     8.10 How to change accessories on your doll (eyelashes, nails, eyeballs)

9. How to Choose Clothes for a Sex Doll?

10. How to Store Dolls with Accessories: Tips and Products for Doll Storage

The Story of Dolls: How They Originated and Developed

Welcome to the world of sex dolls. As a newcomer in this world, how much do you know about sex dolls? Do you have many questions about sex dolls? Next, I will take you to know everything about sex dolls. After reading the following content, you can become a semi-expert in sex dolls!

  • What is a sex doll?

Sex dolls are dolls made of TPE or silicone, usually life-sized, and have realistic skin touches and artificial channels, allowing users to gain pleasure during sexual intercourse with them.

  • The origin and development of sex dolls
  1. Origin: According to legend, the history of love dolls began with German sailors before the 17th century, when one of the biggest challenges faced by sailors was the lack of sex on long journeys, only waiting for the ship to dock and go to the brothel to solve their needs. Later, a clever captain came up with a brilliant idea to deal with this sexual frustration, and to help sailors release sexual tension on these long journeys, they brought the world’s first lover doll. Although they were primitive, the sailors had a great time.
  2. The emergence of inflatable dolls: Until World War II, the real sense of humanoid sex dolls – inflatable dolls appeared, the origin of inflatable dolls is widely debated, but the prevailing theory is that it was born during World War II (1939), the German Führer specially ordered the development of a doll similar to female physiology, both to meet the needs of soldiers and to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.
  3. The transformation of inflatable dolls to silicone dolls: Some entrepreneurs realize that although inflatable dolls are very light and convenient, the texture of plastic is still not realistic enough, they tried to use cotton and other materials as fillers to recreate sex dolls, after the launch of these dolls, the market is not bad, and it has been loved by many people. In the late 1990s, manufacturers benefited from the development of medical materials and the advancement of production technology. They launched sex dolls made of silicone that feel very realistic and also have a more realistic and beautiful face. Later, they also launched sex dolls with metal skeletons. The built-in metal skeletons make the doll’s joints more flexible, allowing them to perform a variety of actions and postures. The split structure makes cleaning more convenient. These advances make sex with dolls more real and pleasant. Their functions are not limited to the application of inflatable dolls in adult products, but also extend to the field of human props, camera models, and role-playing.
  4. Current situation: With the development of social economy and the change of people’s concepts, the market for sex dolls is getting bigger and bigger, promoting the rapid development of doll technology. Nowadays, the appearance and body shape of physical dolls are infinitely close to real people. You can add special functions to your dolls such as 37-degree constant temperature, realistic touch, and sound. You can also customize your own sex doll according to your preferences, including skin color, body type, breast type, and so on.
  5. Development of Chinese sex doll factories: In 2010, the first Chinese sex doll was born and sold under the DS Doll brand. In 2014, the Chinese sex doll brand WM DOLLS was the first to use TPE material for sex dolls. The dolls are not only cheaper than before, but also more lifelike. More and more Chinese sex doll manufacturers have emerged like mushrooms, including YL, Dollhouse 168, 6YE Premium Doll, Irontech Doll, etc. In 2018, cheaper brands like Aibei and SY also appeared, and more people can buy their favorite sex dolls.

The demand for sex dolls has driven the development of the Chinese sex doll manufacturing industry. We hope that with the advancement of technology, we can develop dolls that can interact and converse like real people, bringing even more exciting products.

The Reasons Why You Should Buy a Doll and Not Feel Guilty About It

In some prejudices, people who purchase sex dolls are considered to have personality or physical defects. Therefore, those who want to buy sex dolls may feel ashamed, and some even give up the idea of buying one. Unfortunately, our society tends to classify things that are not understood as taboos. However, these prejudices may not be correct, as those who express them often do not understand sex dolls and are unaware of the various uses of owning them.

In fact, owning a sex doll can help alleviate anxiety and depression, leading to a happier, more fulfilling, and satisfying life. You can use the doll for sex, photography, companionship, or any other purpose you can think of.

  1. Sex dolls can help with social anxiety Social anxiety is a crippling condition that manifests itself in various ways, it is mostly known to be related to group gatherings where a person suffering from social anxiety will have difficulties to cope. Sex dolls can give you the closest feeling to a real person, and you can communicate with them to improve your social skills.
  2. Sex dolls help with loneliness Having a sex doll to give you what you need during the time when you’re feeling lonely and needy is more than a good idea. A sex doll can keep you entertained, let you use her in any way you want, fulfill your most basic human needs, and never disappoint in doing so. If that isn’t the best remedy for loneliness.
  3. A sex doll can save you time and money Sex dolls are one of the best masturbating aids you can possibly get and these modern and super realistic sex goddesses will offer you an experience that is the closest possible to the real thing. However, due to this, they’re a pricey investment that can last a long time with proper maintenance and care. But when you consider how much money you spend on dates, restaurants, hotels, holidays, dinners, drinks, etc., to have a relationship that may not even last a year, Sex dolls save you money in the long run.
  4. A sex doll can save you from awkward dates Yes, a sex doll can save you from a ton of awkward dates you have to endure in an attempt to get laid.If you are someone who’s shy and somewhat inexperienced with women, it is very much possible to place yourself in an uncomfortable and awkward situation.
  5. You can practice your bedroom skills on a sex doll Practicing your stamina, skills, and methods can be much easier when it’s done with a sex doll that’s incapable of judging you or everything that you do. Starting with a sex doll is amazing as you can take your time with her and not pressure yourself with the thought of having to please her.
  6. You can also practice pick-up lines on a sex doll If you are shy to talk to women, but you also feel like practicing pick-up lines while staring at the mirror isn’t really helping, there might be another option to try – your sex doll.
  7. You can roleplay with a sex doll Roleplaying is a very hot experience because it allows you to explore your sexual fetishes with nothing on the way to stop you. Or at least nothing in the way to stop you when you’re playing with your sex doll.Look, not everyone is into the same sexual things, so what you might be into may very well make someone else completely disinterested or perhaps even uncomfortable.
  8. A sex doll will save you the disappointment Sex is not always what we expect and most of the time, it doesn’t go as smoothly as it’s presented in movies. Instead of having to lie and try to convince your partner that everything is okay and that she didn’t disappoint you or anything, don’t you think it’s best to have a sex doll you could go back to anytime you wish and have a mind-blowing bang on demand?
  9. She will also save you from disappointing someone else If you had a sex doll, you would have more than enough time to practice your loverboy moves, methods, skills, and stamina. Grab your sex doll and practice all you can as this will surely save you from disappointing someone else in the future.
  10. Having a sex doll is a lot of fun Having a sex doll can be a lot of fun if you are someone who will be willing to dedicate some more time and effort into making the most out of your relationship with your sex doll.Just because it’s called a sex doll and her primary “duty” is to please you sexually, this doesn’t mean that you cannot do some fun little things with her outside the bedroom. For one, you can customize your doll for a more personalized experience and choose everything down to the smallest details, including eye color, skin color, cup size, areola color, nails, orifices, etc.Remember, this Lady is yours and yours only, and you always deserve to get the most personalized and the best experience ever.
  11. Sex dolls can also spice up your relationship or marriage If your significant other is a little bit more open to experimenting, introducing a sex doll in your relationship or marriage may be a great way to spice things up a little and step outside of the usual, everyday way of having sex.
  12. Your sex doll will serve you as a companion before all At the end of the day, no matter if you’re single, in a relationship, or married, a sex doll will serve you as a companion before everything else.The beautiful thing about owning a sex doll is that you get to choose when to play with her and not feel any sense of responsibility like you would typically have in a relationship with a real person.Sex dolls don’t complain, will never nag you, they will always please you sexually, and also be an excellent companion for those days when you feel like you need a little bit of extra support.

Are sex dolls legal entertainment? Legislative status across the world

Having a sex doll may not sound like a big deal, especially when you live in a country that doesn’t care who you like to have sex with in your spare time. But the fact is that any dolls that may trigger pedophilia are not allowed to be sold, and the smaller models available on the market must have adult features. Manufacturers take the legality of sex dolls very seriously, and so should buyers. But in some countries and regions, even adult sex dolls are illegal, because they are considered immoral or obscene. If you are in one of these countries, your sex doll may be confiscated at customs, and you may be knocked on by officials the next day.

No matter what the reason for buying is, one thing is very clear: some countries strictly abide by their laws, and there are no exceptions no matter how unique your situation is.

Unfortunately we cannot receive customers from every country/region in the world, but wherever you are, ensuring your safety is paramount. Here is a list of most countries and their legality of sex dolls.

Aland IslandsLegal
Antigua And BarbudaLegal
AustraliaLegal(Over 158cm height)
Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and SabaLegal
Bosnia And HerzegovinaLegal
Bouvet IslandLegal
British Indian Ocean TerritoryLegal
Burkina FasoLegal
CanadaLegal(Prohibited to own or ship child-like sex dolls)
Cape VerdeLegal
Cayman IslandsLegal
Central African RepublicLegal
Christmas IslandLegal
Cocos (Keeling) IslandsLegal
Congo, The Democratic Republic Of TheLegal
Cook IslandsLegal
Costa RicaLegal
Côte d’IvoireLegal
Czech RepublicLegal
Dominican RepublicLegal
El SalvadorLegal
Equatorial GuineaLegal
Falkland Islands (Malvinas)Legal
Faroe IslandsLegal
French GuianaLegal
French PolynesiaLegal
French Southern TerritoriesLegal
Guinea BissauLegal
Heard Island And Mcdonald IslandsLegal
Hong KongLegal
Isle Of ManLegal
Korea, Democratic People’s Republic OfLegal
Lao People’s Democratic RepublicLegal
Macedonia, Republic OfLegal
Moldova, Republic ofLegal
Netherlands AntillesLegal
New CaledoniaLegal
New ZealandLegal
Norfolk IslandLegal
NorwayLegal(Over125 cm)
Papua New GuineaLegal
Republic of CameroonLegal
Reunion IslandLegal
Saint BarthélemyLegal
Saint HelenaLegal
Saint Kitts And NevisLegal
Saint LuciaLegal
Saint MartinLegal
Saint Pierre And MiquelonLegal
San MarinoLegal
Sao Tome And PrincipeLegal
Saudi ArabiaIllegal
Sierra LeoneLegal
Sint MaartenLegal
Solomon IslandsLegal
South AfricaLegal
South Georgia And The South Sandwich IslandsLegal
South KoreaLegal
South SudanLegal
Sri LankaLegal
St. VincentLegal
Svalbard And Jan MayenLegal
Tanzania, United Republic OfLegal
Timor LesteLegal
Trinidad and TobagoLegal
Turks and Caicos IslandsLegal
United KingdomLegal(Over 125 cm)
United States Minor Outlying IslandsLegal
United States of AmericaLegal
Vatican CityLegal
Virgin Islands, BritishLegal
Wallis And FutunaLegal
Western SaharaLegal

How to Pick Your Doll’s Material?

  • What is a TPE sex doll?

TPE is short for Thermoplastic Elastomer, which is a type of polymer material that can be shaped under certain temperature and pressure and has both elasticity and softness. Compared to traditional elastomers such as rubber, TPE has better chemical stability, wear resistance, and flexibility. TPE materials are widely used in the automotive, medical equipment, toy, and electronics industries, making it a versatile material. This has made TPE an excellent material for making cheaper sex dolls.


Realistic skin-like feel: When you touch the doll’s skin, you will be amazed at its softness and elasticity. When you close your eyes and hold her hand, you will feel like you are on a date with a real person.

Safe and odorless: The sex dolls supplied by Kanadoll have been professionally tested for safety, and do not contain any dangerous chemicals that could cause allergic reactions or have a strong plastic smell.

Affordable price: TPE is less expensive than silicone, and you can even purchase a satisfying sex doll from Kanadoll for $700.


Prone to collecting dust: Due to the sticky surface of TPE material, it is easy to collect dust and bacteria, which requires regular cleaning and disinfection.

May contain harmful substances: Some low-quality TPE materials may contain harmful substances such as phthalates, which can cause harm to human health. Therefore, when purchasing sex toys, it is important to choose products that are reliable and meet relevant standards. Kanadoll’s products have been tested and meet relevant standards, so you can safely make your purchase.

  • What is a silicone sex doll?

Silicone is typically produced by hydrolysis reaction of organosilicon compounds such as silanes. Silicone has many advantages, such as high temperature resistance, good weatherability, good insulation performance, high chemical stability, wear resistance, and good flexibility. Due to these properties, silicone is widely used in the production of various products, such as seals, electronic components, medical devices, kitchenware, toys, and more. Silicone sex dolls on the market are generally more expensive than TPE sex dolls.


Ultra-realistic appearance: Silicone material can better display skin texture and allow for more exquisite makeup. It also supports implanted hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes, which can meet some customers’ extreme appearance requirements. When you take your doll out of the package, you will be amazed at how realistic she looks.

Durable: Silicone material is more robust and durable than TPE, with a certain degree of rebound and tear resistance.

Safe and hygienic: Silicone material is more convenient for disinfection than TPE. They can be disinfected without worrying about liquid penetrating the skin and causing damage. Due to its anti-fouling value and the non-compressibility of the skin, it can better maintain its shape and requires less maintenance. However, don’t forget to clean their anus and vagina after use.


High price: Silicone is more expensive than TPE.

Poor elasticity: Due to the material’s inferior elasticity compared to TPE, it may be difficult to position the doll in some poses.

Visible seams: The joint lines of silicone sex dolls cannot be completely removed like those of TPE dolls, leaving some traces, mainly on the sides of the body.

  • Should I choose a silicone sex doll or a TPE sex doll?

Silicone and TPE sex dolls have different advantages. Firstly, you need to determine how much you are willing to spend on a sex doll. If your budget is low, then it is best to choose a TPE sex doll. If your budget is above $1800, you can consider buying a silicone sex doll.

In addition to budget, you also need to consider your preferences. If you prefer a more exquisite appearance and are very concerned about hygiene, it is recommended to choose a silicone sex doll. If you want her to have soft breasts and buttocks and want to try various sex positions, then a TPE sex doll would be a better choice.

In summary, both have pros and cons, and there are no absolute good or bad choices. You just need to judge based on your own budget and preferences and buy from a reliable source. If you have any questions, please consult the supplier’s customer service, as they will be very willing to help you.

A List of Doll Customization Options

Basic Options

Some of the appearance options for your sex doll can be categorized as basic options. These include wig style, skin tone, eye color, areola size, areola color, labia color, nail color and more. These options are usually free of charge. Some brands may also offer lip makeup options. For example, MOZU Doll offers two choices: glossy or matte effect. If you want to change the lip color for your doll, you can also communicate with our customer service in advance. We will check with the factory if they can achieve a similar effect.

Breasts Options

  • Solid breasts: Solid breasts, also known as standard breasts. They are filled with TPE or silicone material, depending on the body material of the doll you purchase. These breasts are relatively firm and have the softness of the material itself. If you are not too picky about the touch, you don’t need to upgrade them and solid breast option will be realistic enough.
  • Hollow breasts: Hollow breasts have no filling inside, making them very soft and easy to grasp, and you can enjoy their elasticity.

Note: because the inside of hollow breasts is air, they are relatively thin. If you want a pair of large or heavy breasts, do not choose hollow breasts, as they are prone to breakage. Broken breasts can cause sagging or skin cracks.

  • Gel breasts: Gel breasts, also known as jelly breasts, are filled with gel and have the firmness of solid breasts and the softness of hollow breasts. They are the best choice and most manufacturers offer this option as a customization. This is definitely the most recommended upgrade option.

Note: A-cup sex dolls usually do not support gel or hollow breasts. If you are unsure, you can contact the seller for information before making a purchase. It’s always a good idea to communicate with the seller and ask any questions you may have to ensure that you are making an informed decision.

Standing Options

  • No Standing: For aesthetic purposes in photography, sex dolls in photos are generally with non-standing feet, which ensures the integrity of the doll’s sole, but non-standing feet dolls cannot stand upright. This is because TPE material is soft and the internal skeleton of their feet may puncture the skin of the sole.
  • Standing: The standing feet option is that the feet are equipped with three metal bolt heads as an extension of the skeleton to support the doll’s standing. Dolls with standing feet can maintain a long-term upright state for storage, photography, posing and so on. But still avoid keeping upright when no one is watching, to prevent dolls from falling over, or use a special doll/human model fixing device or bracket.

Note: Since sex dolls cannot find their own balance, when you let dolls with standing function stand up, it is best to lean them against a wall or other place that can support dolls. When standing, it is recommended to pad a light-colored soft cloth under their feet. If you want to put shoes on them, remember to wear socks or use hard foot pads. This is to protect the skin of the doll’s sole, otherwise it will get dirty easily.

What are the shrugging shoulders, Double joints and EVO skeleton?

  • Shrugging shoulders: Shrugging shoulders feature allows sex dolls to make shrugging poses, making your doll more flexible. Without shrugging shoulders feature, dolls’ shoulders can only stay flat.
  • Double joints: Double joints feature increases the bending angle of dolls’ arms and legs. Legs can bend into W position or touch buttocks downwards.
  • EVO skeleton: EVO skeleton includes both shrugging shoulders and double-jointed features, and also has a more flexible spine that can sway left and right. This allows dolls to make more human-like poses. When you want to try different sexual positions, you must choose EVO skeleton.

Finger Skeleton(Upgraded finger bones)

The normal hand skeleton has metal wire bones for the fingers, while the upgraded finger bones have joints for each finger. This allows dolls to make more human-like hand poses, without bending into weird angles. It also gives some support force, for example if you want your doll to hold a cup of water and take a picture, having finger bones can help hold the cup more steadily.

Fixed(Insert vagina) and Detachable Vagina

Currently, more customers are choosing detachable vaginas. The detachable vagina is completely invisible from the outside and is concealed inside the labia. The advantage is that it can be removed for cleaning separately. You only need to rinse it with soap and water, then gently dry it, and the process is very quick and simple. If you choose a detachable vagina, the manufacturer usually provides an extra insert vagina, so you don’t have to wait for it to dry completely and can directly replace it with a new one. However, some people say that it doesn’t feel very good because in certain models, the insert vagina may not fit perfectly and may be a bit loose.

Note: If you choose a fixed vagina, be sure to clean it promptly after use and thoroughly dry it. You can use a fan or drying rod tool to assist with the drying process.

Tongue Options

Except for sex dolls that are specially designed with a visible tongue in their photo shoots, most sex dolls do not come with a tongue by default. If you want your sex doll to have a tongue, you can choose to pay for this optional feature.

The tongue of a sex doll can be divided into two types: integrated tongue(fixed tongue) and detachable tongue. The detachable tongue is placed directly inside the mouth and can be taken out, while the integrated tongue is fixed and cannot be removed. If you want to have oral sex with a doll with a tongue, an integrated tongue is a better choice, but like a fixed vagina, its disadvantage is that it is difficult to clean.

Weight Reduction Function

Lifting a 45kg person and a 45kg sex doll feels completely different, because the doll won’t cooperate with you, so you can’t easily lift him/her or move him/her around. At this point, you must think it would be nice if he/she was lighter.

Fortunately, as this demand grows, major manufacturers have started to develop this function, such as Aibei Doll, SY Doll, FJ Doll and other manufacturers have launched this function. They mainly use a skeleton with foam material attached to achieve weight reduction for the doll. Currently, the weight reduction function only supports some models and can generally reduce the weight of the doll by 5-10kg.

Note: The weight reduction function may conflict with the heating function and limb separation, and it will weaken the effect of shrugging shoulders and double joints functions. Please refer to the option description when purchasing.

Detachable Legs

The detachable legs function is to divide the doll into two sections from the thigh, connected by metal buckles. When you move the doll, you can detach the legs, which can greatly reduce the weight and make it easy to store the doll in a storage box. Note: For dolls with detachable legs, the heating function can only heat the upper body.

Body Makeup

Sex doll body makeup includes three types: blood vessels, joint spray red, and bikini tan lines. After doing these body spray makeup, the doll will look more realistic, with some skin texture and color. According to the design, some models of sex dolls will also spray body freckles.

Pubic Hair Implantation

The density of pubic hair can be chosen, and if you have a preferred style, you can also send pictures to customer service in advance. The factory can usually implant the hair on the sex doll according to the reference pictures.

Electric Function Options(Heating, Voice, Electric Hip, Automatic Suction, Automatic Blowjob)

  • Heating : The skeleton from the ankle to below the collarbone will be wrapped with heating wires. After turning on for 40 minutes, the doll’s skin will gradually heat up, simulating the body temperature of a real person. In order not to overheat and damage the material, the heating will not reach a very high temperature, and it is recommended not to turn on for more than two hours. The places where the material is thick, such as the chest, buttocks, and thighs, are less affected by the heating. The places where the material is thin, such as the calves, ankles, lower abdomen, and lower body positions, have more obvious temperatures. Note: Before buying this option, you need to be mentally prepared that even with the heating turned on, the doll will not have a temperature everywhere like a real person. If you want the skin to heat up noticeably, it is recommended to use a heating blanket.
  • Voice: The general process used by factories is to install a sound device on the doll, usually on the back or underarm of the doll. When you say a fixed sentence, the sound device will play the corresponding audio. Very few manufacturers use external sound devices.
  • Electric Hip, Automatic suction, Automatic Blowjob: These three electric functions have some conflicts with other functions, and have model restrictions. Some models can add these functions, while some models cannot. When buying, you must read the option description carefully, and you can also consult with customer service in detail. For the usage effect, please see the demonstration video below.

Electric Hip

Automatic suction

Automatic Blowjob

Unique Options For Silicone Dolls

  • Movable eyeballs: Movable eyeballs, also called eye-tracking eyeballs, are not completely fixed to the whole eyeball. You can easily move the eyeballs and change the doll’s line of sight, making the doll’s expression more lively.
  • Hair implantation: Hard silicone head (standard silicone head) can be implanted with hair. Hair implantation can create a highly realistic effect. If you pursue beauty and naturalness, and have enough budget, it is recommended to implant hair. But to be honest, hair implantation also has disadvantages. For dolls with hair implantation, it will be more troublesome to wear other wigs, and over time, some hair may fall out over time.
  • Standing No Bolts: In addition to regular standing feet and non-standing feet, silicone dolls can also be customized for standing no bolts, also known as hard-foot standing. The doll’s ankles and feet are made of reinforced silicone, so the doll can stand upright while ensuring its appearance, without any metal parts on the soles of the feet. Note: If you are a perfectionist, it is important to note that there may be some marks between the reinforced silicone on the feet and the regular silicone on the calves. The location and shape of these marks may vary depending on the brand due to differences in production processes, but they will not be completely absent.

  • Gel Butt: The silicone doll’s texture is usually on the harder side, while the buttocks and chest are areas that require a softer touch. To address this issue, some brands have introduced the option of a “jelly butt,” which allows the silicone doll to have a softer buttocks. Currently, the brand FJ Doll by Kanadoll offers this option.

Meet the Brands: A Brief Introduction to the Outstanding Brands on Our Website

AIBEI DOLL: AIBEI DOLL is one of the leading manufacturers of TPE realistic sex dolls in China. They use high-quality raw materials and have a strict management system for product quality control, if you want to choose a cost-effective sex doll, aibeidoll is a good choice.

DIMU DOLL: DIMU DOLL is a factory located in Dongguan, China, and their designers are better at creating cute faces, while plump torso sex dolls have also won a lot of customers’ likes.

SY DOLL: SY DOLL was established in 2015, headquartered in Shenzhen, China, since its establishment, it firmly believes in innovation, integrity and quality to provide the best sex dolls to customers around the world at reasonable prices. At the same time, Shengyi Adult Products Co., Ltd. strictly controls the production process and has obtained CE, RoHs and SGS certifications.

CSTDOLL: CST DOLL is a brand specializing in the production of silicone dolls. Blood vessels and wrinkles are like real human skin. Through technological breakthroughs, CST DOLL has achieved high-level craftsmanship while improving production efficiency, and successfully sold realistic dolls at low prices. And in the case of the same figure, the dolls of their brand are lighter than other brands.

MESE DOLL: MESE DOLL is a large-scale simulation doll manufacturer established in 2015, a modern high-tech manufacturer integrating scientific research, production, sales, service and technical support.

RIFRANO DOLL: RIFRANO DOLL is a well-known manufacturer of real dolls with a 10-year history. They offer high-quality, customizable dolls at affordable prices and provide excellent customer service. Their product line is diverse, and they develop new products quickly. Additionally, they have dolls in stock in Japan, Europe, and the United States for customers to choose from.

INHERIT DOLL: INHERIT DOLL is a strong factory that not only has its own brand, but also does OEM production for other brands. Their production and innovation capabilities should not be underestimated, especially with their latest product, the Abigail doll, which has achieved a completely new form for sex dolls.

FUNWEST DOLL: FUNWEST DOLL was established in 2021, focusing on providing safe, reliable, and uniquely styled sex dolls to satisfy various fantasies and desires. Despite entering the market later than other brands, Funwest Doll quickly became popular among customers, which fully demonstrates the brand’s dedication to product quality. If you purchase a Funwest Doll, its quality is sure to meet your expectations!

AF DOLL: AF DOLL is headquartered in Dongguan, China, and has been involved in the sex doll industry for many years. They offer a range of high-quality TPE and silicone sex dolls at attractive prices, known for their lifelike appearance. Their main market is currently mainland China, and they are trying to expand their business to the West through their Caucasian-style, BBW, big-breasted, or big-bottomed dolls, with some initial success.

GAMELADY DOLL: GAMELADY DOLL provides life-size gaming love dolls. Their experienced team of designers and engineers is dedicated to bringing beloved video game characters to life. If you are a fan of popular video games such as Final Fantasy or The Witcher, GameLady Doll’s dolls will definitely satisfy your fantasies of game characters. Their dolls are known for their high-quality structure and attention to detail, perfectly replicating the product photos and ensuring that each doll is not only beautiful but also durable.

MOZU DOLL: MOZUDOLL was established in October 2020 by a young entrepreneur who loves anime and cosplay culture in Jiangsu Province. His dream was to combine virtual reality with reality by implementing the concept of “breaking the dimensional wall”. Many of MOZUDOLL’s dolls are derived from combining 2D style with 3D human form. They have the most professional cos-style makeup design in the entire sex doll industry, and each female doll has multiple personalized “styles”. This exquisite and unique style comes from a very strong team of designers and makeup artists, including a popular makeup blogger with 400,000+ fans on Tik Tok. With their unique style and fixed clothing for sale, they have gained many supporters.

FJ DOLL: FJ DOLL is one of the brands under the name of Guangdong Bionic Doll Tech. Co.Ltd. They have their own sex doll manufacturing workshop and a reliable OEM factory, dedicated to bringing customers affordable high-quality silicone sex dolls. Currently, their Asian sex dolls have achieved excellence in design, and they are boldly experimenting and innovating on different body types such as BBW.

JX DOLL: JXDOLL is a professional sex doll manufacturer with over 200 workers who have been making various types of dolls for over 6 years. They are committed to providing customers with high-quality sex dolls made of 100% medical-grade TPE or silicone. JXDOLL also offers US stock sex dolls for quick delivery.

DOLLS CASTLE: DOLLS CASTLE was established in 2016 with the aim of providing the best love dolls to customers worldwide. With a team of professional designers and manufacturers, they create highly realistic and lifelike sex dolls to meet the needs of global customers and distributors. Recently, their innovations in figurines, alien sex dolls, and hentai sex dolls have attracted the attention of many sex doll enthusiasts, and their unique designs and superb makeup have been praised by many.

FIREDOLL: FIREDOLL was established in 2018 and is based in Zhongshan, Guangdong, China. There are many good reasons to choose a FIREDOLL sex doll, including their ultra-realistic designs, excellent quality, and affordable prices. In addition, FIREDOLL is equivalent in quality to WM Doll.

MRL SEX DOLL: MRL was established in 2019 and is the only company in the world that provides the best anime sex toys. They combine the advantages of articulated dolls and sex dolls, with the exquisite appearance of articulated dolls and the soft genitals of sex dolls. They also make original comics for each sex doll, which other brands cannot do. MRL hopes that their dolls can make your life perfect and keep it innocent, passionate, and hopeful. Bring her home as a gift to yourself.

XISE DOLL: XISE is based in Guangdong, China and has its own factory. They specialize in torso-type sex dolls, and their mature production system further enhances the cost-effectiveness of their products. If you don’t have a preference for the doll’s face and just want a realistic sexual experience, XISE’s torso-type products can effectively save your budget.

How to Use A Sex Doll

Buying a lifelike sex doll is a significant investment for anyone. Owning a sex doll is like having an exclusive companion. The relationship between you and your sex doll is not just about fulfilling sexual desires, but also about deeper companionship. So, when you purchase a sex doll, how do you correctly assemble and care for your new sex doll? We have compiled the following information to help you understand the detailed instructions for using a sex doll.

Sex Doll Unboxing and Assembly

Step 1: Gently bring the package into the room and place it on the open floor.

Most real sex dolls weigh 35-45kg (all packaging included), so be prepared to carry such a heavyweight package, if there is no elevator where you live, or if you have limited mobility, it is recommended that you tip the delivery man, or ask friends and family to help.

Step 2: Use a tool to carefully cut the tape and open the package.

Use tools such as knives and scissors to carefully cut the tape, taking care not to stab too deeply, which may hurt your doll.

Step 3: Clean your hands or wear gloves

When you open the packaging, please do not touch the doll right away. You must first ensure that your hands are clean, or wear disposable gloves directly. Trust me, you don’t want to leave stains and marks on the doll.

Step 4: Take out the doll’s head

The doll’s head is usually separately wrapped in foam and a bag, placed between the doll’s legs. When you take out the head, you can keep its packaging bag, which can be used to protect the head when not in use.

Step 5: Take out the accessories

Along with the doll, there are many accessories and giveaways, such as irrigator, heating rod, hanging parts, etc. After taking these all out, the box should only have your doll and a protective blanket.

Step 6: Remove the foam

To prevent damage to the doll’s body during transportation, the doll is wrapped in some plastic foam, which you need to carefully remove.

Step 7: Remove the doll’s body and blanket from the box

Wrapping the doll and blanket in your arms, lift her out of the crate and place her gently on the floor.

Step 8: Install the head on the doll’s body and wear the wig.

How to have sex with a sex doll?

Most of our customers purchase sex dolls to have a more exciting and satisfying sexual experience as well as good companionship. The flexible metal skeleton allows her to easily assume many sexual positions, making sex with a sex doll just like having sex with a real person. All of our dolls are made of silicone or TPE, and the texture and touch of these materials are very realistic. The popular sexual activities include:

1. Vaginal intercourse

This is one of the most common ways to use a sex doll. The vagina of a female sex doll works exactly as you would imagine, and you can advance in your favorite positions, just like having sex with a real woman!

2. Anal sex

Many people dream of having that special feeling and trying anal sex with their partners, but it can be difficult to find a willing partner. An ultra-realistic sex doll is ready to give you a very realistic, tight and energetic experience that is guaranteed to surprise you.

3. Oral sex

TPE sex dolls have oral cavities that allow for oral sex, and soft silicone head sex dolls can also perform oral sex. Although oral sex with a sex doll lacks the other person’s initiative, you never have to worry about her having a gag reflex, stiff neck, or any other reaction after you finish.

Can lubricant and condoms be used with sex dolls?

Yes, absolutely. It will make your sexual experience smoother and more pleasurable, but always use water-based lubricants. This is very important. Oil-based or silicone-based lubricants can damage your sex doll and cause it to become dirty.

Also, when using lubricant, be careful with the amount and avoid using too much. This may make the doll’s skin sticky. Just make sure to apply the lubricant in an appropriate amount to the area you want to penetrate.

Some people prefer a dry experience, and for this purpose, you can use baby powder to achieve smooth and dry skin on your sex doll.

Although it is not necessary to use condoms with sex dolls, using them can help prevent semen from remaining in the doll’s vagina, making it slightly easier to clean.

Here’s a reminder: after having sex with your doll, don’t forget to clean it. If you don’t use condoms and there is semen inside the doll, be sure to clean its anus, vagina, and mouth after each use.

Sex Doll Cleaning & Caring

As partners and lovers, it’s our duty to take care of each other and nurture our relationship. One aspect of this is taking proper care of our sex dolls. Whether you’re a seasoned owner or a newbie, keeping your doll in tip-top shape is essential for a fulfilling and long-lasting experience.

PART Ⅰ Cleaning

How often to clean

We suggest cleaning your doll after every use, especially important areas such as the mouth, vagina, anus, etc., and thoroughly cleaning it once every 2 weeks. If not used, your sex toy should be kept dust-free and cleaned at least once a month.

What to clean with

Here are some products that you may need to use when cleaning your sex toy:

  • Water
  • Antibacterial soap
  • Lightweight sponge
  • Special TPE discoloration remover and sex toy cleaning foam
  • Soft towel
  • Talcum powder
  • As you become more skilled, you may also use other more convenient cleaning tools such as electric flushers, dryers, cleaning chairs, etc.

How to clean the face of the doll

  • Remove the head from the doll and if possible, also remove the wig.
  • Soak a sponge or cotton cloth in warm anti-bacterial soap water and gently pat the face of the sex toy.
  • Be careful not to damage the eyes and lashes, avoiding wetting these areas.
  • Pat the face gently with a dry non-abrasive cloth. Allow it to air-dry before reattaching to the body.

How to clean the body of a doll

  • The first thing to pay attention to is the frequency of cleaning, to avoid the growth of bacteria, consider cleaning more frequently according to your use.
  • You can give your sex doll a shower or bath.
  • Using an antibacterial soap mixed with clean, warm water, gently massage the doll’s skin with your hands, or dab with a lightweight sponge. When washing the doll, do not make the neck and head too wet or immersed in water as this will cause any metal parts to rust. If you accidentally wet a metal part, be sure to wipe it dry immediately to prevent rust.
  • Note: Do not use abrasive soap or any other general cleaning product.

How to clean the doll’s mouth, vagina, anus

  • The doll’s vagina, anus, and oral area should be cleaned after each use to avoid the growth of bacteria.
  • With a vaginal irrigator filled with gentle antibacterial soapy water, rinse the channel until thoroughly cleansed, then fill the vaginal irrigator with clean water and rinse the channel until all soap is removed.
  • Dry the channels thoroughly.
  • Dry the dust from the inside out with Premium Renewal Powder.

How to wipe dry

Place your sex doll on a soft towel and gently pat dry with a clean, soft cotton cloth.  Allow the skin to air dry thoroughly. Do not use a hard sponge/brush or steel wool for cleaning as this can cause damage. After drying, apply talcum powder to protect the skin and prevent friction damage. Don’t apply talcum powder until completely dry. Apply every two weeks or at least once a month.

Note: Do not apply any other substance such as essential oils to your skin.

How to clean a doll’s wig

If you can, remove the doll’s wig first. If your doll has a hair transplant, take care not to rub into the roots of the hair when washing.

The manufacturers we work with use high-quality synthetic wigs, you can use normal shampoo and conditioner. Comb the hair directly after cleansing from the roots up. Comb gently and watch for any knots. Finally, let the wig air dry on the wig rack. Do not dry the wig on the doll’s head. Do not use hair products to style hair, they may cause damage to the doll’s skin and face.

PART Ⅱ Daily care

How to care for the skin of a doll

  • Store your doll in a cool and dark place to protect your doll from damage. Sunlight may discolor the skin and facial features unevenly.
  • Please make sure that the clothes you prepare for your doll are not fading. Dark clothes will stain your sex doll’s skin. If you must wear darker clothing, we recommend to wash the clothes several times first and avoid wearing them for a long time. If staining from clothes does occur, you can use a TPE doll stain remover to remove the stain. Alternatively, you can also wipe the stain with olive oil and wipe it off with a damp cloth.
  • Do not wear any tight clothing as this may leave permanent marks or indentations on your sex dolls.
  • When not in use, store your sex doll on a soft surface or hang it up. This is to prevent something from pressing into the doll’s skin and causing permanent indentation.
  • Do not keep your doll in a position where arms or legs are up or open. If you leave the doll’s arms up or legs open, even if it is for a matter of minutes, the pressure applied to the TPE can cause tearing. You may come back to find that your doll’s armpit or groin area has been cracked and then needs to be repaired. Therefore, when you are not using her, take care to always return your doll to a neutral stress-free position, with arms at her sides and legs together.

How to care for the skeleton of a doll

  • Your sex doll has a metal skeleton and movable joints to keep her flexible. You can move her limbs and body from time to time to prevent the aging of her joints.
  • Please understand that sex dolls are not built with swinging limbs. Any forceful swing from an irregular angle can cause damage. Do not use excess force when moving the joint areas of your doll.

How to change accessories on your doll (eyelashes, nails, eyeballs)

  • Eyelashes – Place your doll flat with its face up. Gently pull the eyelashes back, apply a small amount of glue using any household item that has a fine tip and then apply glue to the back of the eyelashes (be careful not to apply glue directly on the doll). Hold the end of the lashes where no glue has been applied and carefully press to where you want to stick. Hold for 5 seconds and then release.
  • Nails – Place the doll in a neutral position. Select the correct size nail. Make sure that the place where the nail is attached is clean and dry and without any dirt or talcum powder. Apply a thin uniformed layer of glue to the exposed nail area. Once properly aligned place and hold for the nail for about 5 seconds. (Excess glue is difficult to remove, so it’s best to avoid spillage altogether.) If the glue spills, immediately remove the glue with a microfiber cloth and hot soapy water
  • Eyeballs – Place the doll in a neutral position. When removing the original eyeball gently and carefully pull the eyelid open (up and down, not left and right) with one hand. Take out the eye carefully then insert the new eyeball into the socket. Adjust accordingly. Avoid touching the eyelashes or makeup during the process.

How to Choose Clothes for a Sex Doll?

Sex dolls may be manufactured strictly for sex, but that doesn’t mean that they have to be naked all of the time. Clothing can add to your sex doll’s personality through style. Lingerie can help set the mood in the bedroom, casual wear is great for non-sexual interactions at home, and formal wear is great for special occasions between you and your sex doll. Some people like to dress their dolls in costumes for cosplay or if their sex doll is made in the image of a favorite fictional character.

  • The most basic clothing for a sex doll is protective underclothing, which makes dressing and undressing easier and prevents the doll’s skin from being stained by poor-quality clothing. The most common article of protective underclothing is nylon pantyhose. Nylon thigh high hosiery and nylon full body stockings are also very popular, even more-so the crotch-less variety.
  • In addition to basic protective underclothing, many people will buy clothes for the doll to dress her up, but sex dolls are created in the image of perfect, or fantasy human beings, and finding clothes that fit just right can be a challenge, due to their unrealistic proportions. Female sex dolls with large breasts, hips and butts and thin waists are the most difficult to shop for, due to the vast measurements’ differences. Height in sex dolls of both genres can also be an issue. The best way to get the right fit would be to alter the clothing that is closest to the sex doll’s size, either yourself, or by a professional tailor.
  • Not everyone is proficient with a needle, thread, or a sewing machine. Clothing darts, or sewing pins, and clamps are also a discreet way to pull back and secure clothing on the back of the garment, if you are needing something temporary and fast.

How to Store Dolls with Accessories: Tips and Products for Doll Storage

As a customer who wants to purchase a sex doll or has already bought one, how to store or hide it is an important issue. Most people don’t want their sex doll to lie on their bed or other conspicuous places all the time.

As an expensive product, storing a sex doll also requires more professional accessories to provide assistance. With the development of the sex doll industry, there are now many mature products available, which are listed below in order of price, from low to high.

  • Suspension Kit

Discreetly store your sex doll with the Hanging Hook Kits in your closet/wardrobe, you can hang your doll in a suspended upright posture with no contact on any surface. This method requires you to ensure that your closet rod can withstand the weight of the doll. A life-size sex doll usually weighs between 25kg and 50kg. Please remember that you must remove the head before hanging the body. It should also be noted that hanging storage is a highly recommended low-cost storage method. The kit is relatively cheap. When your sex doll is hung up, you can easily bathe, dress and maintain it, and your doll only bears the pressure of the neck screw, which can avoid problems such as deformation and dirt of the doll.

  • Sex Doll Stand

Sex Doll Stand is specifically designed to display your sex doll in a well-supported, standing position. It provides stabilizing standing support and allows convenience for maintenance, and clothing changes.

  • Sex Doll Flight Case(or Sex Dolls Storage Couch/Sofa)

The flight case is the best storage option for your sex doll. After all, the manufacturers are the ones who know how to store sex dolls without causing any harm or defects. It can protect your sex doll from dust, excess light, high humidity, and other things that might contaminate it. Just slide in your sex doll into the flight case, and store away appropriately.

In a nutshell, this beginner’s guide covers everything you need to know about dolls, from their history and features to their brands and varieties. It also gives you detailed instructions on how to unbox and care for your dolls on a daily basis. With this guide, you can become a doll expert in no time and start your wonderful doll journey.

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