How Does Sex With A Sex Doll Feel?

Similar to dildos and vibrators, sex dolls have dominated the markets, with more and more people showing a great interest in the innovative pleasure doll. However, one of the most pertinent questions among sex dolls enthusiasts or those who are preparing to buy a sex doll, or those who became attracted to the sex doll concept after watching the sex doll porn, is how exactly it feels to have sex with a sex doll. These sex dolls are not cheap, and the majority of the high-end models in the market cost quite a ton of money. Therefore, it’s important to know about the safety, reliability, and performance of the sex doll before you invest in one.

To everyone who wants to know about the sensation that one can get when having sex with a sex doll, we are happy to tell you that it feels amazing. Masturbation is a common task that many people practice to let off steam and manager their libido, when horny. However, after some time, masturbation can become boring. Handling your meat might start to lose the former luster (unlike when you were a 15 years old teen watching porn for the first time).

To combat this cloying effect, having and exploring the company of a quality sex doll is pleasurable and can be described as a fantastic improvement to plain boring masturbation. However, you must understand a few things before you start to sex your sex doll, as it’ll help boost the overall experience.

What you should do before you have sex with a Sex Doll?

Always warm her up

You’d love to enjoy as much of realistic sex experience as possible. Therefore always remember to warm up your doll before you poke them with your schlong. We recommend a heater mattress in this endeavor.

Maintain the best practices

Keeping your sex doll warm is only the beginning of the pleasure. Download porn video collections while heating up your sex doll. Now that you’ve downloaded your porn make sure you watch it in front of you and have sex with your pleasure doll.

You can even fantasize about having sex with the porn stars in the video. Turn your sex doll into your desired position, and have fun with the best role-play of your life.

Sex dolls look and feel like a real woman

To provide more perspective on sex with a sex doll, we have created this section to compare and elaborate upon how it feels to get a blow job from a real woman and from a sex doll.

With the advancement of age and day, the industry is continuously flooded with innovative technologies like pleasure dolls, especially when silicone and TPE materials with steel joints were applied to make them look like the real deal. While some would prefer to have a real woman sucked their dicks, the pleasure of the sex doll is almost the same.

Some explanation that will help you know how it feels like to get a blowjob from a sex doll includes:

  • Lubes
    Unlike a living woman, the sex doll does not produce saliva. Therefore, they need lubes. This is a very lacking aspect of sex dolls as compared to a real woman. Nevertheless, the mouth of a real woman is warm, unlike a sex doll, which necessitated the need to warm up the doll before use.
  • Non-stop blowjobs
    As compared to a real woman who would need to hold on for some seconds to catch a breath, a pleasurable sex doll will give you a continuous blowjob with little or no stoppage.
  • Blowjobs when demanded
    Sex dolls will give you an intense blowjob whenever you need it. These silicone partners are always ready to satisfy you and will never throw tantrums or decline your need for a blow job.
  • No risk of diseases or infection
    These dolls are as clean as they look and will never pose any chance of being repulsed by bad breath or contacting a sexually transmitted disease if you’re the only one having sex with your doll. On the other hand, real women might be the cause of dangerous sexual diseases, with some being able to get transferred through oral sex.

How sex with sex doll feels like- More on usage and safety!

The societal acceptance of the sex doll is a pleasant change considering the stigma and taboo it faced in its earlier days. We attributed a lot of these to the efforts of Howard Stern in the 90s who purchased and had sex with an inflatable sex doll. While Howard only ordered a simple inflatable air doll, these sex dolls have come a long way with TPE, silicone, and silicone modification and AI integration to make them more realistic.

However, as a reasonable consumer, its important to stay safe when using your love doll. As sex dolls owners, you need to consider three main things to stay protected whenever you’re using these pleasure partners. They included the design, quality, and material used.

The sex doll industry is very strict, so you shouldn’t find it hard to get a trusted source. Check for user reviews and buy from reputed suppliers like Kanadoll to ensure that you’re buying a quality product.

We recommend choosing a high-end doll, especially those made from silicone and TPE. Being hypo-allergic, both materials are safe for human use, and you can use them without any fear of infection or irritation. You can also easily clean and disinfect them and won’t cause any detrimental effect on their quality.

With much clarification, you should be convinced by how amazing it feels to have sex with a doll and how the liberal experience can spice up your life.

However, to enjoy these pleasures every day, it is crucial to buy a sex doll for yourself. If you want a high-end pleasure doll that will meet your actual requirements and fantasies, look no further than with Kanadoll, as the company promises to fulfil your wildest imagination.

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