Sex Doll Scam Alert

Kanadoll has been selling dolls since 2020. We focus on providing you with the best competitive pricing by promoting and working directly with emerging Chinese brands that have excellent doll craftsmanship.

Perhaps you have noticed that some of the brands we collaborate with may be unfamiliar to you. This is one of the reasons why we are able to offer more competitive prices. These brands were established relatively recently and are not yet as large or well-known as WMDOLL, for example. As a result, their pricing is relatively cheaper. However, after conducting on-site inspections and research, we have found that their production quality is no less than that of the top-tier brands you may be familiar with. Furthermore, the products from these brands are certified with CE, FDA, or RoHS, ensuring the safety of the materials used. Therefore, we are committed to promoting these brands in order to provide more users with the opportunity to purchase dolls they love within their budget.

(ROHS-Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive)

Please be aware that in the majority of cases dolls listed with a low-price tag should be viewed with skepticism. Low priced dolls are usually knockoffs. A sex doll of good quality does not come cheap and really should not be viewed as a low-priced purchase. In fact, buying a doll is more of an investment so please don’t get cheated! Fake sex doll sellers often use stolen pictures to promote their products online. A lot of them even buy one legitimate branded doll from a legitimate manufacturer and then copy it in an unauthorized and unreliable factory.

Kanadoll’s products are all authorized and genuine. We have direct communication with the manufacturers and carefully verify the accuracy of product information and the correctness of your customization options. If a website cannot provide you with detailed information about the product or brand, you should be cautious as it may be a fraudulent website. Below are some screenshots of our communication with the manufacturer.

Let me elaborate on what kind of pricing is significantly lower than the market price. For example, a 158cm TPE sex doll typically costs over $800. If it is a product from an overseas warehouse, its cost may be reduced by bulk shipping, resulting in a lower sale price. However, it is impossible to purchase a high-quality 158cm TPE sex doll at a price as low as $400.

These counterfeits use inferior production methods and inferior materials resulting in low-quality dolls that feel poor and fall apart quickly. Some are even made with cheap recycled TPE waste!

These TPE scraps are obtained through various illicit means, such as recycling discarded sex dolls and melting them into liquid raw materials. These sex dolls have been used for an unknown period of time, carrying a large amount of dirt, viruses, and bacteria. These harmful substances cannot be completely eliminated after being melted at high temperatures. If you purchase a sex doll made from this kind of material, you may be at risk of contracting a disease, which is very dangerous.


Even more bazar, there have been cases where dolls are not even made from TPE but are just an inflatable doll with TPE painted on it. Dolls are personal items. Make sure to purchase the right one by staying away from fakes and scammers.

In short, if spending your hard-earned money on an item does not bring about a fun and enjoyable experience, plus has the potential to harm your body, why would you ever want to spend a buck on it? Don’t get scammed!

We are growing rapidly and some mistakes have been made along the way. But we are quite shocked by the unfair criticism we have received in certain forums and websites. These criticisms mostly have come from individuals who have never made a purchase from us and yet are calling us scammers. We are truly grateful to those who have supported and trusted us. As we continue to grow will continue to place the interests of our customers first through best products and excellent service.