How To Store Sex Dolls?

If you’re a single guy who lives alone and doesn’t invite people over to his home, then you might feel comfortable just leaving your sex doll out on your bed or couch. However, if you need to put your sex doll away for a while, especially during long trips that you’re taking, then you need to know how to store the sex doll correctly.

Let’s take a look at the 5 most common places to store a sex doll.

1. Underneath the Bed

If you have enough room underneath your bed, then you can use this location to store your sex doll. This would make the doll easily accessible to you whenever you want to use it for sex. Just pull out the doll from underneath your bed and place it on the surface of the bed. Then proceed to have sex with the doll in any manner that you would like.

Underneath the bed should not be considered a long-term storage location. Sex dolls have curves and roundness on their backs and buttocks. If you leave a sex doll on the floor underneath your bed for extended periods of time, its back and buttocks will straighten out. This will ruin its realistic posture.

If you’re the type of guy that will use their sex doll every day or every other day, then storing the sex doll underneath your bed is good to do whenever you’re not using it. For example, if you have sex with the doll at night and want to store the sex doll under your bed during the day, then that would be acceptable. But if you’re going to leave it under your bed for weeks or months, then choose a different storage location.

2. Closet

The closet is a good place to store a sex doll. It is a discrete location because it is a small dark room with its own door. You can keep it stored away in your closet for prolonged periods of time under the right circumstances. It all depends on the humidity level in your closet and the way you store the doll.

Most sex dolls have a small loop on the back of their necks for hanging purposes. You can hang your sex doll vertically upright inside of your closet so that its body does not touch the surface of any floor or wall. This will help preserve the posture of the sex doll and prevent it from straightening out. Sex doll manufacturers sell doll hooks for the purpose of hanging dolls.

You need to be careful about the humidity, though. If you live in a tropical area like Florida, then your closet will easily build humidity. This could lead to mold and mildew in your closet if you are not careful. So, to keep your doll clean and safe, you should use a dehumidifier or mildew remover solution in your closet to keep the air fresh in there. That way, your doll can stay safe in the process.

3. Garage

A garage is a common location to use for the long-term storage of a sex doll. Some people who own more than one sex doll will place them in a garage for safekeeping. After all, they don’t want to leave a whole bunch of sex dolls lying around their home. That would look very strange, especially if they have an unannounced visitor.

You need to be careful about how you store the doll in the garage. Don’t store it unprotected from the air because garages tend to get humid, hot, cold, and musty. The doll should get stored in its own box or container. You can use a cardboard box if you want to take the cheaper route, but it would be better to use a rubber storage container because it offers better protection.

Do not keep the storage container on the ground. If your garage were to ever suffer a flood from the rain or a plumbing leak, then your container could become damaged by the floodwater. Keep the sex doll storage container on a raised platform, such as a table or shelf. You might want to cover the container with a blanket for extra protection from the air.

4. Attic

Does your home have an attic? If so, then this is another suitable location for storing your sex doll. Your attic may experience mustiness and humidity, just like your garage. In addition, a leaky roof could spell even more trouble because the water droplets could fall onto your sex doll storage container.

Therefore, it is imperative that you seal your sex doll inside of a water-resistance container. The attic is a long-term storage solution anyway, so be prepared to keep your doll packed away for a while. It is the perfect alternative to the garage, especially if you don’t have a garage or don’t have any more room in your garage for the sex doll.

5. Basement

The basement is another storage alternative to the garage or attic. It is a dark and discrete place where most people will never go unless they live there. Basements tend to be more easily accessible than attics, so this might be a better location if you are someone with physical mobility issues. It could also be an easier way for you to sneak away from your spouse in order to have a midnight “fling” with your doll.

How to Store

We’ve talked a lot about storing sex dolls inside of containers and boxes. What is critical is that you store the sex doll vertically instead of horizontally. This may only be possible with the box in which the doll came in originally. It should have a hook and hanger set up already in the box. If it does not, then stand the box upright after you place the doll inside of it. You shouldn’t have any problem doing this if the box is wooden or thick.

If you don’t have a box that is suitable for storing a sex doll in a vertical position, then purchase a special cabinet or portable closet. It is easy to hang your doll upright in one of these containers because they’re made for vertical use. You also have the freedom to place your cabinet or portable closet in any room that you want. It can go in your garage, attic, basement, shed, or wherever else you want to store the sex doll.

Finally, place your doll inside of a dust bag before you store it inside any box, container, cabinet, or closet. A dust bag is made from specially formulated synthetic materials which can shield its contents from sun exposure, dust, fading, and moisture.

Anytime you store a sex doll in your garage, attic, shed, or basement, it is going to be subjected to heat, moisture, and dust. Putting the doll inside of a container alone won’t be enough. A dust bag around the doll will give it the extra protection it needs against these elements.

The dust bag must be able to contain a 5-foot sex doll, so purchase a bag that is long enough to store it. You can find dust bags of all sizes by going on websites like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. One good bag is all you need for storing your sex doll, which is something that sex doll manufacturers do not give you.

We live in a society that has a propensity to consider things they do not understand a taboo. Unfortunately, sex paraphernalia like sex dolls are among those things. Thus, it is important that sex doll owners device clever ways to keep the sex dolls away from judgmental eyes. Outlined below are key places that you can hide your sex doll while still keeping it safely away from extreme temperatures and exposure to light.

A Locked Box
A Tupperware box is a great tool for hiding a sex doll especially for someone working with a limited budget. It is equipped with a lock that can keep your sex doll from prying eyes. A quicker alternative to the Tupperware box is purchasing a suitcase that can easily fit your doll then secure a padlock on the zips. While a locked box may help stop people from viewing your sex doll, it’s important to note that zips can always be undone, even with a lock especially if someone is determined to see what is inside.

Closet Storage
You can purchase some sex dolls equipped with a threaded steel hook, which you can use to hang onto a closet rod. These sex dolls require one to remove the head to reveal a steel hook that you can use to suspend the doll’s body in a closet.
However, you have to ensure that the hook can comfortably support the weight of the sex dolls. If you want to avoid the hassle of removing the head to hook the sex doll to hang it in your closet, you can place it in a closet standing upright and placing a lock on the door.

A Locked Travel Case
Travel cases are also good options for storing sex dolls. You can purchase travel cases fully equipped with handles, wheels and a lock.
They can help keep your sex doll out of sight and can come in handy when you need to transport the doll.

A locked Foot Rest or Ottoman
Sometimes the best way to store a sex doll away from prying eyes is hiding it in plain sight. You can purchase a decorated footrest or ottoman that can blend in with your living area furniture. Due to the lock placed on them, one can just assume it is a decorative piece and never really know what is inside them.

The sex dolls should be well hidden but yet still easily accessible when the need to use them arises. When you buy a sex doll, you do not necessarily have to hide it from everyone, including your sexual partners. Instead, put them away incase people below the age of 18 or family members and friends accidentally come across them.

The above is how to store sex dolls. We also provide 5 places to hide sex dolls, please refer to: How to hide sex dolls?

The correct storage method can keep sex dolls beautiful. If you have other questions, please leave us a message.

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