Kanadoll is one of the franchisers that has the most cost-effective products in the industry. We were rolled out in the Japanese market in 2018 and in Europe and America in 2019, and we are always committed to providing the most cost-effective products to doll lovers around the world. We also try our best to help manufacturers with great potential and little reputation but producing high-quality products to get the rewards they deserve.

What are your criteria for selecting manufacturers?

Kanadoll has a professional team. In order to negotiate prices as well as to understand their materials, production process, and final products in detail, we have researched and visited all kinds of manufacturers in Guangdong, China with our European and American partners, no matter how small their factories might be. At the same time, we have also compared different manufacturers, analyzed the market situation, and learnt about the technology with our responsible attitude and rich experiences. We can assure you that our research has been very thorough and comprehensive.

Here are photos and videos of our factory tour.

Why should I purchase from your website?

We have always spent a considerable amount of time evaluating the quality as well as the originality of these manufacturers’ products, and we always follow through; thus it is a two-way process of selection. The manufacturers we selected have won our attention with their low prices and high quality products even though they are not very well known, which is why we have faith in them and would like to help them become more appealing to get the returns they deserve. They have achieved both good quality and low prices, which is much lower than that of the mainstream big brands. They also use premium medical-grade TPE and silicone, which are safe and non-toxic.

The most important point is that every manufacturer Kanadoll works with has its own design and generates its own molds for production in order to create products with its own characteristics, regardless of the size of its factory.

After several years of visits and communication, Kanadoll has been authorized by a number of manufacturers.

So far, our search for sex doll manufacturers has included: Aibei Doll, AIZHIMI DOLL, Wonanii Doll, Mese Doll, Jarliet Doll, SY DOLL, AF DOLL, WM DOLL, 6YE DOLL, HR DOLL, Irontech Doll, Qita Doll, etc.

Meanwhile, we are working hard to cooperate with more trustworthy brands, which we believe will meet with you soon.

If you have further questions, we can be reached via email, phone, or the live chat service on our website, and we look forward to answering any questions you may have at any time. Every customer’s comments and questions are a stepping stone for our team to move up the ladder.

Likewise, you can learn more in the following documents:

We plan to open sex doll brick-and-mortar stores in the US and Japan in 2022, so that you can visit your local stores more directly and conveniently for buying and restoring your doll. Once again, our growth cannot be achieved without your support.

We sincerely hope that you will find your perfect partner on Kanadoll.