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We are one of the top realistic sex doll manufacturers and sellers in the industry. Kanadoll started developing and manufacturing sex doll products in 2012 and has been progressing and growing day by day. Now we have advanced technology globally, the sex dolls produced by Kanadoll guarantee the best quality. Our mission is to be the most cost-efficient sex doll manufacturer in the industry!

To provide the best and affordable sex dolls to doll lovers all over the world, we established

Kanadoll Online Store Features

(1) A reliable sex dolls online site is here! Kanadoll sells only authentic brands and the most realistic sex dolls.

(2) Flexible and richly textured sex dolls manufacturing by safe TPE and silicone material.

(3) Every sex doll has a metal skeleton inside. Like having sex with a real woman, you can use various poses. Since the joints are rigid, it is effortless to maintain the posture.

(4) You can choose various options such as hairstyle, skin color, pubic hair, breast, standing, etc., according to your preference. If you want to add particular functions to the doll, please contact us by email: [email protected] We will respond to you as quickly as possible upon your request.

(5) Purchase process and payment methods. You can click here to check how to order: How to Buy a Sex Doll on Kanadoll?

(6) Free Worldwide Express Shipping! We provide the best pre-sales and after-sales service. You can communicate with us through online chat on the webpage. For shipping and services, please click Shipping & Returns.

Kanadoll Factory

Let’s tour the manufacturing site of Kanadoll “Sex Doll”! These videos and images are from the sex dolls manufacturing plant.

Product Safety/Certificate

It’s a realistic sex doll, not an inflatable doll. Please be assured that our sex dolls are made of high-quality TPE&Silicone material.


Brand Authorized

Kanadoll not only produces sex dolls, but we are also committed to the development of the sex doll industry. After our efforts, Kanadoll obtained the authorization of the famous sex doll brands. Because of the geographical and language advantages, all our brand sex dolls are the most affordable. We also hired professional customer servicers in Canada to answer your questions.

Here is a detailed list of brands: WM Dolls, 6Ye Doll, AF Doll, Aibei Doll, Irontech Doll, Jarliet Sex Dolls, Qitadoll, Mese Doll, Sinodoll, SM Doll, SY Doll. We are working hard to cooperate with more trusted brands, coming soon!

We are planning to open ‘sex dolls exhibition’ stores in the United States and Japan in 2022. By doing this, you will be able to visit these local stores to buy and repair your sex dolls more directly and conveniently.

We hope you’ve enjoyed visiting and learning more about Kanadoll and that you find your ‘perfect’ doll and purchase it from us.