Kanadoll offers the world’s best quality sex dolls on discount. The site focuses on promoting emerging Chinese brands with exceptional doll craftmanship.

Kanadoll avoids showcasing overpriced, overmarketed, bigshot sex doll brands, instead they partner with cost-effective/affordable, high-quality sex dolls manufactures that offer bargain priced premium dolls and international standard customer service.

Kanadoll focuses on quality at the right price!There are many emerging manufacturers that have the capacity to produce reliable and exquisite sex dolls, and use top-grade materials within the production process. But, as emerging brands, they are unable to sale these products at premium prices. This is the target group Kanadoll partners with. Kanadoll cooperates with these future stars helping them improve their brand image and create a global customer fan-base. This unique business model, and its unique positioning within the supply chain , allows Kanadoll to offer you with premium quality dolls at discounted prices.

Prior to establishing a partnership with a brand, Kanadoll’s team examines in great detail the brand’s production facilities. Kanadoll acquires an in-depth understanding of each manufacturer, including production processes, raw materials, product quality, workshop environment, and so on. Kanadoll writes  quality reports and shares these reports to ensure product safety.Through the fieldwork inspection, Kanadoll will find a manufacturer’s unique qualities. Each manufacturer will have its own special characteristics which Kanadoll will summarize and share with the sex doll community. These brands exclusively share their information on our website, and nowhere else.

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