Sex dolls with blond hair are often called blond bombshells because of their fantastic sex appeal. At Kanadoll, we offer an unbelievable selection of super-hot sex dolls blond bombshells. These real love dolls are exquisite and made of the absolute best quality materials that will last for years and years. You will be shocked at just how lifelike our blonde sex dolls are. From the moment you first touch her, your fantasies will instantly begin to come true.

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When you decide to choose a blond love doll, you have many options and upgrades from which to choose. Perhaps you are interested in a busty blonde European sex doll with big, beautiful breasts that will jiggle and bounce when you enjoy time with her. Or maybe a shy, timid beauty with glasses and long silky blond hair is more what you desire. No matter what your fantasy, we have the perfect one just waiting to come home to you. Made of the highest quality and super realistic TPE or silicone, the blond real dolls can be customized to your exact preferences and desires. You can decide what length and style of blond hair you would like your love doll to have. You can also select her eye color. Perhaps you want your sex doll to have gorgeous blond hair and mesmerizing blue eyes! Other free options include nail color, areola color, skin color, and vagina type. On all of our life size sex dolls, you have the option of selecting a fixed vagina or one that will allow for an insert. For a slightly extra fee, you can also customize your blond sex doll’s pubic hair, breast option, and upgrade to the body temperature feature or the standing feature.

Providing fantastic customer service is essential to us, If you have any questions or need help placing your order, please let us know, and one of our professional and friendly staff members will be delighted to assist you in customizing and purchasing your beautiful blond sex doll.