1.📢2023 Kanadoll autumn sale:

💰10% off sitewide.

Event Scope:

All sex dolls on our website, excluding accessories and discount sex dolls, are eligible for this promotion. No minimum spending requirement.


2. 📢Subscribe to Kanadoll and get an extra 3% off coupon code.

Note: This promotion can be enjoyed concurrently with the subscription offer. During payment, you can input the discount code received from the subscription into the designated coupon code box, click apply, and both discount codes can be used simultaneously.


3. 📢Ongoing Sex Doll Brand Promotion


Brand Promotion:

-Free Articulated Fingers(Orig.$100)

-Free Fixed Tongue(Orig.$60)

-Free EVO Skeleton(Orig.$80)

-Free Gel Breasts(Orig.$25)

-Free Random Wig*1

Event time: 2023.9.1 – 2023.9.30


*Zelex Doll

Brand Promotion:

-Free 2nd Silicone Head($400)

-Free Gel Boobs + Free Gel Butt

-Free Movable Jaw

-Free Vagina Suction

-Free Body Painting

-Free Pubic Hair

-Free Articulated Fingers

-Free Standing No Bolts

-Free Lace Eye Mask

Event time: 2023.9.1 – 2023.9.30



*Dolls Castle

Brand Promotion:

-The 2nd Head Only $70(Orig.$380)

-Free Gel Breast(Orig.$50)

-Free Improved Skeleton(Orig.$50)

-Free Realism Body Makeup(Orig.$99)

Event time: 2023.7.15 – 2023.9.15


*JX Doll

-Free 2nd TPE Head (Orig.$169)



Brand Promotion:

– Silicone Head Dolls:

   Free 2nd Silicone Head – with a wig($269) + Free Gel Boobs

– Silicone Dolls:

   Free 2nd Silicone Head – with a wig($269) + Free Gel Boobs + Free Standing No Bolts($50) + Free Bionic Oral($370)


*Aibei Doll

Brand Promotion:

-Free 2nd TPE Head (Orig.$149)

-Free Gel Breast (Orig.$50)

-Free Standing Feet (Orig.$50)

-Free Random Eyes*1 (Orig.$28).

Event time: 2023.3.29-2023.10.30

*The promotion does not apply to torso dolls and male dolls.


*Rifrano Doll

Brand Promotion: Buy Rifrano’s Silicone Head Doll and get $120 off automatically at checkout!

Event time: 2023.2.1-2023.12.31



Brand Promotion:

Free 2nd TPE Head($300)

Event time: 2023.2.1-2023.12.31


Benefit Price Discount Dolls at Kanadoll

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1. All the products below are not eligible for the website’s full reduction discount, but they can still enjoy the brand activities of their respective brands. 

2. The products here are sold at cost price. If you have a limited budget, we strongly recommend that you consider the following products first.

3. Even though these products are on sale, we offer the same attentive service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service or send an email to <[email protected]>.