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Slim sex dolls have thin and slend figure, their breasts are usually flat or tiny, but there are some special cases that slim girls have breasts with D or E cups. the attraction of such women is fatal, they are rare in reality, but you can find them in Kanadoll.


Different from fat sex dolls, skinny love dolls have thin arms and legs, And they are usually tall and dainty, which makes them look more like real Asian women.

Skinny real dolls are made of TEP or silicone. Each lifelike adult sex doll has smooth and elastic skin. The most crazy thing is their vagina, ass and breasts. You can enjoy unlimited. We use completely safe materials to ensure you can enjoy high quality adult dolls. Inside the real love doll's body, we have also added a metal frame, so even skinny sex dolls, you can use a variety of poses.

A slim sex doll means lighter weight, and if you don't want to spend too much effort to move it, then you can also buy a skinny one.

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