Kanadoll has always had a desire to present dolls to enthusiasts in a more authentic manner, showcasing their true appearance and their daily lives with their owners. We deeply understand that capturing photos directly from our official source may not be entirely objective for the buyers, and it fails to reveal the most genuine portrayal of dolls in their owners’ homes.

This is why we have launched the “Photography and Exhibition Collaboration Project.”

It is a long-term initiative that brings several benefits:

1. Showcasing various dressing and photography techniques for dressing and capturing dolls at home.

2. Providing observers with a genuine opportunity to interact with the dolls through our open exhibition room.

3. Demonstrating Kanadoll’s determination to enable more people to gain a deeper understanding of sex dolls. We hope people treat them with kindness and regard them as part of their family.

Partners Introduction

📸Photographer – Rob

Instagram: @doll_lover_2022
Contact: via Instagram

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🏠European Exhibition Room Owner – Sonia

Instagram: @sonia.myangel.doll
Contact: via Instagram, [email protected]
Location: Switzerland

📩Contact Sonia and book a free doll visit in one of the two ways above.

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