Kanadoll has the perfect 159cm-165cm real life sex doll for you! Made of the absolute best material and offered at an exceptional price, Kanadoll’s lifelike sex doll is precisely what you have been looking to buy!


Available in several sizes, Kanadoll has the hyper realistic 159cm-165cm sex dolls for you. With ultra-realistic features and made of the best material, you will think you are actually touching a real-life woman! The amount of pleasure that you can enjoy with our real life sex doll is unlimited. We offer love dolls that will drive you crazy and leave you rushing to get home to spend time with your sex doll. You can also choose from one of our small-breasted sex dolls or our super realistic anime sex dolls. We even offer a life size sex doll with closed eyes to look as though she’s sleeping or meditating about all the fun she will be having with you.

Our real life sex dolls are fully customizable. For no additional charge, you can choose the hair color and hair length. You can also select the eye color. Maybe you want your real sex dolls to have beautiful deep blue eyes or dark brown eyes to tease you with. Also, choose nail color and areola color. We even give you options in skin color. You can choose from white, medium, tanned or black skin for your real life sex doll. Additionally, you have options for your sex doll’s vagina; you can choose a fixed vagina or one that uses an insert. If you want your sex doll to be more customized, you can select to have her come with or without public hair. With so many options, you will be able to design the hottest and most sexy real life sex doll imaginable.

At Kanadoll, we are also here to help you pick the little sex doll that is best for you. Please contact us through our webpage chat feature, and we will be able to answer any questions that you may have. We will also keep you updated on the shipping process so you will know when to expect delivery of your real life sex doll.