Sex dolls are gradually becoming more visible to a wider audience. With the emergence of more newcomers in the doll community, we have realized that using only language and images may not be sufficient to convey the beauty of these dolls and the emotions they bring to new users. This is why we initiated the ‘offline exhibition.’

Currently, we have four users who are experienced doll enthusiasts and collectors who have joined us.

  • Rob – Photographer
  • Stephan – German Representative and Repair Specialist (Provide German telephone support.)
  • Kai – German Coordinator
  • Sonia – Swiss Coordinator
  • Britney – German Coordinator

It is a long-term initiative that brings several benefits:

  1. Showcase various styles and techniques for dressing and photographing dolls at home.
  2. Provide new users with a genuine opportunity to interact with the dolls through our showroom.
  3. Demonstrate Kanadoll’s commitment to helping more people gain a deeper understanding of sex dolls. We aim for people to treat them with care and consider them as part of their family.

Detailed Introduction

📷Rob – Solely responsible for photography, looking forward to sharing various doll outfit combinations with doll enthusiasts.


🏠Stephan – German Representative and Repair Specialist, providing telephone and email support in German for German-speaking customers, ensuring a more personalized experience.

  • Stephan has established his own website, where he shares his years of experience and stories about dolls. This website is in German, making it very user-friendly for German-speaking visitors. The URL is
  • Phone number: +49 5102 93 267 95.
    Available to answer calls Monday to Friday from 15:00 to 18:00 (3:00 PM to 6:00 PM) German time.
  • Email contact for Germany: [email protected]
  • Instagram:


🏠Kai – German Coordinator, doll enthusiast, believes that conversing with dolls can heal the soul and hopes that more people will understand the comforting role of dolls.

📩Contact Kai and book a free doll visit in one of the two ways above.


🏠Britney – German Coordinator and doll collector, waiting with over 40 dolls for visitors to arrive.

📩Contact Britney and book a free doll visit in one of the two ways above.


🏠Sonia – Swiss Coordinator, looking forward to welcoming visitors, engaging with enthusiasts about the charm of dolls, and assisting newcomers in selecting the right doll for themselves.

📩Contact Sonia and book a free doll visit in one of the two ways above.