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Plump Boobs And A Huge Ass Sex Doll Torso

The sex doll torso is only a portion of a life-size sex doll, but it always includes the vagina and the anus. Compared with a real-life sex doll, a torso sex doll has several obvious advantages. Firstly, it takes up less space, and you can store it more conveniently. Second, compared to a BBW full-body real doll of at least 35 kilograms, a TPE torso sex toy with plump boobs and a huge ass is lighter than a dozen kilograms so that you can have sex with her more easily. Third, and most importantly, a sex doll torso is much cheaper. You can take her home with only a few hundred dollars, while a curvy sex doll costs at least 1,500 dollars.

At Kanadoll, our torso doll comes in several options. You can choose to purchase a half-body sex doll that is only missing the legs. With this type of half-sex doll, you will have access to an adult doll’s most desired areas, including the boobs and mouth. However, if you are excited by sexy legs, you may want to buy our half sex doll that comes with just the waist down area. This version of the half-body sex doll will give you the vagina and anus and gorgeous legs that you can position any way you desire. Still, sex doll hips are another lighter and cheaper option. This torso sex toy always has the essential parts to provide you with great pleasure. They are all based on real models, more than any crude Male Masturbator.

Ultra-realistic feeling sex doll torso

All our sex doll torso are incredibly affordable and are typically much cheaper than the full-size dolls. We ensure that the love doll torso is made of superior quality TPE or silicone and will have the ultra-realistic feeling that will make you think you are enjoying sex with a real woman.

Our professional and friendly customer service staff is happy to answer any questions you may have to help you decide which version of the sex doll torso is best for you. Welcome to buy the best sex dolls torso. Express Worldwide Shipping & Best Prices Guaranteed.