Kanadoll FAQs


Why Kanadoll?

Kanadoll always holds a responsible attitude for our customers and has conducted site visits to all kinds of doll manufacturers in China to ensure that every factory we work with would provide you with high quality, favorable prices, safe, and harmless products. As we put our customers at first all the time, we strive to find the best product at the best price and it is our duty to provide products of the best value to doll lovers around the world. Please view About us for more info.


How to order a sex doll?

Buying sex dolls online at Kanandoll is simple. For a complete shopping guide, please click:How to Buy a Sex Doll on Kanadoll?

How to customize sex dolls?

Kanadoll works with many factories that have great potential, and they will do their best to meet the needs of their customers in order to seize the opportunity for growth, which is why they can meet any of your requirements. When you tell us your needs, we will choose the right factory for you and provide you with sex dolls of the best value that will satisfy you 100%. For details of customization services, please click:Custom Sex Doll From Kanadoll.

Do I get the same doll as the picture?

Pictures on the Kanadoll website are portrait pictures of the doll, and due to factors such as lighting and post-processing, there might be slight differences between dolls you receive and the pictures. If you want to see the most realistic photos of the doll, please contact customer service. Please contact us for more detailed photos and videos.


How can I pay?

We accept Credit Card Payment.

If you encounter any issues during the payment process, please feel free to contact us.

Can I use a Promo & coupon code?

Of course! Whenever we run promotional offerings, you may apply this Advertising Code to your order by typing it in or copying and pasting it into the coupon code box and then clicking the ‘Apply coupon” button to revise your cart total.

Please note: The coupon code box is present on both the ‘SHOPPING CART’ and ‘CHECKOUT DETAILS’ pages.

Are my online payments secure?

Your privacy and payment security are very important to Kanadoll!

Kanadoll uses real SSL protocol to encrypt all information. You can see the green padlock to the far left on the URL bar followed by ‘https://’ rather than just ‘http://’ which is non-encrypted.

Our back end (corporate) system is fully protected and we use PayPal for additional safety and privacy.


Do you ship worldwide?

Yes. We ship to customers all over the world. Please feel free to contact us via email at [email protected] to discuss how we can deliver a doll to your country if you are not in the regions of North America, Europe, Oceania, or Asia.

What is the shipping cost?

Kanadoll offers worldwide free shipping for your convenience. There are no hidden fees. According to the laws of each country, the prices on our page include duties and consumption taxes.Due to the impact of Covid-19, Kanadoll currently only provides tax-included services to users in the United States, and users in other regions are responsible for their own tariffs.

How long does it take to shipping?

Typically, from 5 to 12 days. Once payment has been made, we immediately start manufacturing the sex doll you have selected. Standard dolls are produced in just 1 to 3 business days, plus an additional 5 to 12 days to ship and arrive at your door.

Custom sex dolls can take up to a month to produce, depending upon your chosen options.

Most sex dolls will arrive after seven days of placing your order.

Will my package be discreet?

At Kanadoll, our consideration of your privacy is foremost. We use durable, plain shipping boxes with no identifiable labeling or brand markings. You can relax. The confidentiality of the contents of your package is assured every time.

How to get my tracking number?

A tracking number is emailed to you as soon as your doll is ready to ship.


Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can. As soon as possible, send your cancellation request to [email protected] The following rates for cancellation and restocking fees apply based on when you notify us of this request:

  • Within 4 hours – Full Refund
  • Within 24 hours – 80% Refund
  • Within 48 hours – 60% Refund

Note: You cannot cancel an order for a ‘custom’ doll at any time.

Can I return the sex doll?

If you receive your doll and find any damage or quality issues, please contact us immediately.

If the damage was due to our negligence, we would accept a return or exchange at no cost to you. As our customer, your complete satisfaction is always our priority.

During the production and packaging processes, we closely manage each and every step to guarantee that 99.9% of these dolls are perfect in every way.

For more information, please visit Shipping & Returns.