Starpery Doll

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💋Starpery Doll June Sales💋

-Free 2nd Head

-Free Implanted Synthetic Hair ( for one head)

-Free Full Movable Eyes with Veins

-Free Gel Breast

-Free Realistic Body Painting

-Free Gel Butt ( for silicone doll)

-Free Hard Feet ( for silicone doll)

-Free Standing feet & Shrugged Shoulder

-Free Articulated Fingers

-Free W.R. 4.0 Upgrade (only 151 B cup, 171 D cup and 172 F cup silicone doll available now)

*The 85cm torso promotion is also in progress: May 25 to August 31

*Promotion time: The promotion ends on June 30, 2024.

Based in Shenzhen, China, Starpery has been primarily focused on the international market since its inception. They consistently introduce an array of hyper-realistic hybrid sex doll series and full silicone sex doll series. The sex dolls they design align more closely with the aesthetic preferences of overseas markets, sparking ongoing discussions on social media. From the Skinny Sex Doll to the BBW Sex Doll, Starpery has crafted various body styles to cater to diverse tastes. There’s always a perfect match for you!