Sex Doll Makeup Customization

>If you have chosen the person of your dreams, but don’t like the original makeup, what can you do?

>If you are a cosplay enthusiast and wish for your doll to have the makeup of a certain film or TV character, how can you achieve that?

This is entirely solvable! Kanadoll offers customized doll makeup, making your doll unique.

Here is a showcase of different makeup styles on the same head mold:




I’m pleased to inform you that if you have selected a doll from Dolls Castle, you will enjoy free makeup customization services! If you prefer dolls from other brands, you can still have custom makeup for a fee of $100-200, depending on the specific requirements. Simply send us reference pictures, and we will communicate with the factory to negotiate a more favorable price for you.

The process for custom doll makeup is as follows:

1. Browse our website and find the doll you like.

2. If you have customization requirements, send them to [email protected] before making the payment. We will provide you with a quotation based on your needs.

3. Once you have decided on the final makeup design, we will provide you with an additional payment link. You can make the payment for the custom makeup using this link. The provided link is only for the payment of the custom makeup service. The cost of the doll itself should be purchased separately through the regular ordering process on the doll’s purchase page.

4. We will take photos of the doll after the makeup is completed, allowing you to preview her before she arrives at your home.

5. The process for Dolls Castle dolls is simpler since custom makeup is free. Therefore, the steps of obtaining a quotation and making an additional payment are eliminated.

Here are some examples of customized makeup looks:

If you have any further questions, please submit your inquiry in the contact form below or directly email us at [email protected].