DIMU Doll Factory Photos

Thank you for choosing Kanadoll. These photos of the sex doll were taken by DIMU DOLL prior to shipment. We guarantee that the doll itself has not been photoshopped in any way, and only the background has been blurred. You may refer to these photos before making your purchase.

If don’t see a doll you like, chat with us online or send us an email <[email protected]>


The dolls shown in these pictures have paid and free customizable options.

These options include skin color, wigs, makeup, and even individual customer requests for alternative body types. Therefore, the dolls in the photos may differ from the final product you receive, depending on the options you choose when placing your order.

More pictures are on the way. Update monthly!

  • The last image in each set is a product advertising image.
  • Clicking on either the product image or title will take you to the product detail page where you can view more information about the current product or make a purchase.
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