What Type Of Lube You Should Use With Your Sex Doll?

Sex is more enjoyable and pleasurable when the woman is wet and this is due to the fact that lubrication reduces friction and saves both parties from potential injuries and unnecessary discomfort.

While sex dolls these days can give you a mindblowing sexual experience due to their material, flexibility, intricate details, and lifelike feel, one thing that they cannot (yet) do is lubricate themselves on their own.

However, that doesn’t mean that you need to endure any type of discomfort during sex because you don’t want to potentially damage your sex doll by not knowing which type of lube is the most compatible with the material your sex doll is made of.

Sex dolls are pricey investments, therefore, you need to educate yourself on how to take good care of your sex doll so that it will last you for a long time.
One of the most frequently asked questions online is “What type of lube you should use with your sex doll?” and that is exactly what this article is going to teach you.

So, let’s start with the most important thing you should know about sex dolls.

What Is A Sex Doll Made Out Of?

Today’s fun and playful companions are no longer what they used to be: inflatable, extremely prone to damage, and an unrealistic band-aid kinda color.

Modern sex dolls are typically made of poseable PVC as a skeleton, steel joints, and skin made out of TPE or silicone materials to give a realistic feel, rather than the initial vinyl or latex that not only didn’t provide a realistic look, feel, or texture, but it was also a potential allergen for many people.

So, let’s break down the two most popular materials used to build a modern sex doll.

Silicone Sex Dolls

Silicones are elastomeric materials that have a gold standard when it comes to their safety reputation during human contact. They are also an excellent option due to their good resistance to heat.

Silicone sex dolls are soft and realistic. They have a skin-like feel and offer a wide range of different options for the look. Silicone sex dolls have metal skeletons and removable facial features so that the user can adjust her facial expression as well as her bodily arrangement.

However, some preparation time is recommended before you have sex with your doll including powdering her skin with a little bit of baby powder so that you can avoid potential stickiness and you can even warm her up with an electric blanket for a more sensational playtime.

Silicone sex doll pros:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Temperature resistant
  • Soft and flexible
  • Can take a hot bath
  • Can be cleaned with an antibacterial soap

Silicone sex doll cons:

  • Can be a little sticky if not powdered
  • Silicone sex dolls are heavy

TPE Sex Dolls

Thermoplastic elastomers or TPE are quite a unique class of materials that combine the look, feel, and elasticity of conventional thermoset rubber with the processing efficiency of plastics.

Sex dolls made out of TPE materials have a softer feel to them and are more pliable than silicone sex dolls. They are more flexible and super easy to be bent and experimented with.

TPE sex dolls are typically posable and these also have metal skeletons such as silicone sex dolls, which also makes them heavy, however, they are slightly lighter than their silicone counterparts.

TPE materials are super soft and this softness makes them easier to mold, especially when they are warmed.

Chinese manufacturers began experimenting with TPE materials and revolutionized the use of these materials while everyone else was still producing silicone sex dolls. They quickly learned that this was an excellent and high-quality alternative for the slightly pricier silicone.

TPE Sex Dolls Pros:

  • Soft and realistic feel
  • Flexible and easily bendable, allowing easier handling of the doll
  • High elasticity
  • More affordable
  • Lighter in weight
  • More realistic skin

TPE Sex Doll Cons:

  • TPE has the potential to get stained by dyes and certain fabrics (like jeans, faux leather, etc)
  • TPE sex dolls have the potential to get damaged if washed with very hot water

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What Sex Doll Material Feels Most Like Skin?

TPE material feels most like skin when compared to silicone.

TPE sex dolls are also more affordable and easier to maintain. They also do not require any special preparation before playing with them, unlike silicone sex dolls that need to be powdered before use.

Sex dolls made out of TPE are more flexible than silicone sex dolls and they are easier to handle because they are also lighter in weight compared to silicone sex dolls.

Do You Need A Lubricant When Using A Sex Doll?

Yes! You definitely need to use a lubricant when using a sex doll.

Sexual intercourse with a sex doll isn’t the same as it is between a man and a real woman and this is due to the fact that sex dolls do not have the ability to self-lubricate.

Many guys feel like they don’t need lube or simply resort to using makeshift lube by using spit amongst other things as a way to have satisfactory sex with their love doll, but the feeling just isn’t the same without a decent lube in the house.

Lubes are very crucial when having sex with your love doll as they help smoothen the surface inside the opening and bring the wetness that allows for easy insertion and comfort. Not using lube, on the other hand, might easily result in pain, injury, or major discomfort.

Additionally, using lube with your sex doll not only reduces friction, avoiding potential injury, but it also enhances longevity and makes the experience more realistic, especially if you warm up the lube in your hands before applying it.

Furthermore, using your sex doll without the adequate lubrication may, unfortunately, result in tears and eventual rips and other potential damages.

Don’t forget that these rips will unquestionably allow bacteria buildup and you may even put your own health at risk due to negligence.

Can You Use Baby Oil With Your Sex Doll?

No, you shouldn’t use baby oil with your sex doll.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that many people are seeking an answer to this question and while doing the research to bring you this article, we ran into many forums that were saturated with this particular dilemma.

Baby oils are super cheap, they come in fairly large bottles that can last you for months, are incredibly slippery and comfortable, and most importantly – nobody will be giving you the look when you’re paying for them at the cash register.

People won’t assume anything, which isn’t the case when you are carrying lube in your hands because everyone around you will know what you are up to and this can be super awkward.

However, using baby oil to lubricate your sex doll is a bad idea due to several reasons.

Namely, oils are notorious for being extremely difficult to clean and they can not only stain you and your sex doll during sex, but these will make sure that your sheets and furniture are also stained for good.

Additionally, while you may get away with using baby oil once or twice without a devastating consequence, constant use of baby oils may potentially damage the material of your sex toy and can even contribute to slow degradation.

Moreover, since sex dolls typically come with carefully drawn makeup on, so it would be a real shame to potentially risk destroying and smudging your doll’s makeup, for good.

Can You Use Silicone Lube With Your Sex Doll?

No, using silicone lube with your sex doll is not a good idea, either.

There are many pros of silicone lubes and often people prefer using this type of lube rather than anything else.

Silicone lubes do not contain water and therefore they do not evaporate and are not absorbed by the skin, which makes them last much longer than some other lube types.

Besides this, silicone lubes are hypoallergenic and body-safe, meaning it is not likely that you will have to deal with any type of sensitive reaction during or after playtime.

Therefore, silicone lubes make an excellent option when you are playing with anal toys or when you are engaging in anal sex but the problem with these is that they are not compatible with silicone and TPE materials.

Silicone lubes can break down the surface of these materials through a complicated process of chemical reactions and besides potentially making them porous and allowing them to harbor bacteria easily, they can also contribute to the degradation of these materials over time.

Since sex dolls are mainly made of silicone or TPE materials, this means that silicone lubes will destroy your sex doll over time.

What Lubricant Should You Use For Sex Dolls?

Water-based lubricants are the ideal lube type you should use for sex dolls.

Water-based lubes are very easy to clean up after use and these will never stain your clothes, sheets, or furniture. Moreover, they will never cause any potential stain or damage to the material of your sex doll.

Additionally, water-based lubes are also hypoallergenic and body-safe, therefore, an unwanted sensitive or allergic reaction is not likely to happen.

Final Thoughts

The suffocating stigma that still exists on the sex doll subject leads to a devastating lack of information on the proper care of these pricey investments, therefore, many people tend to make disastrous mistakes that often costs them thousands of dollars.

Kanadoll’s blog aims to give you all the important information you need to know when buying a sex doll so that you avoid wasting your money by doing silly mistakes like potentially ruining your lover by using the wrong lube.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article that explains in great detail about what type of lube you should use with your sex doll as well as what type of lubes you should definitely avoid and why.