How To Get Your Partner To Accept Sex Dolls

Owning a sex doll while ridin’ solo is a part of many men’s lives these days.

It’s easy when you probably don’t need to worry about where you’re going to leave your sex doll or how often do you use her, etc because there’s nobody around to tell you anything.

However, all these changes when you start seeing someone and the relationship develops into something more serious.

And while you love and respect your partner and enjoy your time spent together, you are not quite ready to get rid of your sex doll.

So what’s the big issue?

Well, for one, there is a high possibility that your partner won’t be so keen on knowing that you mess around with someone else in your free time, even if that someone is a silicone doll.

So that leaves you with one solution and that is to convince your partner to accept sex dolls.

But how are you going to do that when your partner doesn’t care much for these things?

Well, here in this article, we will give you seven tips on how to get your partner to accept sex dolls. These tips involve a lot of talking, so you better be prepared to do just that.

Be Upfront And Honest With Your Partner

Getting your partner to accept sex dolls can be a genuine problem because you never know how someone will react to something until it happens.

But remember that whatever it is, we can all agree that being upfront and honest is the best way to go.

Nobody likes to be deceived and lied to, especially by their romantic partner, so no matter how difficult and awkward the conversation may be, you must own up and have it done because everyone prefers to know the truth over a lie.

Now, your partner might freak out in the beginning and they might tell you that they don’t want to be a part of anything that involves a sex doll, but you must try your best to explain your needs.

You need to give your partner a reasonable explanation as to why you need a sex doll and make sure you are elaborating while giving your explanation, instead of just giving something that may sound like an excuse.

If you own a sex doll because you are having troubles with your focus, performance, or stamina in bed, make sure your partner is aware of all that.

The best thing to do is to not be distant or shut your partner out because they deserve answers.

But besides that, you must be polite and empathetic of your partner’s feelings regarding the situation and their reaction, but you also need to make sure your partner gets the message and understands your feelings matter, too.

Try To Change Your Partner’s View On Sex Dolls

While continuing to be nothing but honest about your experience with sex dolls, it may be a good idea that you explain how owning a sex doll changed your life for the better.

To do this, you need to summarize a few key bullet points that you are going to bring up in front of your partner and make sure they can easily understand you no matter how upset (if any) they are with the entire situation.

For example, if owning a sex doll helped you improve your performance in bed, or help you overcome social anxiety, or even help you with your endurance, make sure your partner knows that because, technically, they are also the ones who are directly reaping the benefits from you owning a sex doll.

Maybe, if it wasn’t for that sex doll, you wouldn’t last long in bed, or you wouldn’t have had the courage to initiate a conversation with your partner that led to the start of your relationship.

This is why you want to explain what the sex doll means to you and that you cannot easily get rid of her just like that.

But besides that, you also need to make sure your partner knows what they mean to you.

Remember that there is a possibility your partner may feel “inferior” compared to the sex doll that brought so many positive changes into your life, so you need to make sure you don’t contribute to that insecurity on their side.

And lastly, you can also propose that you try involving the sex doll in the bedroom when the time is right if your partner feels comfortable with that.

Maybe they will be curious about the experience and they will be willing to try it at some point when they are mentally prepared for it.

Be Willing To Compromise

If your partner is okay with you owning and using a sex doll but doesn’t want to be a part of it, make sure to compromise.

This means you should avoid pushing your partner to agree to involve your sex doll in your sex life because this may cause your partner to feel bad and insecure about themselves.

Also, if your partner doesn’t want anything to do with your sex doll, make sure to respect that and not be obvious that you own one.

Try to place your sex doll out of sight while your partner is spending time at your house or make sure to find adequate storage for your sex doll if you and your partner live together.

It would also be good to come up with some ground rules that both of you are going to be comfortable with.

For example, compromise to only use your sex doll when your partner is not at home, or once a week, or once a month, or on your birthday, etc.

You need to work this out between the two of you and come up with the best solution for your situation.

Make sure to take both your feelings into consideration because this is the only way both of you are going to be satisfied with your decision.

And lastly, make sure your partner doesn’t find anything that would instantly remind them that you have a sex doll.

For example, try to store any lingerie, wigs, makeup, perfume, and stuff you use for your sex doll out of your partner’s sight to make things a little more comfortable for them.

Consider that your partner is probably trying to ignore or stay cool with the fact you own a sex doll, so placing stuff like these on their way might trigger unwanted arguments.

Avoid Confrontation

If your partner is feeling disappointed, mad, angry, and frustrated about your choice to own a sex doll, make sure to avoid any confrontation by all means necessary.

Do not engage in an argument if it starts involving raised voices, insults, mockery, humiliation, and anything that may not lead to a productive outcome.

Things are known to go down south and escalate unnecessarily when emotions run high, therefore, you want to avoid saying or doing things you or your partner will probably regret later.

Make sure to try and calm your partner or leave your partner alone for the time being if they need to calm down.

You can always discuss things later when both of you are cooler and calmer but you cannot un-say some hurtful things you’ve said to each other.

Accept There Might Be Hard Times

Accept that there may be times your partner is going to be sad or feel insecure about you owning a sex doll.

Even though sex dolls aren’t alive, they are still a symbol of perfection with their flawless curves, big bouncy breasts, plump bottoms, and beautiful faces and anyone (especially a woman) is very likely to feel jealous or insecure around them.

You need to make sure your partner knows what they mean to you by making sure there is a clear distinction between the way you see your sex doll and the way you see your partner.

Make sure your partner knows that they are beautiful and that their body is perfect, too, and that they don’t need to feel insecure about their physical appearance.

But even besides all that, there may be hard and sad times that require you to just be there for your partner and help them overcome their insecurities.

Set Boundaries

Whatever you do in life must be met with strict boundaries, otherwise, you are always at risk of overdoing something and taking the fun out of it.

But boundaries are especially important in a romantic relationship because they are a distinction between a good time and a bad time.

If you don’t know your partner’s boundaries, it will be very easy to offend or hurt them by saying or doing something you didn’t know would affect them.

And the same thing goes for you.

If your partner doesn’t know your boundaries, it is very easy to overstep them and make you feel bad.

This is why you need to set clear boundaries around owning a sex doll that both you and your partner are going to respect.

A good example of a boundary is to never mention your sex doll as an intention to insult, humiliate, or mock one another whenever you are arguing about other random stuff that is unrelated to the sex doll.

If your partner decides they’re okay with you owning a sex doll, you need to immediately put that thing to rest and set the boundary of never mentioning the sex doll as an attempt to upset or bring each partner down.

Be a Good Partner

You need to understand the tremendous effort your partner is putting into accepting the things you like and have them be a part of your everyday life.

This is why you need to make sure to return the favor and support your partner in their kinks, desires, and turn-ons in the bedroom.

Be ready to be open-minded about their fantasies and try to be a part of them as much as you can as this is the key to a healthy relationship where both partners are relaxed and in tune with their sexuality.


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